Stand Tall in Your Truth

Yes. At 6’6” I am obviously tall (shoutout to all of the strangers who think they are the first person to tell me this) but what does it mean to truly Stand Tall?

I think it’s different for everyone.

For me, I try my best to Stand Tall in every single thing that I do. Standing up for yourself in all areas of your life can be difficult. Do I fall short? Yes. But I have more wins than losses and I use my losses as knowledge to fuel my future wins. Standing Tall has saved me from making bad decisions, from believing lies that people tell me about myself, from lies that I tell myself and it has certainly saved my back from the terrors of slouching. Standing Tall is not just a physical occurrence, it is an act of pure self love.

I wanted to wear my badge of honor, so I created a shirt for myself and thought…what if others want to wear their truth too? No matter what your height is, we all Stand Tall for something. What is it for you?

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I can’t wait for us to Stand Tall together! Coming soon…

Blue Beauty

I have two words for you: SHIRT DRESS.  Yes, there is one that is long enough for us and it happens to come in a beautiful royal blue color. 

It's the Long Tall Sally Long Line Shirt Dress and I am obsessed!  You are not seeing things.  It's true and I have the review to prove it.  Check it out!

LONG LINE SHIRT DRESS from $85. Sizes 6-18.Don't forget to buy accessories!  Long Tall Sally has those too.  Check out the bangles I'm wearing in the video HERE. They go perfectly with the dress. Just enough blue to compliment it but not enough to be matchy, matchy.

8 PACK BANGLES IN SILVER/TURQUOISE. $25. Also comes in the GOLD/IVORY option below.

Basic Training

I am a fan of statement pieces. A hot red shoe that steals the scene, warms my heart. BUT there are certain key basics that are great to have in your closet to showcase these items and bring everything in your wardrobe together (group hug).

Here are my top 10 basics.  What are yours?

1. BOOT CUT JEAN. These go with everything and are flattering to most shapes.  They are a base for many casual outfits however if you get a dark wash you can dress them up too.  My pick: The Bailey Boot Cut Jean in shadow from $129. Inseams 36"-40". Sizes 27-35.

2. CLASSIC DRESS SHIRT. You can wear this on it's own, under a cardigan or vest or blazer.  There are endless ways to wear this white crispy shirt.  It never goes out of style and pays for itself ten times over.  My pick: Wrinkle Resistant Shirt in white from Long Elegant Legs. $49. Sizes S-XXL.

3. COAT. You can't be chilly during fall and winter so a timeless coat is an investment that you need to make.  The purchase can make a dent in your pocket however if you pick a coat with great construction and a neutral color, you can throw it on with everything and stay warm season after season. My pick: Textured Coat in gray Melange from Banana Republic. $225. Sizes S-XL.

4. BLACK DRESS PANT. Think about all of the times you have needed a great pair of dress pants. Yes, about a million.  My pick: The Perfect Trouser Pant from Gap. $59.95. Sizes 00-15. 33"-37" inseams.

5&6. PUMP & FLAT.  I love shoes and don't think you could ever have too many but in the least you should have a black pump and a neutral, fun flat.  They both will be used in excess. My picks: (PUMP) Vince Camuto Korsi Pump from Nordstrom. $118.95. Sizes 4-12 in M and W width. (FLAT) Tess by Barefoot Tess Madrid Flat From All Black in taupe. $149. Sizes 11-15.

7. BASIC BLAZER. Throw this on with a light jean and scarf for a day out with friends or put on a pencil skirt and classic dress shirt with a chunky necklace.  You can wear a basic blazer with anything and everything.  Your closet must have this. My pick: The New Mara One Button Blazer in Navy from Long Legs. $165. 27.5" sleeves.  Sizes XS-XL.

8. PENCIL SKIRT. Speaking of pencil skirts, having one in a dark color is essential.  Pencil skirts slim you down and make your booty look good.  Not to mention they polish off any outfit.  What is there not to love? My pick: The Carlton Stripe Pencil Skirt form LOFT. $69.50. Sizes 0-18.

9. SWEATER DRESS. I don't care what anyone says.  There is nothing better then a one piece outfit.  Picture those rainy days when all you want to do is stay under the covers and BAM, instant, cute outfit.  My pick: Merino Wool Cowl Neck Sweater Dress in violet from Ann Taylor. $138. Sizes XS-XL.

10. SKINNY JEAN. No matter what color you covet just make sure you have a pair of skinnies. They are seasonless and slimming.  Need I say more?  My pick: The Farringdon Skinny from Long Tall Sally.  HURRY!  These are a HOT item, going fast! $79. Sizes 4-16. 35" inseam.


In Tune

Picture this.  I am walking and I drop my phone.  No damage to the blackberry. Whew! But as I bend down to get it I feel my skinnys rip from the bottom to the top.  Total cheek showcase.  The only thing that saved me from the worst wardrobe malfunction this side of the Mississippi was the tunic I was wearing.  It covered me until I could cover my boo-tay. 

Now. I am not going to put the skinnies brand on blast because I wore these jeans WAY over their due date however I am going to show you the pic because it's just too funny not to: RIPPED SKINNIES.

Check out these tall tunics.  Want a tall shirt that you don't see here? TallSWAG Shirts and Tops page to the rescue!

TALL TUNICS. From left to right (top to bottom): LEL Blouson Tunic (, $48, sizes S-XXL), Testament Cymbidium Tunic in Grey (, $79, sizes S-M), Covet One Sleeve (, $64.50, sizes S-XL), Cowl Neck Elastic Waist Tunic Dress (, $65, sizes XS-XL), Tall Tye Dyed Peasant Tunic (, $21.99, sizes M-6X) and Talls Tropical Tunic (, $68.95, sizes 2-4). Direct links:

LEL BLOUSON TUNIC at $48. Sizes S-XXL. 33.5 inches from shoulder.TESTAMENT CYMBIDIUM TUNIC IN GRAY. $79. Size S-M left.COVET ONE SLEEVE at (7th down on the page). $64.50. Sizes S-XL. Shown in white. Also comes in black.COWL NECK ELASTIC WAIST TUNIC DRESS at $65. Hurry going fast! TALL TYE DYED PEASANT TUNIC at $21.99. Sizes M-6X. 32" long. Shown in deep jade. Also comes in rose pink, royal blue and pumpkin. TALLS TROPIC TUNIC at $68.95. 37" long. Sizes 2-4.

Ruffle some Feathers

I love love love ruffles.  Ruffles give you a boost of sexy confidence but are straight professional when worn the right way.  I have my share of ruffles in my closet.  If you don't, check out these tall options below.  Side note: Ruffles are also amazing chips.  I know we are gettin right for the summer but partake in a little cheddar and sour cream if you get a chance.  Work it off in your next workout.  Trust me.  It's worth it:)

RUFFLE TIME. Featured styles from left to right: Cambray Tie Neck Blouse (, $59.95), Mini Herringbone Skirt (, $65) and Tall Short-Sleeve Ruffle Wrap Dress (, $98).

CHAMBRAY TIE NECK BLOUSE at $59.95. Sizes tall S-XL.

MINI HERRINGBONE SKIRT at $65. Sizes 8 to 18.

TALL SHORT-SLEEVE RUFFLE WRAP DRESS at $125. Sizes M and XL. Online exclusive color.