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In Tune

Picture this.  I am walking and I drop my phone.  No damage to the blackberry. Whew! But as I bend down to get it I feel my skinnys rip from the bottom to the top.  Total cheek showcase.  The only thing that saved me from the worst wardrobe malfunction this side of the Mississippi was the tunic I was wearing.  It covered me until I could cover my boo-tay. 

Now. I am not going to put the skinnies brand on blast because I wore these jeans WAY over their due date however I am going to show you the pic because it's just too funny not to: RIPPED SKINNIES.

Check out these tall tunics.  Want a tall shirt that you don't see here? TallSWAG Shirts and Tops page to the rescue!

TALL TUNICS. From left to right (top to bottom): LEL Blouson Tunic (, $48, sizes S-XXL), Testament Cymbidium Tunic in Grey (, $79, sizes S-M), Covet One Sleeve (, $64.50, sizes S-XL), Cowl Neck Elastic Waist Tunic Dress (, $65, sizes XS-XL), Tall Tye Dyed Peasant Tunic (, $21.99, sizes M-6X) and Talls Tropical Tunic (, $68.95, sizes 2-4). Direct links:

LEL BLOUSON TUNIC at $48. Sizes S-XXL. 33.5 inches from shoulder.TESTAMENT CYMBIDIUM TUNIC IN GRAY. $79. Size S-M left.COVET ONE SLEEVE at (7th down on the page). $64.50. Sizes S-XL. Shown in white. Also comes in black.COWL NECK ELASTIC WAIST TUNIC DRESS at $65. Hurry going fast! TALL TYE DYED PEASANT TUNIC at $21.99. Sizes M-6X. 32" long. Shown in deep jade. Also comes in rose pink, royal blue and pumpkin. TALLS TROPIC TUNIC at $68.95. 37" long. Sizes 2-4.