Taller Than Your Average

All Good

What's crazy about this outfit is...none of it is new. I literally had every piece in my closet.

I think we often overlook what we already have. We see everything in pieces, not knowing that when put together, they create something beautiful. In this case, it was an outfit but how would this apply to your life?

Life is a stunning mess of ups and downs. The highs fuel the lows but it's hard to appreciate them when you are in the middle of your struggles. Personally, I rest in Romans 8:28. God is always at work for us, gathering everything that happens and crafting it for those who love Him.

What a beautiful promise!

With all of the things that happen in life, apart, they may not make sense...but when you let Him bring all of the pieces together, it creates a purpose driven life that we could never comprehend or accomplish on our own.

Don't get it twisted, letting Him lead is not an easy thing. I am notorious for wanting to control every single step of my life. From relationships to occupation to wardrobe, I am traditionally a control freak. I have put my plans in front of God's plans for long enough. In the last 2 months I have relinquished this control (for the most part, admittedly I have my moments) and the peace that I have received is nothing less than astounding.

This doesn't mean you stop working hard. You must move your feet. I am putting in the work but seeking His guidance, listening to Him and going after what He wants (even when I don't understand the move). His plan is greater than anything I ever could compose. 

Top - TTYA for Long Tall Sally/Skirt - Thrifted/Belt - H&M/Shoes - Christian Siriano for Payless  Makeup and Photography:  Nikki Notarte  

Top - TTYA for Long Tall Sally/Skirt - Thrifted/Belt - H&M/Shoes - Christian Siriano for Payless

Makeup and Photography: Nikki Notarte 

Let Go. Let God. You hear this often but it's absolutely true. Stop looking at things as they are and start letting Him put them together. Trust that He is putting every piece to work for you. Have faith that He has it all in control. You are a vessel that was created to accomplish great things. Let Him steer the ship! 

With all your heart you must trust the Lord and not your own judgment. Always let him lead you, and he will clear the road for you to follow. [Proverbs 3: 5-6] 

If The Shoe Fits

Growing up, I was called every single name associated with the word giant, which included big foot. Ignorant people can say some really ridiculous things and when they saw my long feet, it was definitely a chance to highlight them negatively in every way.

Not only did they make fun of the size of my feet, they also made fun of my shoes because I couldn't find the cool kicks that everyone was wearing in my size. Trends were not an option. I rocked men's basketball shoes for a majority of the time and of course that made me a target for more teasing.

In addition to the teasing about the size of my feet, I also didn't like the shape of them and refused to wear heels because why would I add to the ridicule? Both limited my shoe choices in unnecessary ways.

Unfortunately, I internalized the nasty lies they (and I) were telling me about my height, shape and size of my feet for many years. I even tried wearing sizes that were too small for me. Thankfully, my Mom hunted down some options in my high school years that definitely helped and got me through until retailers started providing more options for us.

Check out this video that explores the question;  how many women are wearing the wrong size shoes?

Long Tall Sally has an amazing, vast inventory of shoes in our sizes. They carry up to size 15 which is unheard of for 99% of shoe stores. Pretty much any occasion you have, they have a shoe for it that is perfect and actually fits the way that it's supposed to.

Take these LTS Malta Lace Up Suede Sandals. Not only do they go with the TTYA X LTS Oragami Wrap Dress perfectly, the fit is fabulous (no hanging of the toe off the front of the shoe), they hit 4 summer shoe trends (suede, fringe, lace up and block heel) and can be worn in so many ways. This shoe definitely should be worn in every way this season.

Check out this video look book featuring many of the Long Tall Sally summer footwear options on the beautiful Donya-Patrice Campbell.

The moral of the story? Rock shoes that fit, are fab and express exactly what you want them to. Don't let others, and especially yourself, limit anything that you want to wear. Your style is an expression of you. Convey your message to the world in any way you darn well please. I am blessed to have found my voice and pray the same for every woman in the world! Be YOU. Stand Tall every day, in every way!

Today Long Tall Sally launched their If The Shoe Fits campaign that brings all of our unnecessary struggles with shoes to the forefront and help you find the perfect fit. In fact, there is a guide to finding the perfect fit, links to their amazing summer shoe collection, some very awesome Shoefie inspiration from bloggers across the country. Last, but certainly not least, there is a chance for you to win a free pair every month. Yes, you read that right! You could win a free pair of shoes every month for an entire year!

So right now, throw all of your limitations about your feet out the window and find the Shoe That Fits!

#MoreShoeToLove #IfTheShoeFits #LongTallMe #LongTallSally

Hot Like Fire

Guess what drops today? Get excited! It's the brand spankin new TTYA X LTS collection and as always it is breathtaking! The colors are rich, the selection is outstanding and if the rest of the collection is like this Denim Jumpsuit and Bobble Trim Crop Top...sign me up for every piece!

These high waisted overalls are AH-MA-ZING! I am 6'6" and as you can see they are plenty long. The cut of the wide leg is just enough. You get this look and balance that is really hard to find in a wide leg pant. Literally the best Tall overalls a Tall Girl could ask for...#swoon!

Now for the Bobble Trim Crop Top. The fabric is super soft and flowy. I love where it hits us (where a crop top should) and the on-trend, off-the-shoulder situation, is beautiful (werk those shoulders ladies). It also has shoulder straps for a little more security but I liked the bare decollete, so I tucked them in.

This look doesn't need much else, so I just added a neutral shoe, dainty ring and called it a haute day.

Wanna see the rest of the collection? I don't blame you,,.it's crazy good! Check out this slide show and click any of the images below for more information on the new TTYA X LTS line. It will be hard but try not to drool on your phone or computer. Happy #TTYA4LTS Day Tall beauties!

Hey Amalli Talli!

High Rise Leather Skinny in 38" - Amalli Talli / BFT Celena Patent Leather Boots (shown in a size 12) - Long Tall Sally /Scuba Jacket - Taller Than Your Average for Long Tall Sally/Sheer tank - Thrifted/Hair -  Perfect Locks   Photo Credit:  Marc Allen

High Rise Leather Skinny in 38" - Amalli Talli/BFT Celena Patent Leather Boots (shown in a size 12) - Long Tall Sally/Scuba Jacket - Taller Than Your Average for Long Tall Sally/Sheer tank - Thrifted/Hair - Perfect Locks

Photo Credit: Marc Allen

Let's meet our new friend shall we? Hey Amalli Talli! We are so excited to make your acquaintance and thank you for these crazy, fabulous high rise leather Yoga Jean Skinnies in 38" inseam (say that 10 times fast).

Amalli Talli has some amazing tall options but these jeans take the cake. They have superior stretch that does not get baggy 10 seconds after you put them on. They keep their shape while giving you shape. I also love that they are high rise so the whole butt crack showing when you bend over thing doesn't happen.

In addition to the fab feel of the fabric, they also have a snakeskin print. It takes the whole faux leather situation to new levels. With the print they are far more interesting than most of the tall, leather pants out there.

Last, but certainly not least...look at the God sent length of this jean! They posses 38" inches of yoga jean goodness. Dare I say they were almost too long (which I think we can agree is a beautiful "problem" to have. 

With that said...both Amalli Talli and these fab jeans have my tall stamp of approval. I will be rocking them often! #TeamWearClothesMoreThanOnce :-)


Ibena Laser Cut Heels (shown in size 12) - Eleanor Anukam Footwear / Tall Long Sleeve Jersey Body - TTYAXLTS /Tall Shift Dress - ASOS/Sunnies - Collage Clothing Lounge/Cross Body - Thrifted  Photo Credit:  Meg Russell Photography

Ibena Laser Cut Heels (shown in size 12) - Eleanor Anukam Footwear/Tall Long Sleeve Jersey Body - TTYAXLTS/Tall Shift Dress - ASOS/Sunnies - Collage Clothing Lounge/Cross Body - Thrifted

Photo Credit: Meg Russell Photography

Perfection is something that can’t be attained. It’s impossible to be perfect however our society is constantly trying to push the perfect agenda on us. You must be a certain size, a certain height, have your hair a certain way, make-up on point etc. As a blogger, I find myself unconsciously doing this, especially when it comes to shooting looks. Often, I will prepare for a shoot longer than it takes to shoot the looks themselves. Furthermore, any blogger who says that they don’t do this, isn’t completely telling the truth. Shooting looks for a blog is a production, plain and simple.

With that said, I go back and forth with continuing to shoot these looks because I don’t want to set a standard that one cannot attain. I definitely wear all of the clothes that I shoot on my blog but do I continually look this polished on a daily basis…

heck no.

That would be impossible. I am incredibly busy (especially during the season) and prepping every day, in the way that I do for shoots is unrealistic. I am a complicated, dynamic ball of beautiful imperfection and that is what we need to share with each other.

Do I wear make-up and add hair to my look? Ya darn skippy. These are things that I enjoy and will continue to do but they don’t define me and I have permission to change them as I please.

The truth is, my hair has flyaways, my nails break and are not always done, I have varicose veins on my feet, my legs are not always tanned and my weight fluctuates (among one hundred other sporadic things). We are all REAL women that are amazing, one-of-a-kind works of brilliance.

With that said, I am going to shoot looks…but I will no longer obsess about perfecting them. I am in a season on growth right now and this is one of the ways I am developing. I am made specifically in every way, as are you. I will no longer mold any part of me into being what society has conditioned me to aspire to be. I am ready to share all of me with you and I apologize for the delay.

Let’s take the pressure off and happily stand tall in our gorgeous, vibrant, imperfect selves shall we?


Tall Leather Look Leggings - Long Tall Sally ( similar here )/BFT Over-The-Knee Boots - Long Tall Sally ( similar here )/Tall Bodysuit - Taller Than Your Average for Long Tall Sally ( similar here )/Faux Fur Vest, Sleeveless Camel Sweater and Shades - Forever 21/Clutch - H&M  Photo Credit:  Meg Russell Photography

Tall Leather Look Leggings - Long Tall Sally (similar here)/BFT Over-The-Knee Boots - Long Tall Sally (similar here)/Tall Bodysuit - Taller Than Your Average for Long Tall Sally (similar here)/Faux Fur Vest, Sleeveless Camel Sweater and Shades - Forever 21/Clutch - H&M

Photo Credit: Meg Russell Photography

Winter finally set in on the west coast...well...our version of it anyway. When it started to get nippy out, I went in my closet to create layers which led to some major mixing of tall staples and off-the-rack items.

I began where I always do; a tall foundation. I used 2 pieces that are long and slimming. They cover and create the perfect palate for layers.

I then added a long, sleeveless sweater with a high collar to class up the joint and polished the look off with the marbled faux fur vest. With the foundation being appropriate in length, the layers can easily be copped right off the shelf. Don't believe me? Wear your tall basics to a store and try on a bunch of options. I guarantee you that you walk out with a new perspective of what will work for you in-store.

Well...that's all I got. Coming off of a 16 hour work day leaves little brain power. Yes, it says 16 hours. Don't ask.

Next up...I am off to NYC for a couple of days. I am checking out the Warriors on the road and most importantly having a blast in a city that I love with some amazing friends! I will be posting on Facebook and Instagram because that is what bloggers apparently do on trips:)

See you soon beautiful...slay the day!