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Long Legs for Days

If you haven't been to Long Legs you MUST go now!  There are endless tall fashions for us long legged ladies:) Two of my favs are the 38" inseam Yoga Jean and the Summer Red Blazer (don't let the names fool you. You don't wear the jeans for yoga and the blazer can be worn in all seasons).  Check out the vidviews and visit LongLegs.ca today!


*Please excuse my bad hair day in the blazer review. One of those days:)

Jean Machine

I have been on vacation (I know...I have been slackin big time on my tweets and FB posts...my bad) and the number one question I have been getting while gettin my vacay on is, "where do you get your jeans?" So I decided to post ALL of my favs. No, I don't have all of these jeans HOWEVER if I won the lottery tomorrow I would have 2 pair of each (when you find some GREAT jeans, you have to buy a back-up pair:).

Enjoy and please share your own personal favoritos:-)

ALLOY - From left to right: PARIS BLUES STRETCH EXTEND TAB WIDE-LEG JEAN ($41.90, size 1-25, up to 37" inseam), DIAMOND PAINT SPLATTER STRETCH DESTRUCTED SKINNY JEAN ($44.90, size 1-25, up to 37" inseam) and VIGOLD PREMIUM EXTEND TAB STRETCH BOOTCUT JEAN ($41.90, size 1-25, up to 37" inseam.

CJ by COOKIE JOHNSON - From left to right: HOPE - ATLANTIC ($198, sizes 24-38, 36" inseam), PROSPER - SILHOUETTE ($198, Sizes 24-38, 35" inseam) and FELICITY FLARE - OPTIC WHITE ($182, sizes 24-34, 35" inseam).

GAP - From left to right: 1969 CURVY JEANS IN THE SATURATED DARK WASH ($69.50, sizes 4-16, 37" inseam), 1969 SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT LEGGING JEANS IN BLUE-GREEN WASH ($69.95, sizes 4-16, 35" inseam) and 1969 PERFECT BOOT JEANS IN LIGHT WASH ($59.50, sizes 2-16, 37" inseam).

HEIGHT GODDESS - From left to right: BAILEY BOOT CUT JEAN IN OPTIC WHITE ($98, size 27-33, up to 40" inseam), HEATHER SKINNY JEAN ($129, size 27-35, up to 39" inseam) and VICTORIA WIDE LEG TROUSER ($138, size 27-34, up to 39" inseam).

TALL COUTURE - From left to right: ROCK & REPUBLIC KARIANA WIDE LEG IN WHITE ($182, sizes 26-32, 36" inseam), WORK CUSTOM GIDGET FLARE IN WORK BLUE ($187, sizes 27-31, 35" inseam) and DOMINO CANDY JEGGING IN BLACK ($109, sizes 28-31, 37" inseam).

LONG LEGS - From left to right: YOGA JEANS IN RINSE ($120, size 29-34, 38" inseam), SUMMER DESI FROM DISH ($105, size 28-36, 37" inseam) and DISH DESI VALLETTA ($105, size 27-34, 36.5" inseam).

SKINNY JEANS - From left to right: NITE WASH BARELY BOOTCUT ($188, size 24-38, up to 37" inseam), DAY WASH BARELY BOOTCUT ($188, SIZE 24-38, up to 37" inseam), and BLACKOUT COUTURE CUT ($188, size 24-34, uo to 37" inseam). 

BUCKLE - From left to right: BKE MADISON STRETCH JEAN ($79.95, sizes 24-34, 37" inseam), BIG STAR VINTAGE NINA STRAIGHT STRETCH JEAN ($148, sizes 25-33, 37" inseam) and MISS ME LEATHER WING BOOT STRETCH JEAN ($198, limited quantities, 37" inseam).

In Tune

Picture this.  I am walking and I drop my phone.  No damage to the blackberry. Whew! But as I bend down to get it I feel my skinnys rip from the bottom to the top.  Total cheek showcase.  The only thing that saved me from the worst wardrobe malfunction this side of the Mississippi was the tunic I was wearing.  It covered me until I could cover my boo-tay. 

Now. I am not going to put the skinnies brand on blast because I wore these jeans WAY over their due date however I am going to show you the pic because it's just too funny not to: RIPPED SKINNIES.

Check out these tall tunics.  Want a tall shirt that you don't see here? TallSWAG Shirts and Tops page to the rescue!

TALL TUNICS. From left to right (top to bottom): LEL Blouson Tunic (Tallwomensclothes.com, $48, sizes S-XXL), Testament Cymbidium Tunic in Grey (Tallcouture.com, $79, sizes S-M), Covet One Sleeve (Longlegs.ca, $64.50, sizes S-XL), Cowl Neck Elastic Waist Tunic Dress (Longtallsally.com, $65, sizes XS-XL), Tall Tye Dyed Peasant Tunic (Womanwithin.com, $21.99, sizes M-6X) and Talls Tropical Tunic (Softsurroundings.com, $68.95, sizes 2-4). Direct links:

LEL BLOUSON TUNIC at Tallwomensclothes.com. $48. Sizes S-XXL. 33.5 inches from shoulder.TESTAMENT CYMBIDIUM TUNIC IN GRAY. $79. Size S-M left.COVET ONE SLEEVE at Longlegs.ca (7th down on the page). $64.50. Sizes S-XL. Shown in white. Also comes in black.COWL NECK ELASTIC WAIST TUNIC DRESS at Longtallsally.com. $65. Hurry going fast! TALL TYE DYED PEASANT TUNIC at Womanwithin.com. $21.99. Sizes M-6X. 32" long. Shown in deep jade. Also comes in rose pink, royal blue and pumpkin. TALLS TROPIC TUNIC at Softsurroundings.com. $68.95. 37" long. Sizes 2-4.

Maxed Out

I love the effortlessness of the maxi dress.  You can throw it on, put the hair up in a bun and BAM POW!..instant glamour.

Side note: with summer clothes, shaving increases, but with the length of a maxi dress you don't have to shave your legs (and with stems as long as ours you know it takes FORever).  A day less of shaving is a beautiful thing.  Go ahead, call me lazy, I accept it and embrace it:)

Max out the lazy days of summer with one of these beauties!

TALL MAXI DRESSES. From left to right: Tall Women's Halter Tea-Length Dress ($29.50 at Oldnavy.com), Tall Jersey Maxi Dress ($69.95 at Gap.com), New Maxi Dress (84.50 at Longlegs.ca), LEL Maxi Dress ($89 at Tallwomensclothes.com) and Embellished Shoulder Maxi ($135 at Longtallsally.com). Don't see a maxi you like? Click the pic to visit the TallSWAG dress page to find one that is perfect for you.

Maxi links:

WOMEN'S HALTER TEA-LENGTH DRESS at Oldnavy.com. $29.50. Sizes tall S to XXL. Shown in agave nectar. Also comes in atomic purple, grey and jurassic green. 50" from top to bottom.

TALL JERSEY MAXI DRESS at Gap.com. On sale for $55.96. Sizes S to XL. Shown in jade stone. Also comes in true black knit.NEW MAXI DRESS at Longlegs.ca. $84.50. Sizes S to XXL. Shown in melon. Also comes in black and fushia. 64" from shoulder to hem. The maxi is 4th down on the page.LEL MAXI DRESS at Tallwomensclothes.com. $89. Sizes small to extra large. Shown in wine. Also comes in black and teal. 58" from shoulder to hem.EMBELLISHED SHOULDER MAXI at Longtallsally.com. On sale for $89. Sizes extra small to extra large. 53" from shoulder to hem.

Kick Back

Summer is a time to relax and be carefree.  The Covet Dress from Long Legs will let you do both.  This beautiful light blue dress is soft, flowing and fashionable.  Pair with flat sandals for a kick back look that will still get you looks.  Get your dress now.  Click the pic.

TALL BLUE COVET DRESS at Longlegs.ca. $98. Sizes small and large. Dress is 4th one down on the page.

May we suggest:

BERNARDO MATRIX SANDAL at Barefoottess.com. $109. Sizes 12 and 13. Shown in natural. Also comes in black.

We be Slubbin

Don't you just love clothing that looks like you spent hours putting together but you really just threw it on?  I do to and that's why we love the tall Slub Cardigan from Long Legs.  You can put it over a simple white T for a put together laid back look or put on a belt for a put together diva look.  No matter how you wear it, your look will always be complete.  Click the pic and join the slub club today.

SORRY. THIS ITEM IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Click the image to visit www.longlegs.ca for more tall fashions.