Cream B

Cream Blazer - Forever 21/Tall chambray shirt - GAP (similar one HERE)/Pleated skirt - Target/ID bracelet - Charlotte Russe/Icon pointy pump - Christian Siriano for Payless (shown in size 12 and comes in sizes up to 13)/Sunglasses - Old Navy/Crossbody clutch - thrifted/Necklace - thrifted

Photo credit: YBowyer Photography

I don't know about you but in The Bay the weather is confused right now.  In a way, I think it's having a spring-fall identity crisis.  For example the high today is 73 degrees.  Excuse me weather but it's October and I want to wear all of my fabulous fall clothes.

With that said, I am still in transition mode.  Because of the cold mornings and warm afternoons, I am  having to wear a lot of layers.  I am also trying to infuse a little fall while at the same time acknowledging the spring-like weather. 

My remedy? A cream blazer to spring it up and some fall hints to bring it all together. 

I absolutely love this pleated skirt from target.  I got it from the clearance rack last season.  It also has a fab faux leather detail at the waist that is perfect for this season.  For fall and winter I am going to pair it with a camel turtleneck, tights and boots.

The tall cambray shirt from Gap is the perfect piece for any season. You can roll up the sleeves or wear them down (yes, they are long enough for us), layer it or wear it on it's own.  It's a must have staple for our closets.

One of my favorite pieces to rock is a 3/4 sleeve blazer and this cream baby is perfect for transitional outfits.  Crispy, clean and effortless.

The shoes, THE SHOES! You know I love a good Payless pick-up and I almost passed out at my computer when I saw these (yes, I know I am dramatic).  Color blocking, animal print, up to size 13...need I say more?  You get tall girl points Christian!  Let me know if you want me to test some shoes for you (or ya know, just rock every pair that you make).  I am totally down.

What fits are you feeling this October?

Hot Potato Cold Potato

Farrah Bow Blouse - Height Goddess/Tall Ultra Skinny Pants - GAP/Shoes - Kelsi Dagger Eliza from Barefoot Tess (size 12)/Tank - Long Tall Sally Stretch Cotton Cami/Bag - Thrifted

It's summer! I am doing a little dance.  I wish you could see it.  It's a cross between the Carlton and the Carlton.

For me, every summer brings one of style life's hardest questions: What do you wear in a cold office on a super hot day? 

You don't want to throw on a mediocre cardigan over a cute summer fit, you sure don't want to dress like an Eskimo in the middle of summer and attacking the thermostat is just not an option (I tried it and it wasn't pretty).  So what do you do?

Make a compromise. Find clothing that covers for the cold office but breathes on the hot path to and from work.

One of my go-to pieces that does this is the Farrah Bow Blouse from Height Goddess.  It's sheer, long enough in the arms and works in any season for many situations.  It's the perfect compromise for the hot-cold conundrum.

I paired the Farrah with some sleek ankle pants and one of my favorite shoe finds, the Kelsi Dagger Eliza Heel from Barefoot Tess. They are timeless shoes that ALWAYS get compliments. A lady tried to take them off my feet last time I wore them.  Was she joking? Yes.  But I don't joke when it comes to shoes so she didn't get a "joking" Alicia back. Don't mess with the pumps lady!

So there you have it.  I know.  You can sleep now.  Thank a tall girl later:)

Fresh Coat

Walk the Line

The idea that stripes make you wide has been thrown out the window this season. Striped apparel is everywhere complete with clean lines (pun intended) and figure flattering construction.

One thing you can't do, is wear too much of the trend. Too many stripes = an outfit that will confuse people and more then likely cause dizziness.

My favorite way to wear the trend is in a nice, clean, simple shirt. Check out these tall options below (I threw in a cute dress too). My personal fav is the tunic from Lanky Bird. Basically, anything I can wear with leggings and boots is winning right now.

Which one would you wear?

Top to bottom (left to right):




MINERVA TUNIC at ($220, Hurry...HOT ITEM...Only size 10 left!)


TALL STRIPE BRETON SWEAT at ($42, sizes 8-16)



Blaze a Trail

Last week I went to the Sade-John Legend concert with my Dad (the concert was AMAZING btw...Sade killed it and furthermore has to know where the fountain of youth is...share it with us Ms. Adu:).

Seeing as how I was going with my Dad, I had to tone it down a bit.  Now, pump ur breaks, don't go thinking that I usually wear a pot holder to an event BUT out of respect for my Dad, low cut tops and dresses were out. So I had to think of a way to be cute in a conservative manner. 

My solution: a blazer.  I wore it over a long form fitting top with leggings and 4.5" peep toe shooties.  It was the perfect 'polish' for my outfit.  As a matter of fact, blazers are so versatile that you can rock them up or down, to work, a concert, pretty much anywhere.  Check out these tall blazers below and pick the one that best suits your plans!

BLAZER TIME (from left to right, top to bottom): STRIPE DOUBLE BREASTED JERSEY BLAZER(, $115, sizes 6-18, 27" sleeve length, 24" long), TWILL BLAZER (, $98, sizes 4-16), TALL CITY 3-BUTTON JACKET (, $118, sizes 0-18, 25" long), COTTON SATEEN RED BLAZER(, $97.50, sizes 8-20, 27.5" sleeve length, 26" long.  CHECK OUT THE TALLSWAG VIDVIEW OF THIS BLAZER NOW!), BEIGE ROSETTE BLAZER(, $175, sizes 4-14) and SUITING SEPARATES BLAZER(, $39.99, sizes 4-18, 27" long).     

Jean Machine

I have been on vacation (I know...I have been slackin big time on my tweets and FB bad) and the number one question I have been getting while gettin my vacay on is, "where do you get your jeans?" So I decided to post ALL of my favs. No, I don't have all of these jeans HOWEVER if I won the lottery tomorrow I would have 2 pair of each (when you find some GREAT jeans, you have to buy a back-up pair:).

Enjoy and please share your own personal favoritos:-)

ALLOY - From left to right: PARIS BLUES STRETCH EXTEND TAB WIDE-LEG JEAN ($41.90, size 1-25, up to 37" inseam), DIAMOND PAINT SPLATTER STRETCH DESTRUCTED SKINNY JEAN ($44.90, size 1-25, up to 37" inseam) and VIGOLD PREMIUM EXTEND TAB STRETCH BOOTCUT JEAN ($41.90, size 1-25, up to 37" inseam.

CJ by COOKIE JOHNSON - From left to right: HOPE - ATLANTIC ($198, sizes 24-38, 36" inseam), PROSPER - SILHOUETTE ($198, Sizes 24-38, 35" inseam) and FELICITY FLARE - OPTIC WHITE ($182, sizes 24-34, 35" inseam).

GAP - From left to right: 1969 CURVY JEANS IN THE SATURATED DARK WASH ($69.50, sizes 4-16, 37" inseam), 1969 SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT LEGGING JEANS IN BLUE-GREEN WASH ($69.95, sizes 4-16, 35" inseam) and 1969 PERFECT BOOT JEANS IN LIGHT WASH ($59.50, sizes 2-16, 37" inseam).

HEIGHT GODDESS - From left to right: BAILEY BOOT CUT JEAN IN OPTIC WHITE ($98, size 27-33, up to 40" inseam), HEATHER SKINNY JEAN ($129, size 27-35, up to 39" inseam) and VICTORIA WIDE LEG TROUSER ($138, size 27-34, up to 39" inseam).

TALL COUTURE - From left to right: ROCK & REPUBLIC KARIANA WIDE LEG IN WHITE ($182, sizes 26-32, 36" inseam), WORK CUSTOM GIDGET FLARE IN WORK BLUE ($187, sizes 27-31, 35" inseam) and DOMINO CANDY JEGGING IN BLACK ($109, sizes 28-31, 37" inseam).

LONG LEGS - From left to right: YOGA JEANS IN RINSE ($120, size 29-34, 38" inseam), SUMMER DESI FROM DISH ($105, size 28-36, 37" inseam) and DISH DESI VALLETTA ($105, size 27-34, 36.5" inseam).

SKINNY JEANS - From left to right: NITE WASH BARELY BOOTCUT ($188, size 24-38, up to 37" inseam), DAY WASH BARELY BOOTCUT ($188, SIZE 24-38, up to 37" inseam), and BLACKOUT COUTURE CUT ($188, size 24-34, uo to 37" inseam). 

BUCKLE - From left to right: BKE MADISON STRETCH JEAN ($79.95, sizes 24-34, 37" inseam), BIG STAR VINTAGE NINA STRAIGHT STRETCH JEAN ($148, sizes 25-33, 37" inseam) and MISS ME LEATHER WING BOOT STRETCH JEAN ($198, limited quantities, 37" inseam).