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Just Give me the Light

Warning. I really liked this outfit and photos so there are a plethora of them. Like 12. There is also different lighting in almost every photo because the sun was going bananas. It’s cool though because it shows you that you should never compare yourself to others because what you are comparing yourself to could just be great lighting. Love yourself, love your lane and by all means, take 1000 selfies in some bomb lighting. Let’s get to outfit shall we?…


Can we talk about this jean jacket? It’s from Alloy (which is clearly one of my favorite tall retailers). Also, If you have been on their site, the beautiful Jamie Lea is rocking it in the fiercest way possible. As you can see on her and I, this jacket has an amazing cut and is super flattering. Alloy really constructed it right. It’s tall in the right places. You know what I mean. Some “tall” clothes out there are just tall all over. The arms, the body, even the dang pockets are over cut. This jacket does not do that. I love the wash, quality and price. It’s only $64.90. Also, Alloy always has some sort of amazing coupon code so if you don’t see it on their site, google that bad boy.

I’m geeked about the jacket and also pumped about the sneakers…here’s why…


As you may or may have not seen, I recently took a trip to the Nike World Campus in my hometown of Beaverton, Oregon to visit one of my High School basketball coaches. His name is Sam McCracken. He was a great coach and now he is the founder, General Manager and visionary of the Nike N7 fund and collection. These kicks (specifically the Nike Air Huarache City Utility Premium N7) are one of my favorites from the line. I love them but I love what they do even more. All of the proceeds from the Huarache (and entire line), are given back to youth sport and physical activity programs in the Native American Community. The line is fire and the power of change that it provides is phenomenal. I am so proud of my coach and his entire team for all that they do.


Whhhhhhew that was a lot of scrolling. I hope you are still with me!

I seriously love this outfit because it’s very much the direction I am going with my style. I am changing in so many ways right now and the way I am dressing is one of them. This is me 76% of the time (hence the 1000th time you have seen these skinny jeans).

I look forward to sharing all of these changes with you and what I am rockin along the way. Thank you for being there, thank you for being you, thank you for giving me your light and love. I appreciate it more than you will ever know.

No Tears Here


I’m pretty sure this is the trifecta of length. Like who has long enough sleeves on their sweater, jeans (I swear they are long enough and it’s not the good ol’ cover the gap up with the boot trick:) and boots that are really over the knee??

This tall girl, that’s who!

And you can too!  


This sweater though! It has the bell sleeves and they dang near go down to my knees. To say that I am infatuated by this sweater is an understatement and guess where it’s from? Boohoo. They have a tall line and I can’t even lie…I was suspect at first. Would it be long enough? Would it fall apart at those price points? The answer was very positive for both. As you can see, the arms are mad long and so far nothing has fallen apart. I have only tried out the tops, but me likey. I have this sweater and a nude bodysuit that I wore on my birthday. The price points were awesome because I got them on a flash sale. They have them all of the time so make sure to look out for them.


Now…ya’ll  know that I’m a rider for Smash Shoes. These boots are ev-a-ree-thang! They are comfortable to walk in (major key) and really hit over the knee. Now…don’t hurt me but they appear to be sold out now (except for size 12 in the grey option) but check out their full line and sign up for their emails for a first look at their new styles as they come in.


Last, but certainly not least are the skinnies. They are from newcomer Doubs Clothing. They come in 34”- 38” inseam. I love the stretch and they have an ankle detail that you can see by clicking here. I still don’t know how to pronounce their name correctly however I know the jeans fit correctly and that’s what matters my friends;)


So there you have it. The proof that it is possible to get everything in the correct length for us. I know it’s tough at times but no tears! Our choices have certainly gotten better will continue to get better. I will steady share every tall style ting I find and experience. I’m here for you girl! 

Coffee on Fleek

Super Soft Knit Jogger (37" inseam, shown in size XL) - Alloy Apparel / But First Coffee Tee (shown in size XL) - Alloy Apparel / ID Bracelet - Candid Art Accessories /Slip On Sneaks (size 12) - Payless ( similar here )/Shades and neutral bracelets - H&M/Coffee Warmer - Target/Backpack - Collage Clothing Lounge  Photo Credit:  LaKeela Smith

Super Soft Knit Jogger (37" inseam, shown in size XL) - Alloy Apparel/But First Coffee Tee (shown in size XL) - Alloy Apparel/ID Bracelet - Candid Art Accessories/Slip On Sneaks (size 12) - Payless (similar here)/Shades and neutral bracelets - H&M/Coffee Warmer - Target/Backpack - Collage Clothing Lounge

Photo Credit: LaKeela Smith

Is fleek cool still? Ah well. We are gonna rock with it.

Let me tell you about coffee. It was my constant companion until I started the Daniel Fast and gave it up completely.

It was sad y'all. Those first 3 days my body was in legitimate detox. It wasn't pretty and it showed me that my body was reliant on the company of the magic bean. I went 43 days without it, but still missed my friend and thought I would try to see her again without becoming co-dependent. So I drank a cup of coffee and guess what? We are cool again, just not on that level.

I drink coffee when I want it and not because I need it. I also leave all of the sugar on the curb because I think that is what I was really craving. My coffee was more sugar than it was coffee. Now my pal is straight up with a splash of some almond, soy or coconut milk. I love this new, healthy version of my compadre and she is a much better friend in return.

With that said, I love waking up on the weekends, throwing on some effortless cute, packing some strong coffee to go (that I make on the cheap) and explore my city. It's the perfect way to spend the morning and spark my day.

One thing that is hard for us to find is tall, chic, leisure wear. Thus, when I found these Super Soft Joggers in 37" inseam, I quickly selected every color and put them right in the basket. You can wear them with anything and it feels like you are walking around in your chonies. YES to all of that.

Another thing that I am in LOVE with is my personalized ID Bracelet from Candid Art. You can say anything you would like in an 8 letter package. Please believe I have more bracelets in the works...this Tall girl has a lot to say!

As you enter into the weekend, take time out to explore the things that you want. Whatever that is...do that in the exact way that you want to do it. Be YOU. Love YOU. TallSWAG.


Photo Credit:  Lakeela Smith

Photo Credit: Lakeela Smith

In my last post, I introduced THE INCREDIBLE KACY and guess what!?!? You can WIN her!!! Yes..this beautiful dress that comes in 68" and 72" lengths can be in your closet just by entering the #LoveTall Contest presented by Height Goddess! Here is what you need to do...

1. Post a pic on Instagram.

2. Tag and follow @TallSWAG and @HeightGoddess in the post as well as use the #LoveTall. Tell us why you love your height...we can't wait to hear why!

3. After you post, fill out the form HERE.

It's simple and spoiler alert!...there is also an awesome coupon code at the end of the contest that is good through April 19th, so regardless you get something for entering!

One thing...HURRY! The winner will be chosen on April 15th so it doesn't give you much time.

Enter now! Can't you just see this beauty in your closet?


I love bringing you new and exciting places to shop for haute, tall fashion and today is no different. THE HEIGHT is an emerging tall brand that has this BLUE VELA MAXI available in 63" and 66" lengths. As you can see it is SUPER long. The maxi hits the floor WITH my 4" Rollies on from one of my favorites Smash Shoes (which now carries sizes up to 14). 

While the material of the dress was a little on the thin side, the cut, versatility and price of the maxi and other options on THE HEIGHT are wonderful! This maxi is only $20 and the most expensive piece on their site is only $45! For the prices alone, it's worth checking out the brand.

As if a maxi that is long enough for only $20 isn't enough...I have an exclusive 10% off code just for you:) Use TALLSWAG at checkout for 10% off your entire THE HEIGHT order. This includes new arrivals and sale items (woop woop)! Be sure to order by Midnight on August 9th because that's when the code bids us adieu.

I hope you enjoy these new sites just as much as I enjoy bringing them you. Let me know what you think about THE HEIGHT and rock those tall maxi dresses lovelies!!

Jump for my Love

Jenni Denim Jumpsuit (shown in XL) - Alloy Apparel ( limited quantities .  See all Alloy TALL Jumpsuits HERE )/Pumps - Vince Camuto via Nordstrom (size 12)/Oversized Clutch and Shades - Target/Rings and Bracelet - Forever 21

Jenni Denim Jumpsuit (shown in XL) - Alloy Apparel (limited quantities. See all Alloy TALL Jumpsuits HERE)/Pumps - Vince Camuto via Nordstrom (size 12)/Oversized Clutch and Shades - Target/Rings and Bracelet - Forever 21

You know as well as I do that jumpsuits come few and far between for us however Alloy Apparel has some amazing tall jumpsuits in inseams up to 37".

Take the Jenni Denim Jumpsuit. As you can see it's super long and doesn't give the dreaded camel toe. You can also stand as tall as you want to be because the body of the jumpsuit isn't too short (we can't have bad posture for anybody's ill cut jumpsuit).

I love a good Tall jumpsuit because they are a great, easy way to instantly look polished, are super comfortable and show off our tall, beautiful frames.

I chose to wear the Jenni in a little more of a "skinny jean" type of way but in general I usually order one size up in all Alloy tall Jumpsuits so keep that in mind when ordering.

Happy jumpsuit day! Well, I don't know if it really is but any day that we can find a jumpsuit is a happy one:)