Falling for Amalli Talli

We have been tall style blogging together for years now and I hope you know that sponsored or not, I am always going to give you the real. If I like something, I am going to tell you. If I don’t, I will certainly tell you. So when Amalli Talli approached me about working together to bring their brand new tall line to you, I needed proof. So they sent me all the things. Almost every new piece that they had and let me tell you, it delivered.

The quality is amazing. I was incredibly pleased especailly for the price range. Pieces from moto jackets to jeans to cozy sweaters range from $44-$95. That is unheard of for a line such as this. You may or may not know this but it’s incredibly hard to hit a price point like that when you are an independent designer like Amalli Talli. It’s literally two amazing women spearheading the whole operation and they did everything they could to make the price points affordable for tall women everywhere. That in itself wins my support.

But on top of that, the clothes are specifically made for our tall bodies. It’s not a let’s add an inch to the bottom of these pants type of line. It’s crafted for our beautiful long arms, remarkable torsos and killer legs. You feel it when you put the pieces on. It’s an experience that we don’t often get and I for one appreciate the moment.

Last but certainly not least, I am super happy that they are pieces that you can mix, match and layer. You can create so many outfits. As you can see, I created 6 and I could have styled more.

So in summation, I am looking forward to the next drop (which I will obviously show you). Check out all of the pieces and let me know what you think. I can’t wait for you to experience it yourself. Report back and share because I think we should all know about stellar tall style, don’t you?

Leopard Sweater - $60 / Blakely Skinny Jean - $69 / Knit Moto Jacket - $95   Sweater and jeans shown in a M. Jeans shown in 30/37.

Leopard Sweater - $60/Blakely Skinny Jean - $69/Knit Moto Jacket - $95

Sweater and jeans shown in a M. Jeans shown in 30/37.

Black Lace Cami - $44  (shown in a M)

Black Lace Cami - $44 (shown in a M)

Teal Swing Tank - $45  (shown in size M)

Teal Swing Tank - $45 (shown in size M)

Oatmeal Duster - $69  (shown in size M)

Oatmeal Duster - $69 (shown in size M)

What The Doctor Ordered

One of the biggest questions I receive is why did you decide to be on My Giant Life? I answer all of this and more on the latest episode of my fabulous friends podcast, The TV Doctor.

Dr. M. Foss is ev-a-ree-thang and really this is a podcast that is a weekly prescription that you need. Get into it. Sorry that I was a little forceful but I just really want you to bask in the greatness of this podcast.

Click HERE to listen to Episode 5: The Spectacle of Exploitavision. I mean, the title alone is really a reason to click. Am I right?


If you have been following me for awhile, you know that #HungryTallGirl is a thing. I love me some food and thought why not make a show about it? In the first episode of Hungry Tall Girl, I will show you why Taco Tuesday will never be the same.

Enjoy! And please don’t keep this secret to yourself. Watch and share. We all deserve amazing tacos.

Stand Tall in Your Truth

Yes. At 6’6” I am obviously tall (shoutout to all of the strangers who think they are the first person to tell me this) but what does it mean to truly Stand Tall?

I think it’s different for everyone.

For me, I try my best to Stand Tall in every single thing that I do. Standing up for yourself in all areas of your life can be difficult. Do I fall short? Yes. But I have more wins than losses and I use my losses as knowledge to fuel my future wins. Standing Tall has saved me from making bad decisions, from believing lies that people tell me about myself, from lies that I tell myself and it has certainly saved my back from the terrors of slouching. Standing Tall is not just a physical occurrence, it is an act of pure self love.

I wanted to wear my badge of honor, so I created a shirt for myself and thought…what if others want to wear their truth too? No matter what your height is, we all Stand Tall for something. What is it for you?

Your declaration is coming soon. Sign up below to stay connected for all of the details.

I can’t wait for us to Stand Tall together! Coming soon…

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