No Limit

The minute I saw the whole denim meets fishnet situation...I had to have it. I love the way they crash together but of course my search for tall fishnets wasn't very fruitful. I mean, it's hard enough to find the tall denim part, let alone fishnets that are long enough for these long legs hunni! Guess who came to my rescue?,,,


ASOS baby! I can't say enough about their tall line. I squeal every time I visit the page because there is always something new that is just what this tall girl ordered. My version of hitting the lotto would be one of everything in ASOS tall for life. Publishers Clearing House taint got nothing on that. Ok, ok. I would take the money too but I know you feel me.

Their fishnet leggings are just the right length and fit underneath denim beautifully. These beautiful jeans are from ASOS too. As you can see, they are long and have crazy good details like the hi-low hem. I wear these with everything. 

Oh...hey hair. How you doin?

And let us not forget to talk about this cropped jacket from Long Tall Sally. It is sublime. It's cropped in the right spot, the arms are long enough and it's super lightweight. This amazing little denim jacket is spot on for spring days and summer nights. It's part of the new CURATD X LTS line, which is equally as beautiful as this jacket.  

I'm super happy that I found both the fishnet and cropped look in tall but don't you ever think that a style isn't for you because you can't find it. If it isn't out there...get to designing! If you can't sew, find someone who can and create your vision together.

Do not...I not, let the limitations of the industry stop you from living your style life. Style is an expression of your unique creation...dress accordingly!

Jump for my Love

Jenni Denim Jumpsuit (shown in XL) - Alloy Apparel ( limited quantities .  See all Alloy TALL Jumpsuits HERE )/Pumps - Vince Camuto via Nordstrom (size 12)/Oversized Clutch and Shades - Target/Rings and Bracelet - Forever 21

Jenni Denim Jumpsuit (shown in XL) - Alloy Apparel (limited quantities. See all Alloy TALL Jumpsuits HERE)/Pumps - Vince Camuto via Nordstrom (size 12)/Oversized Clutch and Shades - Target/Rings and Bracelet - Forever 21

You know as well as I do that jumpsuits come few and far between for us however Alloy Apparel has some amazing tall jumpsuits in inseams up to 37".

Take the Jenni Denim Jumpsuit. As you can see it's super long and doesn't give the dreaded camel toe. You can also stand as tall as you want to be because the body of the jumpsuit isn't too short (we can't have bad posture for anybody's ill cut jumpsuit).

I love a good Tall jumpsuit because they are a great, easy way to instantly look polished, are super comfortable and show off our tall, beautiful frames.

I chose to wear the Jenni in a little more of a "skinny jean" type of way but in general I usually order one size up in all Alloy tall Jumpsuits so keep that in mind when ordering.

Happy jumpsuit day! Well, I don't know if it really is but any day that we can find a jumpsuit is a happy one:)

Color Coded

Tall spring fashion is in full effect!  Everyone is releasing new spring arrivals and nothing is in more demand then colored jeans and pants. From electric blue, to red to green, color will be everywhere in 2.2 seconds.

Treat your legs to a brighter day with the tall options below. TallSWAG it out loud in COLOR!

HEATHER SKINNY JEANS at $129. Comes in magenta, royal blue and dark mocha.  Sizes 27-33. Inseams 35" to 39". Right now they are on sale for 10% off!

CANDY SKINNY JEAN at $79. Comes in sun, red, orange, purple, hot pink and distressed red. 32" - 38" inseams.  Sizes 4-18. Great for all tall women and especially for tall women with curves. Use code PZ20AFL at checkout for 20% off!

COTTON SATEEN STRAIGHT CUT PANTS at $75. Comes in cobalt, fushia and green/blue. Sizes 6 to 20. Inseams 36" to 38".

RICHMOND STRAIGHT CUT JEANS at $79. Comes in cobalt blue, purple haze, white and dark denim. Sizes 4 to 20. Inseams 36" to 38".

WOMEN'S THE ROCK STAR JEGGING at $32.50. Comes in saucy red, railroad stripe, cloudfree, marshmellow white, dark wash and ruby. Sizes 0 to 18. 36" inseams. *Suggestion: Order a size up.

PARIS BLUES COLORED SKINNY JEANS at $34.90. Comes in blue, coral, green and white. Sizes 1 to 25. 37" inseam.

GRACE JEANS at $158. Comes in deep plum, merlot and dark brown. Sizes 24 to 38. 34" inseam.

FAITH JEANS at $158. Comes in rust, iron grey and dark brown. Sizes 24 to 38. 34" inseam.

BRIGHT DENIM SKINNY JEAN at $59.95. Comes red escapade, purple chic ses, rare raspberry, blue banner, green palisades, warm taupe and winter white. Sizes 0 to 18. 35" inseam. Buy one get one free for a limited time!

KALIE SEXY SLIM FIT BOOTCUT at $169. Sizes 23 to 32. 34.5" inseam.

JISELLE PHENOMENAL SLIM FIT FLARE WITH LET DOWN HEM at $189. Sizes 24" to 32". 34" inseam.

Jean Machine

I have been on vacation (I know...I have been slackin big time on my tweets and FB bad) and the number one question I have been getting while gettin my vacay on is, "where do you get your jeans?" So I decided to post ALL of my favs. No, I don't have all of these jeans HOWEVER if I won the lottery tomorrow I would have 2 pair of each (when you find some GREAT jeans, you have to buy a back-up pair:).

Enjoy and please share your own personal favoritos:-)

ALLOY - From left to right: PARIS BLUES STRETCH EXTEND TAB WIDE-LEG JEAN ($41.90, size 1-25, up to 37" inseam), DIAMOND PAINT SPLATTER STRETCH DESTRUCTED SKINNY JEAN ($44.90, size 1-25, up to 37" inseam) and VIGOLD PREMIUM EXTEND TAB STRETCH BOOTCUT JEAN ($41.90, size 1-25, up to 37" inseam.

CJ by COOKIE JOHNSON - From left to right: HOPE - ATLANTIC ($198, sizes 24-38, 36" inseam), PROSPER - SILHOUETTE ($198, Sizes 24-38, 35" inseam) and FELICITY FLARE - OPTIC WHITE ($182, sizes 24-34, 35" inseam).

GAP - From left to right: 1969 CURVY JEANS IN THE SATURATED DARK WASH ($69.50, sizes 4-16, 37" inseam), 1969 SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT LEGGING JEANS IN BLUE-GREEN WASH ($69.95, sizes 4-16, 35" inseam) and 1969 PERFECT BOOT JEANS IN LIGHT WASH ($59.50, sizes 2-16, 37" inseam).

HEIGHT GODDESS - From left to right: BAILEY BOOT CUT JEAN IN OPTIC WHITE ($98, size 27-33, up to 40" inseam), HEATHER SKINNY JEAN ($129, size 27-35, up to 39" inseam) and VICTORIA WIDE LEG TROUSER ($138, size 27-34, up to 39" inseam).

TALL COUTURE - From left to right: ROCK & REPUBLIC KARIANA WIDE LEG IN WHITE ($182, sizes 26-32, 36" inseam), WORK CUSTOM GIDGET FLARE IN WORK BLUE ($187, sizes 27-31, 35" inseam) and DOMINO CANDY JEGGING IN BLACK ($109, sizes 28-31, 37" inseam).

LONG LEGS - From left to right: YOGA JEANS IN RINSE ($120, size 29-34, 38" inseam), SUMMER DESI FROM DISH ($105, size 28-36, 37" inseam) and DISH DESI VALLETTA ($105, size 27-34, 36.5" inseam).

SKINNY JEANS - From left to right: NITE WASH BARELY BOOTCUT ($188, size 24-38, up to 37" inseam), DAY WASH BARELY BOOTCUT ($188, SIZE 24-38, up to 37" inseam), and BLACKOUT COUTURE CUT ($188, size 24-34, uo to 37" inseam). 

BUCKLE - From left to right: BKE MADISON STRETCH JEAN ($79.95, sizes 24-34, 37" inseam), BIG STAR VINTAGE NINA STRAIGHT STRETCH JEAN ($148, sizes 25-33, 37" inseam) and MISS ME LEATHER WING BOOT STRETCH JEAN ($198, limited quantities, 37" inseam).


Everybody has a favorite pair of jeans.  Mine have holes all over them from wear and tear but I just can't let them go.  What if I can't find them again?  What if I find a replacement pair and they just aren’t the same? Major jean anxiety. 

BUT for spring/summer there are so many amazing styles that I have to delve into my pockets and purchase a pair (maybe 3).

Skinnies seem to always be on tap but the current denim trifecta is; flare, cropped and white.

The flare is back and in full effect. They are very slimming and look good in any wash.

Cropped are coming in strong this season.  Perfect for the hot weather and give any outfit an extra dimension.  The most popular are in the light wash however like the flare they look good in any shade.

Last but certainly not least, white.  From trouser to boyfriend (and everything in between), white denim is HOT.  A lot of people think that white makes them look bigger but it’s the cut, not the color, that is the culprit.  As with any jean, try them on.  You will find the right fit for you.

Find your style below.  If you don’t like them, don’t fret, check out the TallSWAG jeans page

Tried on jeans and just can’t seem to find what you are looking for?  Make your own!  There are many places that custom make jeans.  My personal fav is Indi (  They have every length, size, cut and color for a great price.

Happy shopping!


CROPPED JEANS. Featured styles (left to right): Joe's Jeans Kicker Crop Jean in Elizabeth Wash ($158, LEL Tall Skinny Capri ($79 and Calvin Klein Jeans Plus Size Jeans Zip Hemmed Crop ($79.50 Click the pic to visit the TallSWAG jeans page for a full list of Tall denim.Flare

FLARE JEANS. Featured styles from left to right: Citizens of Humanity Angie Super Flare Jeans ($228, The tall Kat Flare Jean ($140 and Avenue Zip Pocket Cropped Flare Jean ($34.90 For more flares click the pic to visit the TallSWAG jeans page.White

WHITE JEANS. Featured styles from left to right: Hudson Signature Bootcut Jeans ($165, Tall Heather Skinny Jean ($148 and Not Your Daughters Jeans Stretch Ankle Jeans Plus ($108 Click the pic for more jean options at the TallSWAG jeans page.

Direct links:


Joe's Jeans Kicker Crop Jean in Elizabeth Wash. $158. Sizes 24-32.

LEL Tall Skinny Capri. $79. Sizes 4-18.

Calvin Klein Jeans Plus Size Jeans Zip Hemmed Crop. $79.50. Sizes 14W-24W.


Citizens of Humanity Angie Super Flare Jeans. $228. Sizes 6-12. 34" inseam.

The Kat Flare. $140. Sizes 6-14. 38" inseam.

Avenue Zip Pocket Cropped Flare Jean. $34.90. Sizes 14-26. 25" inseam.


Hudson Signature Bootcut Jeans in white. $165. Hurry! Sizes limited.

Tall Heather Skinny Jean. $148. Sizes 27-33. 35"-39" inseam.

Not Your Daughters Jeans Stretch Ankel Jeans Plus. $108. Sizes 14W-25W. 27" inseam.

Tall Glass of Water

You gotta love tall fashionistas Lynn and Kate for what they are doing for tall women!  These tall twins (6'2" and 6'3") created an amazing line of jeans and pants called TallWater Jeans.  They come in sizes 6-14 with...wait for it...38" inseams!  They are cut correct for a women blessed with height and super cute!  It's their first line and I am sure they will be flying off the shelves (if they haven't already!).  Get rid of your high waters and order some TallWaters quick!

TALLWATER JEANS at Check out the brand new collection! Sizes 6-14. 38" inseam. Comes in the Elle cut ($140), the Kat Flare ($140) and the Brooke Yoga Pant ($60).