Starting Line

When I took the leap to follow my dreams, I knew it would take a lot of hard work. Being a dream slayer is a relentless pursuit of getting the bag your way, every day. I’m knocking on every door that I am passionate about, and praising God for the ones that He opens, as well as the doors he creates. It’s a faith fueled grind and I am here for every minute of it.

Perhaps the thing that is hardest, is my budget. While I was saving up for this time before, now I am living solely off of my pursuit and savings. By no means am I broke but there is still a change in the way that I spend my money. I was a baby about it at first, but I am adjusting in the best way I know how. I am well aware that I have more than most and every single day God shows me that money doesn’t make you rich. It’s a lesson that humbles me constantly. My eyes are being opened in ways that I didn’t know I desperately needed.

With that said, mixing and matching are my jam right now. The days of acquiring pieces that aren’t thoughtful are over. If I can’t wear them in every season, in multiple ways, it more than likely won’t end up in my cart. Also, I am moving into a time of living in a more minimalistic manner. I have too much stuff and it’s time to simplify everything (something exciting is on the way there so stay tuned).

Take these pants for example. I have been wearing them all summer with some sandals and a bodysuit but now that it’s fall, they will get a remix. Not only because I love them, but also because they are a pant that you can literally wear everything with.

All of these pieces are from Long Tall Sally. The construction is stellar. Wanna try their pieces on? Check to see if there is a pop-up shop near you. I’m telling you, it’s worth your time. When was the last time you walked in and were able to try everything on? It also helps to know your LTS sizing for future online orders. THE BEST part is meeting your fellow tall queens. It’s magical.

Throw on a  cardigan  and  sneaks  and walk right into fall.

Throw on a cardigan and sneaks and walk right into fall.

From a cardigan, to a blazer, to a sweatshirt, these leggings are on trend and go with everything. I have been channeling sporty spice like a mug. I’m also incredibly comfortable which has been very important to me these days. I’m working hard and not trying to be irritated by my clothing or shoes. Actually never but you know what I mean.

Now, I am going to post a thousand more pictures in this outfit because it’s a lot of work to take them (check out my IGTV episode on blog shoots on IG) AND Nikki shot some killer shots. She not only shot the photos, she also slayed the makeup. Please follow her page @TheEyeThatGetsThePicture. Enjoy the blizzard of photos and like the great blogger that I am, I will sum them all up at the end.

Side Stripe Ponte Leggings (shown in size s) / LTS Peyton Lace Detail Sneaker  (shown in s size 13. I always personally size up for LTS Sneakers)/Bodysuit and necklace - Forever 21 (some of the bodysuits actually fit me. Emphasis on some.)/ Block Sandals above  - Target (shown in size 12).

Side Stripe Ponte Leggings (shown in size s)/LTS Peyton Lace Detail Sneaker (shown in s size 13. I always personally size up for LTS Sneakers)/Bodysuit and necklace - Forever 21 (some of the bodysuits actually fit me. Emphasis on some.)/Block Sandals above - Target (shown in size 12).

While I definitely still have my moments of uncertainty, I rest in knowing that I am rockin whatever I wear on the right path with God leading me all of the way. I am working harder, smarter and in a fiscally responsible manner. The lessons that I am learning far outweigh the change in my payroll. God wants it ALL for me and I will faith it forward, achieving His purposes for my life along the way.

It’s the start of fall, but every day is a start of something great that God has planned for you. Whether a new path, new project, or new frame of mind, it’s never too late to start. Are you ready? Get set. Go!

I Give Up


Admittedly my love life has kind of sucked. There have been a lot of lows and some amazing moments which enabled me to completely understand what love is and why it is so important to have it in some capacity in your life. I have toiled over the reasons why it is taking me so long to find it. There have been tears, confusion and often times sheer anger that it has not come my way. I have had years of constant control along this road that have led me to one life-changing conclusion...

I don't have control over it at all.

Yes. My steering of the love ship has been fruitless because God is the one who should be steering it. While it may be His choice for me to be single, there is a reason for it and no matter what I do, His plan for my life will prevail. There isn't a worry, a moment of anger or a pit of confusion that will stop it, so why am I wasting that energy? Quite simply...


That's right. I completely and totally give up the control to God. I lay it down right in front of Lord knowing that it was always yours in the first place. You have merely been waiting for the moment for me to give it to you. IT IS YOURS!


I will not toil over it, run after it or try to figure it out. I will not plan it out in my head or orchestrate a picture in my mind of who it will be. When it comes to love, if it doesn't come from you, I don't want it. Point. Blank. Period.

I am completely open to your picture of it. I know that love will come in an unlikely package and it will be the best one that I have ever opened. God, I know that if it is in your will, it is you and you alone that will make it happen. Your will for love in my life be done.


And really...this should translate to EVERYTHING in our lives. If God doesn't send it, return that bad boy right to the sender. He orchestrates everything in our lives for our good because we love Him. Control in everything is not yours, it is HIS.

This is undoubtedly easier said than done but try your hardest to take a breath, drop that elephant of anxiety from your chest and rest in His perfect timing.  The picture He paints is different for each and every one of us but one thing is for sure...they are ALL masterpieces. 

SHIRT -  God is Dope  | Shoes - Target (shown in size 12, sorry out of stock,  similar HERE ) | Ankle Pants - ASOS Tall (similar  HERE ) | Crossbody - Forever 21 | Earrings -  Candid Art   Photo credit -  Lakeela Smith

SHIRT - God is Dope | Shoes - Target (shown in size 12, sorry out of stock, similar HERE) | Ankle Pants - ASOS Tall (similar HERE) | Crossbody - Forever 21 | Earrings - Candid Art

Photo credit - Lakeela Smith

Ibena Love

Ibena Laser-Cut pump   - Eleanor Anukam Footwear  (shown in size 12)/Coat - Next Tall/Dress and Ring - Forever 21/Oversized Metallic Clutch - Target/ Hair - Perfect Locks    Photo Credit: Meg Russell Photography

Ibena Laser-Cut pump - Eleanor Anukam Footwear (shown in size 12)/Coat - Next Tall/Dress and Ring - Forever 21/Oversized Metallic Clutch - Target/Hair - Perfect Locks

Photo Credit: Meg Russell Photography

When you come across a new shoe line that is just for must scream it from the rooftops! Well...


Girl...let me tell you. The new shoe line from Eleanor Anukam comes in sizes 9-13 and is hot on another level. Not only does the line have these beautiful laser-cut pumps, they also have an array of fashion forward styles in both heels and flats and are constructed in the highest of fashion. I could go on for days about the craftsmanship however this video shows you better than I could ever explain it...

Wasn't that just breathtaking? Side note: These green babies are next on my list followed by the same pair in all black.

My first pair are the Ibena Laser-Cut pumps in nude (also comes in black). They are showstoppers. You really don't have to wear much with them because they are the outfit. From the detail to the perfect neutral color to the fit, these pumps pack a tall style punch. 

Upon first wear there was a little discomfort (that new-shoe moment) but it quickly went away and I fiercely walked all over the place in them. As you can see, when I wear them, I rock simple pieces with clean lines because the shoes really do speak for themselves. I am in serious love with the Ibena and the entire Eleanor Anukam Footwear line. They are crazy good, in our size and made impeccably well...what's not to like? Side Note: The box they come in is sturdy, pretty and enclosed is a durable shoe bag. You have to appreciate a shoe line that pays attention to all of the details!

So that is the skinny on an exciting new footwear line that is awesome enough to make shoes in sizes 9-13. I hope you like them as much as I do! So...what do you think?

Blue Baby

First of makeup artist Nikki Notarte is a rock star! Not only does she slay my makeup, she also took these killer photos and captured the video that I edited. I mean...talented much!?! As always, thank you my friend.

Now for the juicy stuff...can you believe how amazing this tall crop top is? It's from the TTYAxLTS capsule collection and I love it! It also comes in blue and will go with anything. Lucky for you, it's on sale for $35 right now. I suggest that you cop it immediately.

I paired it with this blue midi skater skirt from Collage Clothing Lounge. You may have seen me wear it with one of our Strength In Numbers Playoff t-shirts. Thus, it's just as versatile as the crop top. It's a midi but I wanted it short so I chose to wear it high-waisted.

I added a yellow clutch because yellow goes great with blue and the black pattern on the clutch just tied everything together.

Now, you know I didn't forget about the shoes. I bought these babies 2 seasons ago and they are one of my favorite pair of heels. Unfortunately they were gone but Smash Shoes has a great option in sizes up to 13. I wore them in tan (size 12) HERE.

Now that you have the deets, I want to hear from you...what do you think about the video? Should I keep doing them with the outfit posts? Please let me know the real deal. Trust tall feelings won't be hurt:-)

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I love, love, LOVE to blog but when I am on the go, I often like to share with you using my little friend (who also happens to be friends with 200 million other people) Instagram. When I see something, experience something, feel something or wear something, I post that bad boy to IG.

But ya know...just like every other social medium, not everyone is on it (insert sad face here). And I really don't want to leave anyone out SO I have decided to start doing a #INSTAstyle roundup to showcase some of my favorite tall finds. Want to hear it? Here it go...

This is the one and only Cutout Side One Piece - long Torso Swimsuit from the Alloy Apparel Tall Shop. I was elated when I received it because it actually fit without giving the dreaded camel toe. I wore it during a photo shoot that I had for Candid Art Accessories. I love the cut of it and it also gives a great shape for a person who has a lack of chi chi's like myself. It's what I like to call ladysexy. Nothing is hanging out but the sex appeal is still off the charts. Right now it is only $29.99 and also comes in a tribal print which I will probably buy as well.

Ahhhhhhhhh! This jumpsuit stole my heart the minute I put it on. It's the Zip Detail Jumpsuit from Long Tall Sally. It is SUPER cute, can be dressed up or down and covers the ankles (I just shed a tall style tear). On this particular day, I wore it for a day out with the girls but I have also worn it to the office with a blazer and threw on some flats with it for a day of running errands. If it asked me to marry it, I might say yes. Right now, it's 20% off! Personally I feel it's a steal for a piece this versatile and hard to find. (PS. the shoes are Christian Siriano for Payless circa 2 seasons ago).

My girls! We had a fab day getting our mani's on at the nail salon and I happened to be wearing a FAB pair of tall, floral shorts from the asos tall line. It also has a matching tall kimono but I chose to wear the shorts solo because I was just going to the nail salon and thought it was a bit much. The shorts are super comfortable, cover the buns and are perfect for hot weather. Aren't my friends fierce!?! *Wedge patrol: Free People via the Nordstrom Rack.

I had the honor of seeing my best friend (the dapper guy with the bowtie) marry his better half. It was a beautiful ceremony! Leading up to their special day, I had a couple of non-stop weeks where I had absolutely no time to shop (eeeek!). At 10 p.m. the night before I was leaving for the wedding, I prayed a little fashion prayer and ran into my local Target for a last ditch attempt to find something special. God answered my prayer with this little number; the Mossimo Lattice Back Dress. It was meant to be worn baggy but I wanted a little shape to it, so I paired it with a thrifted belt. It was perfect for the occasion and the back detail added a special little touch. Another testament to the fact that you can find stuff off the just have to look a little harder:)

So, there you have first #INSTAstyle roundup! Is this something you would like to see on a regular basis? Let me know. Can't wait for the roundup? Follow and get instant @TallSWAG instagrammys here :)

On Target

Xhilaration Bodycon Column Dress (Size M) - Target/Angelica Lace Up Booties (size 12) - Nine West/Clutch - Target/Ring - Collage Clothing Lounge/Earrings - Nicki Minaj for Kmart/

Photo credit: Shannon Warf

I'm always up for a good find, so when I found this dress at Target for $24.99 I swooped it up faster than you could say "Ooo that's cute!" It hit all of the marks: midi, bodycon (smoothes out the shape), simple cut and statement. The mixture of a perfect dress.

You can't wear a fierce dress without some fierce shoes and these Angelica Lace Up Booties fit the bill. They are one of my recent shoe finds and I basically live in them. You can wear them with jeans, dresses, shorts and the list goes on and on. They add a little spice to any outfit. You will definitely see them in a future post.

The frosting for a dress like this should be super simple. I particularly like these Nicki Minaj earrings. Now, I did not like her clothing line very much but she had some really cute jewelry pieces at really great prices that I rock quite frequently.

What I want you to notice about this outfit is that none of it is technically tall. There are options for us (granted few and far between) in stores right now. Don't be afraid to try things on. Will there be items that won't work? Absolutely. But you won't find the ones that do without sifting through all of it. A diamond in the rough is worth the exploration:)

What stores do you find your diamonds in?