Easy Like Monday Morning

I'm tired y'all. I mean...TIRED.

Right now I am in the middle of the busiest part of the season. We are blessed to be in the Finals again and with every blessing, there is great responsibility. With great responsibility there is a lot of work and with a lot of work there is a lack of sleep.

Don't get me wrong...I will take the tired all day. The outcome is worth far more than any amount of sleep I could get but when times get busy, you have to think of ways to be more efficient and one of the ways I do this, is in the execution of my work outfits.

When on #TeamNoSleep you need something that is easy to put on, comfortable and requires little to no effort to put together, To me that all equates to all black. It's chic, instantly looks put together and you can't see the wrinkles as easily if you don't have time to iron or steam.

I absolutely love these tall pieces from Alloy Apparel. The pants fit like a glove, are long enough and have a hawt little faux leather detail at the waist. I paired it with the tall ruched-side boatneck tee that is long in the body and shapes you just right. It's also versatile. Easily go from work to fun in the time it takes to take the shirt off your shoulders.

Now you can take the black all the way to the shoes but I wanted a little pop, so I added these fun metallic pumps from Smash Shoes. There certainly is nothing wrong with a pop of metal hunni.

So, next time you wake up tired and need to get ready in a hot minute, throw on some black, a pop of something and watch the compliments on your effortless fit roll in!

Ibena Love

Ibena Laser-Cut pump   - Eleanor Anukam Footwear  (shown in size 12)/Coat - Next Tall/Dress and Ring - Forever 21/Oversized Metallic Clutch - Target/ Hair - Perfect Locks    Photo Credit: Meg Russell Photography

Ibena Laser-Cut pump - Eleanor Anukam Footwear (shown in size 12)/Coat - Next Tall/Dress and Ring - Forever 21/Oversized Metallic Clutch - Target/Hair - Perfect Locks

Photo Credit: Meg Russell Photography

When you come across a new shoe line that is just for must scream it from the rooftops! Well...


Girl...let me tell you. The new shoe line from Eleanor Anukam comes in sizes 9-13 and is hot on another level. Not only does the line have these beautiful laser-cut pumps, they also have an array of fashion forward styles in both heels and flats and are constructed in the highest of fashion. I could go on for days about the craftsmanship however this video shows you better than I could ever explain it...

Wasn't that just breathtaking? Side note: These green babies are next on my list followed by the same pair in all black.

My first pair are the Ibena Laser-Cut pumps in nude (also comes in black). They are showstoppers. You really don't have to wear much with them because they are the outfit. From the detail to the perfect neutral color to the fit, these pumps pack a tall style punch. 

Upon first wear there was a little discomfort (that new-shoe moment) but it quickly went away and I fiercely walked all over the place in them. As you can see, when I wear them, I rock simple pieces with clean lines because the shoes really do speak for themselves. I am in serious love with the Ibena and the entire Eleanor Anukam Footwear line. They are crazy good, in our size and made impeccably well...what's not to like? Side Note: The box they come in is sturdy, pretty and enclosed is a durable shoe bag. You have to appreciate a shoe line that pays attention to all of the details!

So that is the skinny on an exciting new footwear line that is awesome enough to make shoes in sizes 9-13. I hope you like them as much as I do! So...what do you think?


Hey now! I can admit it. My LINKS page is terrible right now. I simply have not had the time to update it. But I want you to have amazing access to the best Tall links so I am going to start posting Top 5's in all areas of Tall. From shoes, to pants and maybe even men (#eyecandy)...I will be posting about the best of the best.

With that said, what better place to start than SHOES. They will change your life won't they! I don't care what you have going on...slip on a pair of hot ones and everything goes BOOM.

Without further ado (and in no particular order) are my Top 5 brands that sell amazing shoes for us...


Smash Shoes busted on to the Tall shoe scene and has been putting out FIRE ever since. They carry up to size 14, are very well made and the customer service is amazing. What I love about the line is that they are not just the basics. Yes, they have a classic pump (which I want in every color), but they also have styles that standout. Smash Shoes is definitely not the brand that just gives us the bare minimum. They actually create styles that we will covet and can't wait to be seen in. Make sure to check them out. Btw, just in case you are wondering, the over-the-knee boots really do go over the knee...yippppeeee!!!

Want another chic option? Nine West has a great selection of shoes up to a size 12 but you have to act fast because they fly off the shelves.


By far, Long Tall Sally has the best selection in shoes up to size 15. They carry a ton of brands that usually don't have shoes in our sizes and then their in-house brands (BFT and LTS) are constantly putting out shoes that hit major trends. I am loving what I am seeing for this season and kudos to Long Tall Sally for giving women that wear up to size 15 haute shoes to rock!

Looking for a steal on shoes? Check out Payless. They come in sizes up to 13 and the price points are on point (especially when they have BOGO). Quick tip: Always Google coupon codes before ordering for extra savings.


This is the bespoke leader for us as you can custom design shoes (in a plethora of styles) up to size 15 and they even have HALF SIZES. It's a super fun process and for a shoe that fits your foot specifically, the price points don't break the bank. They have also partnered with Nordstrom so that you can actually go into a store and build them onsite at select locations.

They have an amazing contest going on right now where you can win 52 pairs of custom shoes. What!?!? Absolute shoe Heaven. Check out the winner from last year (above) and make sure you enter...I know I am (crossing all my long fingers and toes).

Another bespoke option: Poppy Barley specializes in custom boots (they also have fantastic shoes) in sizes up to 13.


Sugar pie, honey know that I love you! I can't help myself...I love you and nobody else...I seriously break out in to song when I step up in this building (you can order online too). Racks on racks on racks on shoes at great prices and a lot of them in our size! You can actually walk in and cop a pair (usually pairs). Some stores even carry up to size 14 and they have large size shoes sales (let's change the name Nordy's) that are worth the wait in line.  Create an account and they will send you all of the info.

Don't see what you need at The Rack? Never fear. Go on for more options and they will send them right to you. They have a great selection (at higher price points than The Rack) up to size 14.


Torrid has wide options, in great price points, up to size 13. Now, I have a narrow foot so I have never tried them on BUT I have many friends that have and love them! They have a little bit of everything and are definitely worth a try. I wish they made non-wide shoes because hunni, I would rock them to the hilt!

Want another wide option? Lane Bryant has shoes in sizes up to 12.

Now, there are my 5 (well really 10 but who's counting). I want to know your go-to shoe brand for us. Please leave it in the comments below:-) Share with your Tall sisters!


SMASH SHOES  (left to right, top to bottom):  ROLLIE in Leopard / AMBER in gold / AMBER in nude / AMBER in silver / ROLLIE in black / PLEI in white / PLEI in black patent / PLEI in florescent green . All styles come in sizes 10-13 with price points ranging from $49-$99.

SMASH SHOES (left to right, top to bottom): ROLLIE in Leopard/AMBER in gold/AMBER in nude/AMBER in silver/ROLLIE in black/PLEI in white/PLEI in black patent/PLEI in florescent green. All styles come in sizes 10-13 with price points ranging from $49-$99.

I live for a lot of things and one of them is a beautiful shoe. So when I stumbled upon Smash Shoes on Instagram, I was elated! Not only to do they have a line of classy and sassy shoes, they offer them in sizes 10-13! When I saw the sizes I did the same happy dance that I do whenever I discover a new tall find...

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

It's crazy because DJ Jazzy Jeff comes out of nowhere with a drum set and everything.

Anywho, I can see myself wearing these cuties in so many situations. From the Leopard Rollie ($99) with a constructed midi and an oversized sweater to the nude Amber ($79) with pretty much anything, multiple pairs need to be rocked in the near future.

So that's the 411 on the the debut Smash Shoes line. If you have already had the pleasure of trying them on your footsies, share with your tall sisters. We need to know all about it!

Soled Out

Ashton Textured High Heels Sandal - Sole Society(size 12)/Print Jersey Pant - Long Tall Sally (size M)/Oversized Pocket Tee - Long Tall Sally (similar HERE)/Clutch - H&M/Fedora - JCP/Necklace - Thrifted 

Photo Credit: Janet Fong

Hold on....wait for it...SOLE SOCIETY HAS SIZE 12'S!!!

Yes hunni. You read that all the way right. Sole Society now has some amazing styles in sizes up to 12 with more on the way.

I received my first pair last week and I absolutely LOVE them. They are the Ashton, in pale almond, in size 12. They fit perfectly (true to size) and were comfortable on the first wear. Do I need to mention that they are HOT? I mean just look at them. Buckles, straps and texture...oh my!

They are constructed very well and the buckles are adjustable but once you adjust them, there will be no need to buckle them again because there is a full zipper in the back that makes them easy to put on.

I can't wait to try other styles. You want to see them? Click HERE for all of the Sole Society shoes in sizes up to 12.

I am also obsessed with these Print Jersey Pants from Long Tall Sally. They are SO comfy (you feel like you are wearing pajamas without the embarrassment of wearing pajamas) and add a little punch to your casual wear. That, combined with the awesome length, makes them a win-win in my humble opinion.

Excited about the new Sole Society extended shoe size options? Don't forget to share...we need to stick together tall dolls:)

Alloy is the New Tall






Try to hold back your tears of joy! Alloy just released a TON of new tall apparel on their site today including (drum roll please) SHOES UP TO SIZE 13! Are you still there? Did you pass out?

Let's start with the excited! They have over 70 shoe options that come in extended sizes. All go up to size 11 and some go up to size 13. All of the prices are below $49.90 with some of the flats just $9.90 when you buy 3 or more.

The new jumpsuits and overalls stole my heart. I mean did you see the back of the red one? Melting. All of them come in inseams up to 37". Swoon.

Now...the long dresses aren't long enough for me (almost there but not quite) however they are amazing and come in lengths up to 63". I know that some of you tall beauties will rock them like no other. They also have some extended length short dresses to choose from as well. Thanks for covering our buns Alloy.

Hey jeans and pants! Can you all just make a single file line and walk right into my closet? Alloy Tall has jeans and pants with inseams up to 39". They are always on trend with budget conscious prices. The options pictured above are all under $56.90. Yes. You read that right.

Maxi skirts! You may or may not have seen my last post...but I love me an Alloy tall maxi skirt! The new styles are awesome, can be worn in any season and come in lengths up to 45".

Some Alloy ordering these are just my opinions from my experience and by no means law but they are here to inspire if needed:)

1. I always order a size up. I get a 13 or an XL and normally I would get a 10 or L.

2. Always Google Alloy coupon code before ordering. Alloy has sales all of the time and great ones at that. They often have the infamous $20 off coupon. Winner winner, chicken dinner.

3. Check the reviews. They are posted on the site next to item. They really help for sizing and quality purposes. In addition, after you get and wear your garment, write a review and help a fellow tall girl out with her order. 

Last but certainly not least, Alloy launched ALLOY PLUS today with sizes up to 25 and 3XL. Many of the plus styles come in extended lengths as well so be sure to check them out

Wanna see more? Click HERE or the pics above:) Ready. Set. SHOP!