Be Bold

She was bold and did something out of her ordinary. What happens is not necessarily the outcome that I wanted, but I’m still glad that I got out of my comfort zone and tried something new. Who knows. Maybe I will run into Albuquerque again some day (insert shrug).

Just Give me the Light

Warning. I really liked this outfit and photos so there are a plethora of them. Like 12. There is also different lighting in almost every photo because the sun was going bananas. It’s cool though because it shows you that you should never compare yourself to others because what you are comparing yourself to could just be great lighting. Love yourself, love your lane and by all means, take 1000 selfies in some bomb lighting. Let’s get to outfit shall we?…


Can we talk about this jean jacket? It’s from Alloy (which is clearly one of my favorite tall retailers). Also, If you have been on their site, the beautiful Jamie Lea is rocking it in the fiercest way possible. As you can see on her and I, this jacket has an amazing cut and is super flattering. Alloy really constructed it right. It’s tall in the right places. You know what I mean. Some “tall” clothes out there are just tall all over. The arms, the body, even the dang pockets are over cut. This jacket does not do that. I love the wash, quality and price. It’s only $64.90. Also, Alloy always has some sort of amazing coupon code so if you don’t see it on their site, google that bad boy.

I’m geeked about the jacket and also pumped about the sneakers…here’s why…


As you may or may have not seen, I recently took a trip to the Nike World Campus in my hometown of Beaverton, Oregon to visit one of my High School basketball coaches. His name is Sam McCracken. He was a great coach and now he is the founder, General Manager and visionary of the Nike N7 fund and collection. These kicks (specifically the Nike Air Huarache City Utility Premium N7) are one of my favorites from the line. I love them but I love what they do even more. All of the proceeds from the Huarache (and entire line), are given back to youth sport and physical activity programs in the Native American Community. The line is fire and the power of change that it provides is phenomenal. I am so proud of my coach and his entire team for all that they do.


Whhhhhhew that was a lot of scrolling. I hope you are still with me!

I seriously love this outfit because it’s very much the direction I am going with my style. I am changing in so many ways right now and the way I am dressing is one of them. This is me 76% of the time (hence the 1000th time you have seen these skinny jeans).

I look forward to sharing all of these changes with you and what I am rockin along the way. Thank you for being there, thank you for being you, thank you for giving me your light and love. I appreciate it more than you will ever know.

Winter Werk

Hey! It’s been a minute. I’m working hard and for me that meant I had to step away from the blog for a moment to lay a foundation. I had to plan some things, connect with a lot of people, present some concepts and prepare like no other. I have also been applying to programs that will strengthen my knowledge and preparation. Basically, I have been out here hustlin.

While I was hustlin, I asked you on IG what you wanted to see more of and overwhelmingly you said jeans, shoes and coats. I will be working to bring you more coverage of all of those things but it’s cold right now so let’s start off with an amazing tall coat


This beauty right here is the Teddy Bear Faux Fur coat from Long Tall Sally. It really is soft like a teddy bear, the proportions are spot on (meaning the arms and body are actually long enough) and it’s timeless. I love the color and it’s super warm. Everything I need in outerwear this season. You will probably see me wearing it a lot in the coming months. When I like something, I stick to it.


It just so happens that I am also wearing the other 2 items you wanted to see (don’t worry, there will be many more). While I have already showed both on the blog, I think they deserve another mention don’t you?

Hey skinny jeans! These are haute, go with anything and I love the rip detail in the appropriate places. They go up to a 38” inseam. Check out all of the skinny jean options HERE. Including these maternity options that I was so excited to see (NOT BECAUSE I’M PREGNANT BECAUSE I AM FAR FROM IT LOL) because it’s hard out there for expecting Tall mamas.


I will be werking this coat all winter and want to see your favorite LTS winter looks. In fact, you can enter to win your own winter wardrobe from Long Tall Sally! Check out THE CHRISTMAS SHOP for more details about the #MerryEverything contest.

Great luck on winning the wardrobe…talk to you soon beautiful!

Something Old, Something New

Tall Joggers - LEL/Sequin Top - Nordstrom/Shoes (size 12) - Payless/Blazer and Bracelet - Forever21/Earrings - H&M  Photo Credit:  LaKeela Smith Photography

Tall Joggers - LEL/Sequin Top - Nordstrom/Shoes (size 12) - Payless/Blazer and Bracelet - Forever21/Earrings - H&M

Photo Credit: LaKeela Smith Photography

If your holiday season was anything like mine, you didn't have time to look for a New Years outfit, let alone buy one. Never fear...your closet is here!

Yep, that's right. Step right on in to the comforts of the clothes that are conveniently placed in your closet. Take this look; the shoes are 3 years old, the pants and blazer are 2 years old and I bought the top on super sale last year and never wore it. Now, you are probably saying, Alicia, who just has this stuff hanging in their closet? You do boo and here are 5 tips to pull off a last minute NYE look:


Black is a color that goes with everything and is the best foundation for a last minute look because it's timeless, flattering and everyone has something black in their closet. Anything from a little black dress to a jumpsuit to a black skinny jean and crop top...start with black and the possibilities are endless. Want to ramp it up a bit? Go with a vibrant, solid color as your base.


Take a scan of your clothes, shoes and makeup for anything that sparkles. Try them on with your fit and pick the option(s) that work best for you. Even something as small as an eyeshadow with some sparkle in it, can glam up your look for your NYE soirees. Don't be afraid to wear multiple sparkly pieces...go sparkle or go home!


We all have those bold shoes that we can't rock that often because everyone would easily notice a repeat wear (it shouldn't matter but it does). Break those babies out for your NYE parties. A hot shoe will polish off your look and make your fit standout in the crowd as you bring in the New Year.


Breakout those eye-catching accessories that don't get an every day wear...this is the time to rock those bad boys! I went with gold but any metallic will do. This is also something quick and inexpensive that you can buy if you absolutely have no options (but I know you do).


Rock out your hair, makeup and nails. It's amazing what you can create in just these 3 things alone. Even a white tee can be glammed up when all these elements are personalized and polished. Quick Tip: When it comes to parties you can't go wrong with a bold, bright lip.


No matter what...rock what makes you feel great! Bring in the New Year in a fit that you love and you can never go wrong. When you look good, you feel amazing and your confidence sizzles even more than it already shines.

I wish you light, love and uber success in 2016. Pursuit those dreams, prepare for your blessings and appreciate them when they come. And please tag your Tall NYE looks with @TallSWAG so I can see how your Tall, fabulous self brought in the New Year!

Cheers to an amazing 2016!

Outside the Lines

Spring and Summer.  Two of my favorite words.  They bring warmer weather, summer lovin (watch out now), vacations and one of my personal favorites, new fashions!  This year spring and summer is all about color and print.  From bright and bold to cool, both are taking over.

The key to using color and print successfully is finding what works for you in the right garment.  You should never have one without the other.  For example, you may look good in an orange tribal print but if the garment makes you look 10 times bigger than you are, you will be the girl in orange tribal print that looks ten times bigger then she is. Capiche?

Below are some options and trends for Spummer.  I think you would look HOT in all of them but feel free to pick and choose based on YOU:)  Have fun coloring! Try not to stay in the lines.

COLOR. COLOR AND MORE COLOR. Use it to compliment YOU. TREND ALERT: Color blocking is a great way to showcase color.  Colored denim adds just the right amount of color and pleats make color unique. DON'T FORGET THE ORANGE. It's the "IT" color for spummer.

HEATHER SKINNY JEAN IN COLOR at $129. Comes in magenta, royal blue and dark mocha.  Sizes 26-33. Inseams 37" and 39".

TALL COTTON TRENCH COAT IN PICNIC ORANGE at $129.99. Sizes XXS-XXL. 38" long. Also comes in deep khaki.

B.F.T BY BAREFOOT TESS SANTA BARBARA HEEL IN GREEN at $79. Sizes 11-14. 1" heel. Also comes in red and black.


BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL. Make a statement by simply walking into a room. This season, the bolder the print, the better.  Don't go overboard.  Prints shouldn't have a party.  Stick to one and let it shine.  Tribal is popular but animal is still in the "cool" crowd.

GEO PRINT TUNIC at $66. Sizes 4-14. 38" length.

STEVE MADDEN TAILOR FLAT IN TAUPE MULTI at $49. Sizes 11-13. Also comes 7 other colors.



DOT YOGA JACKET BY BYLYSE at $135. Sizes small to extra large. 26.5 inches long.

GWYNETH PAISLEY at $139. Sizes 11-14.



KAREN KANE LEOPARD SKIRT at 38" long. Sizes S-3x.

SHOW OFF YOUR UBER FEMININE SIDE with these floral print specials. Floral from head to toe is a NO NO. Friends don't let friends look like a flower stand. 

Flowy shapes and materials also go well with the floral motif so it's a great way to incorporate the laid back, easy flow styles that will be everywhere this season.

COTTON SATEEN FLORAL BRIGHTS DRESS at $119. Sizes 6-18. 45.3" long. Subtle pleat detail.

NINE WEST AMPED UP WEDGE PUMP at $89. Sizes 5-12. Comes in 7 other colors.

BALLASOX PRINCE BALLET FLAT IN FLORAL at $49. Sizes 11-14. Also comes in coral, platinum and royal.

TAMARA FLORAL TOP at $79.50. HURRY! Only XS-M left. Hits at lower hip.

FLORAL PRINT RACER BACK TANK IN NAVY FLORAL at $17.50. IN DEMAND. Only S, M and XXL left. Comes in 5 additional floral prints.

TALL MOTO CHINTZ FLORAL JEAN at $71. 36" inseam.


YOU ARE SUCH A SOFTEE. Soft hues are making apperances everywhere.  Think of them as a soft slap in the face.

LOLA TANK MAXI DRESS IN HEATHER GREY at $129. 62" and 67" inseam. Sizes small to extra large. Also comes in black. Belt not included.



ELANA BY ROS HOMMERSON at $109. Sizes 10-13.

TRISH TEXTURED DRESS at $130. Sizes 2-16. Skirt portion length is 23.5" long.

MERCER V-NECK POCKET T IN GREEN STRIPE at $22.95. Sizes S-XL. Also comes in 4 other colors.

BOYFRIEND ROLL-UP SHORTS IN HEATWAVE ORANGE at $39.95. Sizes 4-16. Comes in 8 other colors. 11" inseam.