Running Men

Running man.png

In the past month I was approached by 3 men, at 3 completely separate times, who wanted to get to know me. I was actually interested in all of them and thus reciprocated their requests. Subsequently each one of them ran…no sprinted…when they found out that I was waiting for marriage.

This has happened before and it will happen again until I find him.

Running men occur when waiting for your husband and while rejection definitely hurts, it’s part of the process that I am most grateful for. It completely weeds out the men who physically want you versus the men who actually want YOU. The men who merely want to sleep with you will straight Road Runner it the moment you speak the V in virgin.

Let them run.

 A man who isn’t patient enough to wait for you, sex or otherwise, will never last a lifetime.

And whatever you do, do not…I repeat DO NOT…run after a man who is running from you. It’s a pursuit that you will never win and quite frankly makes no sense. Love will never run from you and you will never have to run after it. Real love forms, happens, stays. I speak from experience on this (that’s a whole other blog).

Little do these guys know, they are running from a lifetime of the very thing that they want. Virgins are waiting to unleash every fantasy they have ever had on the one man that waits for them. They think about it all the time but find it special enough to save for one amazing person who deserves them. These running men, miss out on forever for an impatient moment. But that’s none of my business though.

PLEASE run from me so he has a clear path to find me.