Blue Baby

First of makeup artist Nikki Notarte is a rock star! Not only does she slay my makeup, she also took these killer photos and captured the video that I edited. I mean...talented much!?! As always, thank you my friend.

Now for the juicy stuff...can you believe how amazing this tall crop top is? It's from the TTYAxLTS capsule collection and I love it! It also comes in blue and will go with anything. Lucky for you, it's on sale for $35 right now. I suggest that you cop it immediately.

I paired it with this blue midi skater skirt from Collage Clothing Lounge. You may have seen me wear it with one of our Strength In Numbers Playoff t-shirts. Thus, it's just as versatile as the crop top. It's a midi but I wanted it short so I chose to wear it high-waisted.

I added a yellow clutch because yellow goes great with blue and the black pattern on the clutch just tied everything together.

Now, you know I didn't forget about the shoes. I bought these babies 2 seasons ago and they are one of my favorite pair of heels. Unfortunately they were gone but Smash Shoes has a great option in sizes up to 13. I wore them in tan (size 12) HERE.

Now that you have the deets, I want to hear from you...what do you think about the video? Should I keep doing them with the outfit posts? Please let me know the real deal. Trust tall feelings won't be hurt:-)

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Black Sand

I don't care how you are dressed or what you are doing, when you see a beautiful beach at sunset, jump out and take some pictures. Without a doubt, that should be one of the rules of life.

Now that we have that settled, look at this tall dress! Not only is it a true midi, it also has long arms and a crazy cut that is very flattering on our long frames. While It is stunning on it's own, I also wear it in a lot of ways. Now, I know what you are thinking, that low back isn't appropriate for all looks Alicia. You are right. It's not by itself. But I have worn this dress to work with a blazer and went super casual with a belted sweater. It's an excellent tall foundation piece.

Now the shoes, you have seen these before but I am pretty enamored with them...we are definitely booed up right now. They are from SMASH Shoes which is a brand of shoes that only makes sizes 10-13. I am super impressed with the brand, have worn the shoes many times and am a bonafide fan. I can't wait to try more options from them.

I finished the look with a tribal inspired red hot clutch with some subtle frosting. With the cut of the dress, your back is a beautiful statement piece so no need to over accessorize.

Back to the whole run out on the beach at sunset thing. Do it. Seriously, do it. Stop staying in the same lane day in and day out. Live a little. Love a lot and thank Him tirelessly.