Length Check

Biker Jacket - Tall Girls / Leather Look Leggings (36") - Tall Girls /Pumps (size 12) - Calvin Klein via Nordstrom Rack/Shirt and clutch - Target  Photo Credit:  LaKeela Smith  (her new site is BOSS by the way)

Biker Jacket - Tall Girls/Leather Look Leggings (36") - Tall Girls/Pumps (size 12) - Calvin Klein via Nordstrom Rack/Shirt and clutch - Target

Photo Credit: LaKeela Smith (her new site is BOSS by the way)

My photographer LaKeela is a saint. She shoots me all of the time and I am so thankful! She also acts as my friend-therapist sometimes and this shoot was no exception.

When we shot this look I was really having a hard time seeing myself with my natural hair. I hadn't rocked it for a minute and quite frankly was uncomfortable. I felt awkward in every photo. Silly me.

It's been some weeks since this shoot and I actually had a hard time picking photos because I loved all of them! This is the longest I have had her out and I can honestly say that for the first time in my life I really, actually love my hair. Furthermore, I really don't care what others think about my hair.

That, my friends, is very freeing.

You see, I have always felt pressure to JUST wear it natural and I have always felt pressure to JUST rock the weave because I was afraid what people would say either way. being 100% certain that I don't care what people say about my pelo is incredibly freeing. I cannot express to you how great I have been feeling. We are all works in progress. I continue to work hard on my confidence every single day. This was a breakthrough for the books baby!

So guess what? My hair, like my style, has no box around it. I will define it as I see fit and can't nobody stop me!

Now for the fabulous fit. Tall Girls out of the UK is doing their thang yall! I love their fall line of tall clothes and shoes and wear this biker jacket and Leather Look Leggings on the regular. They are both cut just right and both go with everything, Two must have pieces for tall-fall.

One thing about the leggings that I specifically love is the thick waistband. It really gives you shape and keeps the leggings up. Nobody wants a saggy pair of leggings boo.

So that's my story and I'm stickin to it...have a great week beautiful!

Chic on the Go

Could I be any more dramatic in these photos? I mean geeesh,,,smile or something!

It's ironic that I am not smiling because I LOVE this set from the New Look Tall line. It is so comfy and chic that it's almost ridiculous. I have been looking for a put-together casual look and I definitely found it with this sweater and jogger set....a match made in style heaven! It's also incredibly soft and as you can see...long enough for us! One thing...the drawstring is just there for show but I actually like it that way because the joggers fit nicely with the elastic band and you don't have to mess with the drawstring all day.

As if the set wasn't enough, this bomber jacket is just ridiculous in the best way possible. The length in both the body and arms is perfect for a bomber, I love the army green color and it has the right amount of room for a fall jacket...in the words of baby bear it's just right. This tall jacket is just FAB.

I have really been wanting comfort lately. My busy has been increasing and I am constantly on the go. Sets like these are perfect because you can throw on chic and go! Athletic gear is also in for fall so this look from New Look is right one time,

What's your favorite comfy gear to throw on during your busy moments?

PS. I pretty much want every piece in the New Look tall line. I am in LUV (insert floating heart emoji here). Check out the entire fall line here.

Easy Like Monday Morning

I'm tired y'all. I mean...TIRED.

Right now I am in the middle of the busiest part of the season. We are blessed to be in the Finals again and with every blessing, there is great responsibility. With great responsibility there is a lot of work and with a lot of work there is a lack of sleep.

Don't get me wrong...I will take the tired all day. The outcome is worth far more than any amount of sleep I could get but when times get busy, you have to think of ways to be more efficient and one of the ways I do this, is in the execution of my work outfits.

When on #TeamNoSleep you need something that is easy to put on, comfortable and requires little to no effort to put together, To me that all equates to all black. It's chic, instantly looks put together and you can't see the wrinkles as easily if you don't have time to iron or steam.

I absolutely love these tall pieces from Alloy Apparel. The pants fit like a glove, are long enough and have a hawt little faux leather detail at the waist. I paired it with the tall ruched-side boatneck tee that is long in the body and shapes you just right. It's also versatile. Easily go from work to fun in the time it takes to take the shirt off your shoulders.

Now you can take the black all the way to the shoes but I wanted a little pop, so I added these fun metallic pumps from Smash Shoes. There certainly is nothing wrong with a pop of metal hunni.

So, next time you wake up tired and need to get ready in a hot minute, throw on some black, a pop of something and watch the compliments on your effortless fit roll in!

Sweat it Out

Michelle Mesh Booties - Smash Shoes  (Shown in size 12, also comes in black)/Tall Joggers -  Long Elegant Legs /Necklace and men's sweatshirt - Forever 21/Shades - Akira   Photo Credit: Marc Allen

Michelle Mesh Booties - Smash Shoes (Shown in size 12, also comes in black)/Tall Joggers - Long Elegant Legs/Necklace and men's sweatshirt - Forever 21/Shades - Akira

Photo Credit: Marc Allen

I completely get it. There are just some days where comfort it key. Those moments when you want to melt into a pair of sweats. Without a doubt, put them on a snuggle up! But sometimes those days fall on occasions where your typical sweats don't match the event that you are going too. Never fear! Accessories are here!

Pick out a comfy base. To pump up the chic simplistic vibe, I usually go for a solid color base but do you boo. Then throw on some statement shoes (that can easily be switched out for tennies right after the event) like these hawt mesh Michelle booties from Smash Shoes. I am in absolute LOVE! They come in sizes; 11, 11w, 12, 12w, 13 and 14 and also come in black (yes, you have seen them before because I rocked the black option in a previous post). And guess what? They are on sale right now for $79!

To finish the look I added this statement necklace from Forever 21. Under $10 and adds just the right amount of pow to this look.

Now I know you are dying to know! Where did you get those tall joggers!? I got them from Long Elegant Legs which is now a part of tall style powerhouse, Long Tall Sally. This style is no longer available but they have this 36" inseam option is is equally as awesome. There are also these options from Alloy Apparel in 37" as well.

So don't sweat the sweat days. Pump them up and rock them out! :-)

Running Men

Running man.png

In the past month I was approached by 3 men, at 3 completely separate times, who wanted to get to know me. I was actually interested in all of them and thus reciprocated their requests. Subsequently each one of them ran…no sprinted…when they found out that I was waiting for marriage.

This has happened before and it will happen again until I find him.

Running men occur when waiting for your husband and while rejection definitely hurts, it’s part of the process that I am most grateful for. It completely weeds out the men who physically want you versus the men who actually want YOU. The men who merely want to sleep with you will straight Road Runner it the moment you speak the V in virgin.

Let them run.

 A man who isn’t patient enough to wait for you, sex or otherwise, will never last a lifetime.

And whatever you do, do not…I repeat DO NOT…run after a man who is running from you. It’s a pursuit that you will never win and quite frankly makes no sense. Love will never run from you and you will never have to run after it. Real love forms, happens, stays. I speak from experience on this (that’s a whole other blog).

Little do these guys know, they are running from a lifetime of the very thing that they want. Virgins are waiting to unleash every fantasy they have ever had on the one man that waits for them. They think about it all the time but find it special enough to save for one amazing person who deserves them. These running men, miss out on forever for an impatient moment. But that’s none of my business though.

PLEASE run from me so he has a clear path to find me.


Sweater - H&M/Skirt - H&M/ Shoes - Rollie by Smash Shoes (shown in size 12) /Bag in a Bag -  Collage Clothing Lounge /Neck Piece - Forever 21/Ring - H&M  Photo Credit:  YBowyer Photography

Sweater - H&M/Skirt - H&M/Shoes - Rollie by Smash Shoes (shown in size 12)/Bag in a Bag - Collage Clothing Lounge/Neck Piece - Forever 21/Ring - H&M

Photo Credit: YBowyer Photography

Hello Beautiful! It's been quite awhile since my last post. My bad. Life has been crazy. I have an amazing project that I have been working on (that I can't quite talk about yet) and the Playoffs (Go Warriors!) are right around the corner so I have been slammed. Please know that I missed you every moment I was away!

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I raved about the H&M New Neutrals line. I love a great neutral and all of the pieces (which flew off the shelves) were right up my alley. I went to the store the day they were released and of course most of the options didn't fit BUT they had this amazing sweater that did. It's super comfy but has side detailing that makes the sweater polished. It has short sleeves, which make it a great option for us and also a surprisingly long body. I know I say it time and time again but it's a testament to the fact that you must try things on.

I put on a form fitting skirt to balance out the silhouette and threw on my babies...the Rollie from Smash Shoes. Side Note: Smash Shoes just came out with an over the knee boot in sizes 10-13 which you will see in a future post so stay tuned. And last but not least, I added one of my fav trends this season, a bag in a bag! You can bring all of your stuff in the bigger bag or put the essentials in the smaller bag and keep it movin...a Tall Girl loves her some options!

It's great seeing you again:-) Have a great day Luv...Stand Tall in everything you do!