From one Height Goddess to Another

From One Height Goddess to Another

When Height Goddess approached me about being on their new podcast, I emphatically said YES! The Tall line is absolutely fabulous and there is no way that I would pass up a chance to talk to owner Lameka Weeks about real, tall life. 

I could tell you all about it BUT what better person to explain From One Height Goddess to Another than Lameka herself!

You had me at; conversations, with tall women, from all walks of life from all over the world!

I had a blast taping the episode with Lameka, I am absolutely honored to be featured in the first episode and trust won't want to miss the new episodes every Wednesday because I am in some GREAT Tall company!

To listen to my real Tall talk with HG, click below. I would love to know your thoughts and what conversations you want to hear from Height Goddess in the future so please partake in the comment box below:-)

Now...let's talk!