LTS Pop Up Shop

I am a huge fan of pop up shops. Unfortunately for us, most of our options are online so when an opportunity pops up (pun intended) to have an actual shopping experience and try things on, I sprint to it like I was in the Olympics. Seriously. I would qualify if the finish line had a pop-up shop on the other side.

Perhaps my favorite pop up shop experience happened yesterday at the Long Tall Sally Pop Up Shop in San Francisco. I have attended one before (video HERE) but for many reasons this one was particularly special...

Photo credit: Asha Wilkerson

Photo credit: Asha Wilkerson

I arrived and was obviously super happy about it. Who wouldn't be!? I was also ready to make some purchases as well...hence the open handbag.

When you walk in, you automatically feel like the experience was made for you. Off top, the clothing looks tall. No lie. I almost felt like it looked too long because of the racks we are used to seeing but then I snapped out of it because something being too long is just a ludicrous thought that no proper tall girl should ever have.

The selection of jeans with long inseams was out of this world. I guarantee you, you won't find this many in one spot anywhere else. Click play and prepared to be amazed.

Not only did they have a great selection of clothing, they also had a selection of shoes up to size 15. Now, the shoe selection definitely wasn't as large as the clothing selection but it was still a rare opportunity to walk in and try on a pair of shoes in our size. Even if you don't walk out with a pair of shoes, it's a great way to find out your fit for future online orders.

After checking out the scene, it was off to the races! When I say my friend Asha and I tried on everything, I mean we tried on the ENTIRE pop up. It was so much fun! The arms were long enough, the skirts hit the floor, the pants covered those ankles and the outerwear was on another level. I mean, I almost didn't take the padded parka coat off. You were seriously going to see me in it for the entire fall/winter season cold or not.

Can you blame me? Just look at the tall, warm fabulousness!

And can we talk about the actual dressing room? While they definitely have private changing rooms, there was a communal dressing room with a bunch of mirrors. Now, I know that seems strange but it was a blast! Everyone was styling each other, laughing, comparing tall stories and having a good ol time.

Photo credit: Asha Wilkerson

Photo credit: Asha Wilkerson

But the real reasons why this pop up shop experience is so special, are the tall, beautiful ladies that you meet there. Every single person that I met at the pop up shop changed my life in some way, shape or form. It's amazing what can happen when we just talk to each other! Being in a room where everyone understands the gift that we were given is so incredibly powerful.

While it was amazing meeting everyone, I nearly broke into tears when I met Josie. She is the beautiful 14 year old girl on the far right. When I saw her, I immediately thought of myself at that age. She carries her height like a rock star but we all know what it's like to grow up tall. I immediately felt a connection with her and our conversation about tall life was truly a blessing that will continue to inspire me.

So when and where can you take part in this amazing experience? Check the schedule below and click for more information.

While you are there (or even when you order online) don't forget to share your experience with other tall girls out there. We need to know! Don't hold the good, bad or ugly back from your tall sisters. We must always stick together!

Happy pop up shopping tall beauties!

Alloy is the New Tall






Try to hold back your tears of joy! Alloy just released a TON of new tall apparel on their site today including (drum roll please) SHOES UP TO SIZE 13! Are you still there? Did you pass out?

Let's start with the excited! They have over 70 shoe options that come in extended sizes. All go up to size 11 and some go up to size 13. All of the prices are below $49.90 with some of the flats just $9.90 when you buy 3 or more.

The new jumpsuits and overalls stole my heart. I mean did you see the back of the red one? Melting. All of them come in inseams up to 37". Swoon.

Now...the long dresses aren't long enough for me (almost there but not quite) however they are amazing and come in lengths up to 63". I know that some of you tall beauties will rock them like no other. They also have some extended length short dresses to choose from as well. Thanks for covering our buns Alloy.

Hey jeans and pants! Can you all just make a single file line and walk right into my closet? Alloy Tall has jeans and pants with inseams up to 39". They are always on trend with budget conscious prices. The options pictured above are all under $56.90. Yes. You read that right.

Maxi skirts! You may or may not have seen my last post...but I love me an Alloy tall maxi skirt! The new styles are awesome, can be worn in any season and come in lengths up to 45".

Some Alloy ordering these are just my opinions from my experience and by no means law but they are here to inspire if needed:)

1. I always order a size up. I get a 13 or an XL and normally I would get a 10 or L.

2. Always Google Alloy coupon code before ordering. Alloy has sales all of the time and great ones at that. They often have the infamous $20 off coupon. Winner winner, chicken dinner.

3. Check the reviews. They are posted on the site next to item. They really help for sizing and quality purposes. In addition, after you get and wear your garment, write a review and help a fellow tall girl out with her order. 

Last but certainly not least, Alloy launched ALLOY PLUS today with sizes up to 25 and 3XL. Many of the plus styles come in extended lengths as well so be sure to check them out

Wanna see more? Click HERE or the pics above:) Ready. Set. SHOP!

High Expectations

TALL Ridley High Waist Ultra Skinny Jeans in Mid Stonewash - ASOS/Blazer Cut Blouse and belt - Vintage by the Pound/Joan & Daivd Quimberly Pump (size 12) - Nordstrom/Neck piece - Forever 21/Ring - Collage Clothing Lounge/Faux Pearl Clutch - Thrifted

Photo credit: Shannon Warf

One of my favorite things to do is try out new tall lines. I am always SO excited when the items are on their way and can't wait to put the clothes on and walk around in them. There have definitely been some other tall lines that I didn't like (which is why you have never seen them on TallSWAG) however the ASOS tall line keeps giving me so much life! As you have seen in the past couple of posts, I am wearing it and loving it.

The Tall Ridley High Waisted Ultra Skinny Jean is another ASOS tall piece that I adore. They have just the right amount of stretch and unlike some of the other "tall" high waisted jeans out there, don't sag in the nether regions. They are also super long. It has the inseam listed at 36" but I think the stretch in the jean makes them even longer. I normally wear a 37" to 40" inseam and there is no way that a 36" inseam would hit me where is does.

I just love them. Look at the way the fabric and cut of the jean shapes the leg! I mean, I have been working out but not this much hunni.

Another thing I love about the ASOS tall line is the philosophy behind it: Focusing on brilliant fits, ASOS Tall adapts key pieces from the mainline collection to flatter the taller frame. More than just extra inches added to them, we exclusively fit all of our pieces with longer limbs in mind.

I am pretty sure we all just clapped and hollered at the same time.

Lastly, the price points are lovely (for example, these jeans are only $56.44) and there is free delivery worldwide. Pow!

So, I say all of that to say this; the ASOS Tall line is officially TallSWAG approved. Take that for what you will but from one tall girl to another...try it!

Look NOW: Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is a tall woman (5'11" to be exact) of many talents.  She can sing like nobody's business, writes amazing, timeless songs and has effortless, ladylike style.  She is definitely a bona fied member of team TallSWAG.

Recently Taylor was out and about in this cute fit which I for one wish I was wearing right now.  Want Taylor's complete look for under $200 (a la tall of course)? Scroll down now.


TRUCK JEANS KENDALL SKINNY JEANS at Alloy. $35.92. Sizes 1-25. Inseams up to 37".  Also comes in yellow, black, turqoise and white.

TALL SLASH KNIT T-SHIRT at Next. $22. Sizes 4-14.




BIKINI SO TEENY at Essie. $8.


STEVE MADDEN TRACEY FLAT at Barefoot Tess. $59. Sizes 11-14. Also comes in black, blue, floral, fushia and taupe.

Color Coded

Tall spring fashion is in full effect!  Everyone is releasing new spring arrivals and nothing is in more demand then colored jeans and pants. From electric blue, to red to green, color will be everywhere in 2.2 seconds.

Treat your legs to a brighter day with the tall options below. TallSWAG it out loud in COLOR!

HEATHER SKINNY JEANS at $129. Comes in magenta, royal blue and dark mocha.  Sizes 27-33. Inseams 35" to 39". Right now they are on sale for 10% off!

CANDY SKINNY JEAN at $79. Comes in sun, red, orange, purple, hot pink and distressed red. 32" - 38" inseams.  Sizes 4-18. Great for all tall women and especially for tall women with curves. Use code PZ20AFL at checkout for 20% off!

COTTON SATEEN STRAIGHT CUT PANTS at $75. Comes in cobalt, fushia and green/blue. Sizes 6 to 20. Inseams 36" to 38".

RICHMOND STRAIGHT CUT JEANS at $79. Comes in cobalt blue, purple haze, white and dark denim. Sizes 4 to 20. Inseams 36" to 38".

WOMEN'S THE ROCK STAR JEGGING at $32.50. Comes in saucy red, railroad stripe, cloudfree, marshmellow white, dark wash and ruby. Sizes 0 to 18. 36" inseams. *Suggestion: Order a size up.

PARIS BLUES COLORED SKINNY JEANS at $34.90. Comes in blue, coral, green and white. Sizes 1 to 25. 37" inseam.

GRACE JEANS at $158. Comes in deep plum, merlot and dark brown. Sizes 24 to 38. 34" inseam.

FAITH JEANS at $158. Comes in rust, iron grey and dark brown. Sizes 24 to 38. 34" inseam.

BRIGHT DENIM SKINNY JEAN at $59.95. Comes red escapade, purple chic ses, rare raspberry, blue banner, green palisades, warm taupe and winter white. Sizes 0 to 18. 35" inseam. Buy one get one free for a limited time!

KALIE SEXY SLIM FIT BOOTCUT at $169. Sizes 23 to 32. 34.5" inseam.

JISELLE PHENOMENAL SLIM FIT FLARE WITH LET DOWN HEM at $189. Sizes 24" to 32". 34" inseam.