Falling for Amalli Talli

We have been tall style blogging together for years now and I hope you know that sponsored or not, I am always going to give you the real. If I like something, I am going to tell you. If I don’t, I will certainly tell you. So when Amalli Talli approached me about working together to bring their brand new tall line to you, I needed proof. So they sent me all the things. Almost every new piece that they had and let me tell you, it delivered.

The quality is amazing. I was incredibly pleased especailly for the price range. Pieces from moto jackets to jeans to cozy sweaters range from $44-$95. That is unheard of for a line such as this. You may or may not know this but it’s incredibly hard to hit a price point like that when you are an independent designer like Amalli Talli. It’s literally two amazing women spearheading the whole operation and they did everything they could to make the price points affordable for tall women everywhere. That in itself wins my support.

But on top of that, the clothes are specifically made for our tall bodies. It’s not a let’s add an inch to the bottom of these pants type of line. It’s crafted for our beautiful long arms, remarkable torsos and killer legs. You feel it when you put the pieces on. It’s an experience that we don’t often get and I for one appreciate the moment.

Last but certainly not least, I am super happy that they are pieces that you can mix, match and layer. You can create so many outfits. As you can see, I created 6 and I could have styled more.

So in summation, I am looking forward to the next drop (which I will obviously show you). Check out all of the pieces and let me know what you think. I can’t wait for you to experience it yourself. Report back and share because I think we should all know about stellar tall style, don’t you?

Leopard Sweater - $60 / Blakely Skinny Jean - $69 / Knit Moto Jacket - $95   Sweater and jeans shown in a M. Jeans shown in 30/37.

Leopard Sweater - $60/Blakely Skinny Jean - $69/Knit Moto Jacket - $95

Sweater and jeans shown in a M. Jeans shown in 30/37.

Black Lace Cami - $44  (shown in a M)

Black Lace Cami - $44 (shown in a M)

Teal Swing Tank - $45  (shown in size M)

Teal Swing Tank - $45 (shown in size M)

Oatmeal Duster - $69  (shown in size M)

Oatmeal Duster - $69 (shown in size M)


If you have been following me for awhile, you know that #HungryTallGirl is a thing. I love me some food and thought why not make a show about it? In the first episode of Hungry Tall Girl, I will show you why Taco Tuesday will never be the same.

Enjoy! And please don’t keep this secret to yourself. Watch and share. We all deserve amazing tacos.

Stand Tall In this LTS Maxi Skirt

It's Long Tall Sally Stand Tall Week (cheers:) and The LTS Cut About Stripe Maxi Skirt is definitely something you can STAND TALL in.

I am 6'6" and when I wear flats the skirt hits the floor (yay!). It looks great with a fierce pair of wedges too.

Check out my review and you will see exactly why it's the perfect piece to showcase during the Long Tall Sally Stand Tall Week!

Tall Girls: A Story of Giants...?

I just watched the trailer for Tall Girls: A Story of Giants.

I still have tears in my eyes.

The trailer for this movie is both sickening and disheartening.  The fact that there are women out there getting surgeries to stop their growth is disgusting… 

The fact that the modeling industry is so cookie-cutter that a 6’2” model would have to lie on their resume and say they are 6’ to get jobs, is pathetic…

The fact that a doctor would react to a height of 190cm (roughly 6’3”) with "obviously that’s a body size that a girl can’t be happy with", is just plain repulsive.

While I am excited that there is a movie about tall women, I really hope that the trailer does not reflect the entire message.  I am praying that the film isn’t entirely negative because TALL IS BEAUTIFUL!  I hope they include some proud tall ladies in the movie so that it’s not another method of reinforcing the false notion that women are (and as the title of the film puts it) giants if their height supersedes the ‘norm’ (by the way, if I ever find norm I am going to crush it, burn it and flush the ashes down the toilet).

This film is EXACTLY why I created TallSWAG and T SWAG.  We need to shout TALL IS BEAUTIFUL from the rooftops and stop this way of thinking so a negative trailer like this can’t even be created.

Tall is Beautiful. NEVER let anyone tell you different!

SOUND OFF! What do you think of the movie Tall Girls: A Story of Giants?


Blue Beauty

I have two words for you: SHIRT DRESS.  Yes, there is one that is long enough for us and it happens to come in a beautiful royal blue color. 

It's the Long Tall Sally Long Line Shirt Dress and I am obsessed!  You are not seeing things.  It's true and I have the review to prove it.  Check it out!

LONG LINE SHIRT DRESS from $85. Sizes 6-18.Don't forget to buy accessories!  Long Tall Sally has those too.  Check out the bangles I'm wearing in the video HERE. They go perfectly with the dress. Just enough blue to compliment it but not enough to be matchy, matchy.

8 PACK BANGLES IN SILVER/TURQUOISE. $25. Also comes in the GOLD/IVORY option below.


If you don't know about should! It's an amazing site by fellow TallSWAGer, wife, mother, model, health and fitness guru and beach volleyball phenom, Gabby Reece.

The site "strives to provide real life fitness and food solutions to help you do your best and be your best on a daily basis." It does this through amazing training, inspirational blogs, recipes and just about anything and everything is takes to help you be the YOU that you have always wanted to be.

Recently featured T SWAG on their site! I can't thank them enough and am blessed to have even an inch of their site for T SWAG Wear:)

Check out what they had to say and while you are there check out everything that has to offer.

T SWAG FEATURED ON GABBYREECE360.COM. Click the pic to get your 360 on!