Chic on the Go

Could I be any more dramatic in these photos? I mean geeesh,,,smile or something!

It's ironic that I am not smiling because I LOVE this set from the New Look Tall line. It is so comfy and chic that it's almost ridiculous. I have been looking for a put-together casual look and I definitely found it with this sweater and jogger set....a match made in style heaven! It's also incredibly soft and as you can see...long enough for us! One thing...the drawstring is just there for show but I actually like it that way because the joggers fit nicely with the elastic band and you don't have to mess with the drawstring all day.

As if the set wasn't enough, this bomber jacket is just ridiculous in the best way possible. The length in both the body and arms is perfect for a bomber, I love the army green color and it has the right amount of room for a fall jacket...in the words of baby bear it's just right. This tall jacket is just FAB.

I have really been wanting comfort lately. My busy has been increasing and I am constantly on the go. Sets like these are perfect because you can throw on chic and go! Athletic gear is also in for fall so this look from New Look is right one time,

What's your favorite comfy gear to throw on during your busy moments?

PS. I pretty much want every piece in the New Look tall line. I am in LUV (insert floating heart emoji here). Check out the entire fall line here.


Let me tell you about a 40-year-old bombshell! She is tall, chic and has been helping tall women enhance their height since 1976. I am talking about Long Tall Sally. It's the tall retailers 40th and I know I couldn't be more excited to celebrate 40 groundbreaking years of tall style!

Over the last 40 years LTS has truly changed the face of tall style. While there are many tall retailers that slay tall clothing, Long Tall Sally has been the frontrunner in bringing chic, tall clothing and shoes to elevated ladies everywhere. They stay ahead of the trends, constantly look for ways to cater to ALL tall women and truly want tall women to wear clothing and shoes that express their individual style. 

A perfect example of LTS style is my first look for fall. This floral shirt dress is a perfect way to bring the season in. It's chic, effortless and it's bold black, white and navy pattern is definitely on-trend. The dress itself is crafted specifically for us with longer arms and just the right length in the body.

The boots are A1 for the upcoming season. You will see the flare heel everywhere and their timeless look will work for seasons to come. I will be wearing this boot with everything! The best part...they come in sizes up to 15! Over the last 40 years Long Tall Sally has continually found ways to bring the latest footwear and size options to us and I know I will forever be thankful for that.

Long Tall Sally wants to celebrate their 40 years by sharing your LTS stories. Share your memories and you could win a gift card that will help you create new ones! ENTER HERE.

 Happy 40th LTS...here is to 40 more!

Desert Flower

WANNA SEE THIS MAXI MOVE?  Check out my Instagram  for a short video of this beautiful dress.   Blossom Print Boho Maxi Dress - Tall Girls UK / Heart Necklace - Candid Art /Shoes - Payless/Hat - Forever 21  Photo Credit:  LaKeela Smith

WANNA SEE THIS MAXI MOVE? Check out my Instagram for a short video of this beautiful dress.

Blossom Print Boho Maxi Dress - Tall Girls UK/Heart Necklace - Candid Art/Shoes - Payless/Hat - Forever 21

Photo Credit: LaKeela Smith

I seriously canNOT believe that summer is almost over. I'm sad but going to enjoy this last month in chic dresses like this crazy-good maxi dress from Tall Girls UK.

Not only is it long enough (I am wearing 3.5" heels and it's STILL the perfect length), it is also the perfect floral print and a piece that you can transition right into fall.

How you ask?

1) SPORT IT UP. Add a sweatshirt and some tennies for a sporty look. I plan to throw on a light grey simple cotton shirt and some metallic Converse like THIS OPTION from Tall Girls UK. A comfy, fab, fall remix for all of your maxi dresses.

2) WILD WEST IT. Throw on a long cardigan, belt and boots of your choice. This Long Line Cardigan is the perfect tall option for this western inspired look. 

3) BLAZE A TRIAL. You can easily wear your maxi dress to the office by adding a chunky necklace, blazer and loafer. Check out these tall blazer options that will transform this summer dress in to a chic office fit.

So slow your roll on putting those maxi dresses in the back of the closet and keep them out to incorporate in your fall repertoire!

I really want to see YOUR tall looks so please tag them with @TallSWAG. See you soon sweet stuff!;)

Spice Girl

This tall dress is out of this world!  It's on the way from the TTYA London BLACK line that debuted on ASOS this week. 

The line is nothing like you have ever seen in Tall. Clean, modern and completely unique. I love every piece, especially this fab dress which is next up to be released.

I feel incredibly sexy in this dress! The foundation of the dress is a great tall-short length and the mesh overlay adds that spice that takes the little black dress to new levels. Most importantly, the overlay is the perfect length; a true midi, appropriate arm length and a slit that doesn't go all the way up to the bottom of our cheeks. You can definitely tell that a lot of thought went in to the piece right down to the thin rubber strip that lines the entire top seam of the dress to prevent it from moving around underneath the mesh. Well done TTYA London!

I am wearing a dress and paired it with Calvin Klein neutral pumps (size 12 via Nordstrom Rack) because this dress needs nothin else to make it pop.

Definitly look out for this dress to drop soon and check out all of the other new releases from #TTYABlack!

Hot Like Fire

Guess what drops today? Get excited! It's the brand spankin new TTYA X LTS collection and as always it is breathtaking! The colors are rich, the selection is outstanding and if the rest of the collection is like this Denim Jumpsuit and Bobble Trim Crop Top...sign me up for every piece!

These high waisted overalls are AH-MA-ZING! I am 6'6" and as you can see they are plenty long. The cut of the wide leg is just enough. You get this look and balance that is really hard to find in a wide leg pant. Literally the best Tall overalls a Tall Girl could ask for...#swoon!

Now for the Bobble Trim Crop Top. The fabric is super soft and flowy. I love where it hits us (where a crop top should) and the on-trend, off-the-shoulder situation, is beautiful (werk those shoulders ladies). It also has shoulder straps for a little more security but I liked the bare decollete, so I tucked them in.

This look doesn't need much else, so I just added a neutral shoe, dainty ring and called it a haute day.

Wanna see the rest of the collection? I don't blame you,,.it's crazy good! Check out this slide show and click any of the images below for more information on the new TTYA X LTS line. It will be hard but try not to drool on your phone or computer. Happy #TTYA4LTS Day Tall beauties!

Who Is She?

Tall Side Lace Up Longline Vest (added bandeau top underneath) - ASOS /Tall Joggers (36" inseam. Similar  HERE ) - ASOS/Booties - Vince Camuto (size 12)/Clutch - H&M/Bracelet - Forever 21  Photo Credit:  Joshua Leung

Tall Side Lace Up Longline Vest (added bandeau top underneath) - ASOS/Tall Joggers (36" inseam. Similar HERE) - ASOS/Booties - Vince Camuto (size 12)/Clutch - H&M/Bracelet - Forever 21

Photo Credit: Joshua Leung

Since my post about my natural hair, I have received so many comments and emails of encouragement. Thank you so much! I still and will always believe that everyone is wonderfully made in every single way but let me tell you...going natural is not easy.

I am starting to love my natural hair but it takes an immense amount of time to care for it. I cannot tell you the time, money and emotion that I have already put into my locs and it hasn't even been a month yet! If anything, the time (especially during the season) will eventually be the reason why I go back into a far more healthy protective style (or cut it off into a haute style) however I am going to give it some more time...I won't give up that easily!

Another thing that is hard for me to adopt is the way that I look in photos. It's not that I don't like what I see, it's that I don't recognize me. I found myself saying...who is she? And really, that is one of the things I am finding on this journey. I am in a place occupationally, emotionally, relationally and physically, where I am really finding who I am and where I want to be. It's something that we all constantly go through, I just happen to be particularly uncomfortable in multiple areas at the current moment. It's okay and in many ways exciting because God always does his best work during these times.

One thing about style that I love, is that it can change your entire mood. You can be going through a lot and slip on one of your favorite pieces and boom...you feel brand new. Clothes don't make you BUT they sure can change your day and these pieces by the ASOS Tall line definitely fit that bill. 

Look how long these joggers are! Tall, chic and comfy...you can't beat that. Joggers are very versatile pants...lightweight for the summer months and can be paired with a blazer or sweater in fall and winter. A pair of joggers should be in every tall girls closet. 

Do we really have to talk about the LongLine Vest!? Insert smiley face with hearts in the eyes here. It's just a beautiful piece. Longer tops are definitely hot right now and the tall cut of this vest hits us just right.

So there you have it. This is where I am and what I am wearing through every moment:) Talk to you soon cutie pies!