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Celebrate the Luxury of YOU

Tell me when was the last time you tried on a garment or pair of shoes that had the trifecta of luxury: custom fit, quality and great design?

I know. That's a tough one. Especially for us.

Fit is probably the hardest of the three however I've partnered with @PoppyBarley & @MARGEClothing to champion a message to tall women everywhere: Celebrate the luxury of you with clothing and footwear exclusively designed to your unique frame and lifestyle.

Poppy Barley is a premier designer of ethically handcrafted leather footwear in custom foot widths, calf widths and boot heights ranging in sizes 5 to 12. MARGE is a premier upscale womenswear brand designing luxurious collections and custom pieces for the tall, confident, modern woman.

Want a chance to win a little bit of this luxury? Enter to win a luxury wardrobe of your choice from Poppy Barley (valued at $500) and MARGE Clothing (valued at $1000) when you sign up to the #PoppyBarleyxMARGE mailing list (link in profile), plus, automatically claim your exclusive discount code just for entering. Indulge in beautifully curated, thoughtfully constructed clothing and footwear essentials. 

If I could enter, I most certainly would...there is nothing like a custom made piece and both Both MARGE and Poppy Barley craft key pieces that are custom made for Tall women. Both companies hold themselves to the highest standards of construction and ensure that their products are special for every customer. They value the process and the final product and that makes their shoes and clothes valuable to me in more ways than one.  

Now there are some little rules to go with this amazing contest, so make sure you check them out and enter away. Also, stay tuned to the other lovely tall bloggers included in this giveaway and see how they styled Poppy Barely and MARGE! @CarolineGault, @GinnysCloset and @PrettyTallStyle 

I wish you the best of luck! You deserve luxurious moments like these;) Celebrate the luxury of you with Poppy Barley & MARGE!

*This opportunity ends Nov. 28th, 2016, and is open to Canadian and US residents only. By entering the contest, you agree to become a subscriber to PoppyBarley.com and MARGEClothing.com. If you are already a subscriber, you can still enter the contest. The prize is valued at $500 from Poppy Barley Inc. and $1000 from MARGE Clothing. Your orders will be placed and discounts applied in-house by Poppy Barley Inc. and MARGE Clothing after the contest closes. The winner will be selected at random and contacted via email the week of Nov. 28th, 2016.

Fall and Circumstance

Charcoal Grey Maxi Skirt - Amalli Talli (comes in 46" and 48") /Tall Chambray shirt - Gap/Boots - Nine West (size 12)/Scarf - Thrifted  Photo credit:  LaKeelah Smith

Charcoal Grey Maxi Skirt - Amalli Talli (comes in 46" and 48")/Tall Chambray shirt - Gap/Boots - Nine West (size 12)/Scarf - Thrifted

Photo credit: LaKeelah Smith

I have loved tall retailer Amalli Talli for awhile and guess what!?! They have their own brand now! They are making the pieces that are hard for us to find and a perfect example of that is their Charcoal Grey Maxi Skirt (it also comes in black).

Do you see this length boo? I am wearing 4.5" boots and it's still long! There are actually two length options, 46" and 48". Yes and yes. I also love the fabric and the waist band is super comfy.

Another thing about this tall basic is that it's incredibly versatile. At $55 it serves all seasons because you can layer it up for the cold months and accompany it with sandals and tanks for the hot moments. It's a great price for a great piece.

I paired it with a casual chambray shirt, fringe scarf and my favorite stacked boots. It's a classic look with some trendy moments as stacked heels and scarves will be everywhere this fall and winter.

How would you rock this skirt? Is there anything that you want Amalli Talli to include in their new brand? Let me know and I will be sure to pass it on:)

Talk to you soon beautiful!

Hot Like Fire

Guess what drops today? Get excited! It's the brand spankin new TTYA X LTS collection and as always it is breathtaking! The colors are rich, the selection is outstanding and if the rest of the collection is like this Denim Jumpsuit and Bobble Trim Crop Top...sign me up for every piece!

These high waisted overalls are AH-MA-ZING! I am 6'6" and as you can see they are plenty long. The cut of the wide leg is just enough. You get this look and balance that is really hard to find in a wide leg pant. Literally the best Tall overalls a Tall Girl could ask for...#swoon!

Now for the Bobble Trim Crop Top. The fabric is super soft and flowy. I love where it hits us (where a crop top should) and the on-trend, off-the-shoulder situation, is beautiful (werk those shoulders ladies). It also has shoulder straps for a little more security but I liked the bare decollete, so I tucked them in.

This look doesn't need much else, so I just added a neutral shoe, dainty ring and called it a haute day.

Wanna see the rest of the collection? I don't blame you,,.it's crazy good! Check out this slide show and click any of the images below for more information on the new TTYA X LTS line. It will be hard but try not to drool on your phone or computer. Happy #TTYA4LTS Day Tall beauties!

Sweat it Out

Michelle Mesh Booties - Smash Shoes  (Shown in size 12, also comes in black)/Tall Joggers -  Long Elegant Legs /Necklace and men's sweatshirt - Forever 21/Shades - Akira   Photo Credit: Marc Allen

Michelle Mesh Booties - Smash Shoes (Shown in size 12, also comes in black)/Tall Joggers - Long Elegant Legs/Necklace and men's sweatshirt - Forever 21/Shades - Akira

Photo Credit: Marc Allen

I completely get it. There are just some days where comfort it key. Those moments when you want to melt into a pair of sweats. Without a doubt, put them on a snuggle up! But sometimes those days fall on occasions where your typical sweats don't match the event that you are going too. Never fear! Accessories are here!

Pick out a comfy base. To pump up the chic simplistic vibe, I usually go for a solid color base but do you boo. Then throw on some statement shoes (that can easily be switched out for tennies right after the event) like these hawt mesh Michelle booties from Smash Shoes. I am in absolute LOVE! They come in sizes; 11, 11w, 12, 12w, 13 and 14 and also come in black (yes, you have seen them before because I rocked the black option in a previous post). And guess what? They are on sale right now for $79!

To finish the look I added this statement necklace from Forever 21. Under $10 and adds just the right amount of pow to this look.

Now I know you are dying to know! Where did you get those tall joggers!? I got them from Long Elegant Legs which is now a part of tall style powerhouse, Long Tall Sally. This style is no longer available but they have this 36" inseam option is is equally as awesome. There are also these options from Alloy Apparel in 37" as well.

So don't sweat the sweat days. Pump them up and rock them out! :-)

Roc Rio

There is nothing like a custom piece of clothing and I found a local (Oakland, CA) designer (who also happens to be my friend:) that creates some amazing pieces that he will make specifically for you. While designer Rickie Lee has Roc Rio Designs for purchase right off the rack, he will custom tailor the length of the arms and torso just for Y-O-U and anyone that you want him to design for. Simply enter your information, the garment and your desired customization on his contact page. You will not be disappointed! I love my Sheath hoodie and you might just see me running around The Bay in it on a regular basis:-) PS. If something is out of stock online, you can still request it on the contact page.

Let's address the elephant in the room...technically this is a men's line BUT WHO CARES. When it's custom it's YOUR piece and really no matter what a garment is originally intended for, you can rock it however you dang well please. Moving on...

Now for the overall look...I added a faux leather mini to pump it up a little and some over the knee boots (which are almost out of stock, similar here) because I can and they are fabulous. It's really hard to go wrong with this chic hoodie. You can (and I do) wear it with anything. You can dress it up or completely down. It's a versatile, comfy-chic piece (and we all know that comfy-chic is my thing).

Thanks for your style voice Mr. Rickie Lee:-) Your creativity is felt and completely appreciated. I wish nothing but great things for your line and love seeing people Roc Rio around the world!


There will be people who try to put limits on your style because they don't think that they can pull it off and in-turn project their insecurities onto you. Leave that madness behind you as you walk away in the fiercest way possible. When you accept them, it festers and paints your insides in the saddest of shades. The moment you accept that lie it begins to deplete your self-esteem immediately. Protect your self-worth. It's in your arsenal of essentials that will strengthen your path in this thing called life.

When I wore this vest for the first time, this lady told me, I love that you wear things that standout even at your height. Even? Lady...that was a dig. I recognized it, smiled and said Always and then left it right where she stood. I didn't waste anger on her or the time and weight it would take to carry it with me. I actually appreciated it because it gave me a platform to provide this point to you:

You are the gatekeeper.

One thing that comes with this beautiful height is a peanut gallery that can't have it and will remind you at every turn. They can say some idiotic things but at the end of the day it's the strength of your shield that matters.

Am I always this strong? No. Everyone has their days as well as a period of growth to gain strength BUT the more you practice this the taller you will stand every day, in every way.

OK Ladies, now let's get those gates in formation! :-)