Tall women

Spice Girl

This tall dress is out of this world!  It's on the way from the TTYA London BLACK line that debuted on ASOS this week. 

The line is nothing like you have ever seen in Tall. Clean, modern and completely unique. I love every piece, especially this fab dress which is next up to be released.

I feel incredibly sexy in this dress! The foundation of the dress is a great tall-short length and the mesh overlay adds that spice that takes the little black dress to new levels. Most importantly, the overlay is the perfect length; a true midi, appropriate arm length and a slit that doesn't go all the way up to the bottom of our cheeks. You can definitely tell that a lot of thought went in to the piece right down to the thin rubber strip that lines the entire top seam of the dress to prevent it from moving around underneath the mesh. Well done TTYA London!

I am wearing a dress and paired it with Calvin Klein neutral pumps (size 12 via Nordstrom Rack) because this dress needs nothin else to make it pop.

Definitly look out for this dress to drop soon and check out all of the other new releases from #TTYABlack!

From One Height Goddess to Another

When Height Goddess approached me about being on their new podcast, I emphatically said YES! The Tall line is absolutely fabulous and there is no way that I would pass up a chance to talk to owner Lameka Weeks about real, tall life. 

I could tell you all about it BUT what better person to explain From One Height Goddess to Another than Lameka herself!

You had me at; conversations, with tall women, from all walks of life from all over the world!

I had a blast taping the episode with Lameka, I am absolutely honored to be featured in the first episode and trust me...you won't want to miss the new episodes every Wednesday because I am in some GREAT Tall company!

To listen to my real Tall talk with HG, click below. I would love to know your thoughts and what conversations you want to hear from Height Goddess in the future so please partake in the comment box below:-)

Now...let's talk!