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This tall dress is out of this world!  It's on the way from the TTYA London BLACK line that debuted on ASOS this week. 

The line is nothing like you have ever seen in Tall. Clean, modern and completely unique. I love every piece, especially this fab dress which is next up to be released.

I feel incredibly sexy in this dress! The foundation of the dress is a great tall-short length and the mesh overlay adds that spice that takes the little black dress to new levels. Most importantly, the overlay is the perfect length; a true midi, appropriate arm length and a slit that doesn't go all the way up to the bottom of our cheeks. You can definitely tell that a lot of thought went in to the piece right down to the thin rubber strip that lines the entire top seam of the dress to prevent it from moving around underneath the mesh. Well done TTYA London!

I am wearing a dress and paired it with Calvin Klein neutral pumps (size 12 via Nordstrom Rack) because this dress needs nothin else to make it pop.

Definitly look out for this dress to drop soon and check out all of the other new releases from #TTYABlack!


Who needs coffee when you have a brand new Tall collection from Long Tall Sally and Taller Than Your Average to wake you up! The TTYA X Long Tall Sally Fall Collection just launched and it is my favorite to date. I want every piece and can't wait to style them. From the patterns, to rich fall colors to the thoughtful construction of the pieces...this collection is breathtaking.

Check it out and let me know what you think. What a way to start of the week! Happy #TTYA4LTS Monday!!!


Today I want to introduce you to my new friend MARGE. She is elegant, one-of-a-kind, tall and beautiful. MARGE is a brand new line of tall clothing created by 6’1” fashion fatale, Kaersten Cooper.

Today’s look features the MARGE Gitte Silk Print Top. I cannot express how amazing this piece feels and the fit is impeccable. Like the entire line, the Gitte is not your run-of-the-mill garment. It is a top that is exclusively tall and exquisite. Now, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t point out that the price points are higher than clothes that I usually spotlight on TallSWAG but the line really is groundbreaking and something I feel that every tall woman should know about. 

Gitte Silk Print Top - MARGE /Joggers (36") - Long Elegant Legs/ Heather Snakeskin Heel - Christian Siriano for Payless  (up to size 13. On sale for $15)/Sunnies and neck piece - Forever 21/Clutch H&M  Photo Credit:  Meg Russell

Gitte Silk Print Top - MARGE/Joggers (36") - Long Elegant Legs/Heather Snakeskin Heel - Christian Siriano for Payless (up to size 13. On sale for $15)/Sunnies and neck piece - Forever 21/Clutch H&M

Photo Credit: Meg Russell

Recently I had the pleasure of having a ladies' lunch with the amazing creator of this leading edge tall line and here is what she had to say about her beloved MARGE…

ALICIA JAY: Where did your inspiration for MARGE come from?

KAERSTEN COOPER: MARGE is inspired by my grandmother. She was a fashion illustrator in the 30’s and 40’s. She has been my inspiration from a very early age. Although at her top height she was 4’11,” and I quickly grew past her, I was always very inspired by her because she was always incredibly creative, driven and very sure of herself. She was the ultimate female role model for me and always encouraged me to embrace my differences such as height. She told me it was a gift, a blessing and told me that clothes can fit you in a way that won’t fit other women. I look fondly at her teachings. She not only inspired the brand, she inspired me to embrace my elevated perspective every day.

Check out this video of The Story of MARGE in motion. Below are the sketches that creator Kaerston Cooper shared with me at our ladies lunch. I was honored that she shared this precious memory of her grandmother Marjorie Boldt with me.

AJ: How did you come up with MARGE as the name for your brand?

KC: Marjorie is my grandmother’s name but I actually decided to name the brand after her the day that I found some love letters that she had written to my grandfather while they were courting. They were wrapped in fabric and each letter was signed XO MARGE. Before then I only knew her as Marjorie and in a way MARGE was like the younger version of my grandmother that I didn’t know. That resonated with me and I embraced that as the name for my tall brand.

AJ: What an amazing story! Your grandmother sounds like an amazing woman.

KC: She definitely was! Even though she didn’t give me my height, she gave me an appreciation for it. In many ways she gifted me a lifelong love story of empowerment, unconditional love and the power to be expressive and thoughtful. I tried to bring everything from my relationship with my grandmother into the line. Every detail from the opening of the garment box to wearing the pieces, I tried to make it an emotional experience that you can see, touch and feel.

This is the box that every MARGE order comes in. I absolutely love all of the details of the brand.

This is the box that every MARGE order comes in. I absolutely love all of the details of the brand.

AJ: I would say that you achieved the experience in every way. On top of the experience, what message do you want MARGE to convey to tall women?

KC: Our goal at MARGE is to create a community of and an appreciation for, this amazing bountiful life. Even outside of height. Yes, we live a Life Up Here but we live a beautiful, multidimensional life. We are very dynamic. Tall women are strong, successful, smart and talented. It’s more than being tall but tall is one of the strongest assets you have.

AJ: That is quite a message and I couldn’t agree more! Why did you use fashion to convey this message?

KC: I have always been inspired by fashion and fashion has been in my life since day one. My grandmother taught me how to sew and my mother and aunt made all of their clothes and my mother made all of my clothes as well. When I entered college I felt like I was being put into a box career wise but it came to a point where I knew it wasn’t my passion. I didn’t fit and felt very empty. I knew I always had a love for fashion and after college I jumped in and never looked back.

AJ: I admire your fearlessness to pursue your passion! Why a tall line specifically?

KC: I just saw a real massive void in the market for elegant tall clothing with rich textures that you can easily transition from day to night and do so in a very elegant and sophisticated way. There are some silhouettes that are really simple and very classic that enable the woman who wears them to infuse her own personality into the look. You can add your own flare and make the pieces yours. They invite the MARGE woman to express herself through the elegant, easy to wear options.

This live lookbook is everything. I seriously love everything but the ANJA dress is ridiculously awesome. Swooon! Side note: The shoe selection in this video is perfect for each look. Love the styling and feel of this video.

AJ: You can definitely see that attention to detail in the line. How long did it take you to create the debut line of MARGE from start to finish?

 KC: That’s a good question…a long time! I started almost 5 years ago and that was just coming up with the brand concept and what MARGE needed to look and feel like. It then took a mountain of a business plan, hundreds of fabric trade shows in places from Paris to New York, endless fittings with fit models from 5’9” to 6’5” and an immense amount of work to make MARGE what is it today. It was a long process but I wanted to be really thoughtful about it and launch when we felt it was complete and right. We also had to do a ton of research to see what is out there. I think there are some great options for tall women but we wanted to come out with a line in a different way, in a different fashion and that took some time.

AJ: Thank you for the taking the time because the line is truly beautiful. Will it always be online or will we have a chance to buy MARGE in stores?

KC: There will be some opportunities to be up close and personal with MARGE. We are planning on pop-up shops and we’ve got some great ideas on how to create a more intimate setting for people to experience the line and also what is behind the brand. In many ways we are redefining the fit for tall. Our measurements are different than the standard tall measurements. Having an opportunity for women to come and experience that first hand is essential. 

The MARGE Clothing fit.

The MARGE Clothing fit.

AJ: I can’t wait for those…I love a great pop-up shop! Now that your first line of MARGE has finally arrived, what is your favorite part about it?

KC: My favorite part would be getting the reaction from clients, actually seeing the garments on them and seeing how my vision enhances lives through fashion. It feels great to adorn a tall woman’s body with fabulous clothes and to see her face light up because the clothes enhance the beauty that she already has. That is why I love what I do and I would not be doing anything else.

AJ: What reaction have you been getting from clients about the brand?

KC: A lot of the feedback has been about the fabrics in a sense that they are ones that they have never seen before, or haven’t necessarily been catered to their tall frame. From our silks to jacquards, we have definitely been getting positive feedback on our one-of-a-kind fabrics. Another great thing is the fit. Clients are giving us positive feedback on our fit modifications in our pants, arm and body length. It’s more of a surprise and a thanks from people for bringing something to the market that didn’t exist.

AJ: Where do you see MARGE in the future?

KC: I’m really excited for MARGE. We have so many exciting things coming up. We are already in production for Spring 16 with more size offerings and beautiful options. We are looking to possibly be in stores that are in line with our brand and are growing in leaps and bounds every day!

It was truly a pleasure to interview Kaersten. The line is beautiful and I can't wait to see what MARGE has for us next! Make sure you let me know what you think about the line in the comment section and for the most up-to-date information on MARGE, including shopping the Fall 15 line, visit MargeClothing.com.

Don't forget to follow MARGE on Instagram:-)

Don't forget to follow MARGE on Instagram:-)


Can you believe that fall is almost here? It's crazy how fast the summer went by and it's time to prepare for the crispy weather that is on it's way. What better way to kick off the season than with versatile pieces from Long Tall Sally.

The Check Coatigan is such an amazing fall option. I love the bold pattern, soft textile and most importantly, long cut in the body and the arms. You don't want to take it off. It's like you are snuggling with the piece all day long. You can wear it open like I did in this look or belt it with a long maxi skirt for a more dramatic look.

The leggings pictured here are super low in stock because they were from last season but LTS has another classic option available HERE. These leggings are one of those pieces that are timeless. You will wear them with everything, season after season. They definitely qualify as a smart style buy. 

Now for the boots. Sign me up for every option of the LTS Chelsea Leather Ankle Boot. Pictured are the suede option but they also come in black, all black, and tan. Wait...did I mention they go up to a SIZE 15! Crazy good.

So there you have it...3 versatile fall essentials from Long Tall Sally. I am in love with all 3 and can't wait to show you some more of their fall options and other amazing tall, fall pieces in the coming weeks!

HAIR UPDATE: This is my first wash and go! As you can see my hair shrinks up quite a bit. I also got a great, healthy cut and hydration treatment from the Curl Doctor, Shai Amiel. My hair is the healthiest it has been in years and I am really thankful to be where I am in my healthy hair journey. I am still not completely sure about what I am going to do during the season because to contrary belief natural hair takes a lot of time. What I do know is, if I make a decision to get a protective style, I will make sure that it is truly protecting my hair. In the meantime, I am rocking my curls like no tomorrow:-)