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Photo Credit:  Lakeela Smith

Photo Credit: Lakeela Smith

In my last post, I introduced THE INCREDIBLE KACY and guess what!?!? You can WIN her!!! Yes..this beautiful dress that comes in 68" and 72" lengths can be in your closet just by entering the #LoveTall Contest presented by Height Goddess! Here is what you need to do...

1. Post a pic on Instagram.

2. Tag and follow @TallSWAG and @HeightGoddess in the post as well as use the #LoveTall. Tell us why you love your height...we can't wait to hear why!

3. After you post, fill out the form HERE.

It's simple and spoiler alert!...there is also an awesome coupon code at the end of the contest that is good through April 19th, so regardless you get something for entering!

One thing...HURRY! The winner will be chosen on April 15th so it doesn't give you much time.

Enter now! Can't you just see this beauty in your closet?

The Incredible Kacy

Summer is right around the corner and you know what that means...maxi dress weather! And I found the maxi of all maxis...I mean I am in deep love with the Kacy Maxi dress from Height Goddess!

Just look at the length! It comes in 68" and 72" lengths and the pattern is print perfect. It's seriously effortless and versatile and as a matter of fact, I have 3 ways to wear this beautiful, Tall dress for you right now!


You can wear the Kacy Maxi Dress to work by adding some simple things that you have in your closet; blazer, neutral shoe, statement necklace, belt and bag. The belt gives the dress some shape and the blazer makes the dress office appropriate. In the summer, pick a lightweight 3/4 sleeve blazer like this one from Forever 21.

After a long day at work, it's time for a night out with the ladies right? Check out how you can change this maxi up with some very simple steps...


Take that blazer off and add some sassy frosting. Swoop that hair to the side and change the dynamics of the dress by tying it in a little knot at the bottom of the maxi. An instant night look in a snap. PS, Add a statement shoe like the Rollie from Smash Shoes to set your maxi-night look off!

Now for the DAY look...

The Kacy gives a new definition to effortless-chic. Really, you could rock this baby barefoot with absolutely no accessories and be the darling of the day. For my day look, I threw on some fringe boots from Payless, one of my favorite necklaces of the season from Candid Art and a floppy hat to finish the look. 

Maxi dresses are Tall essentials in my book. When you find one that is long and versatile like the Kacy, it's a win-win-win situation. It proves it's worth in the fact that you can wear it 3 ways and I for one am a happy camper! 

I hope you liked my looks and I would love to hear how you rock your maxi dresses. Please leave a comment below or tag your looks with @TallSWAG. See ya on the flip side!

From One Height Goddess to Another

When Height Goddess approached me about being on their new podcast, I emphatically said YES! The Tall line is absolutely fabulous and there is no way that I would pass up a chance to talk to owner Lameka Weeks about real, tall life. 

I could tell you all about it BUT what better person to explain From One Height Goddess to Another than Lameka herself!

You had me at; conversations, with tall women, from all walks of life from all over the world!

I had a blast taping the episode with Lameka, I am absolutely honored to be featured in the first episode and trust me...you won't want to miss the new episodes every Wednesday because I am in some GREAT Tall company!

To listen to my real Tall talk with HG, click below. I would love to know your thoughts and what conversations you want to hear from Height Goddess in the future so please partake in the comment box below:-)

Now...let's talk!

#INSTAstyle Dos

Hello Lovely! I hope this blog finds you well. How do you like the new site? Personally, I think it's FAB but I'm kind of partial to it. Anywho, it's time for a little INSTAstyle roundup! These are everyday looks that I post on my IG and since you might not have one...I thought I would share them altogether:)

Photo credit: Tiffany Williams

Photo credit: Tiffany Williams

This is a little workflow look. I absolutely adore these animal print pants (36" inseam) from Long Tall Sally. They are on sale for $49! Since they are relaxed, I wore them with relaxed oversized pieces. The blazer is from Forever 21 and the shirt is from H&M. See...in-store pieces do work for us! You thought I forgot about the shoes...never. Nordstrom Rack baby (size 12).

Photo credit: Janet Fong

Photo credit: Janet Fong

This shirt! Can you deal!? I squealed when I got it. You're darn right Life is short, but I'm not. It was perfect for a casual Friday with Alloy Apparel skinnies (37" inseam) and classic Converse kicks. If you like this tee, check out the entire tall t-shirt line from Height Goddess.

Photo credit: Michelle Mino

Photo credit: Michelle Mino

So this dress is extremely old. One of those LBD's that lasts a lifetime. I copped it from H&M when I was in college which I would like to say was last year but it wasn't. Let's leave it at that. I rocked it with a thrifted belt, old faithful clutch and some sick ones from Nine West (size 12).

Photo credit: Janet Fong

Photo credit: Janet Fong

Oh, hello denim! I love the Canadian tuxedo. One of my favorite trends this season. The top is from Gap Tall, the cropped jeans are from Democracy (not tall but they work). Yes, these are the same booties you saw earlier. I repeat for many reasons but mainly because being broke isn't cute. Being fiscally responsible is gorgeous.

Photo credit: Sabrina Ellison

Photo credit: Sabrina Ellison

This. Dress. Is. Amazing. I love the way it fits. The perfect tall-short length. I wore it to a baby shower but there are so many occasions at which you could rock it. Get this...it's only $45. WARNING! Clicking too fast on a length could result in a hurt finger. Be careful my friend.

Photo credit: Moi

Photo credit: Moi

I know this guy named Christian. He's one of the Nice Guys and he has a t-shirt line to prove it. I am a huge fan of the Nice Brand and one of the best things about it, is that with every purchase 20% of the proceeds go to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. It's an awesome brand for an awesome cause. As you can see, I'm Nice.

Well, that's another INSTAstyle roundup. If you are more into the instant thing than the roundup thing, follow TallSWAG on the gram: @TallSWAG. See you there or be square:) Later beautiful!