Blue Baby

First of makeup artist Nikki Notarte is a rock star! Not only does she slay my makeup, she also took these killer photos and captured the video that I edited. I mean...talented much!?! As always, thank you my friend.

Now for the juicy stuff...can you believe how amazing this tall crop top is? It's from the TTYAxLTS capsule collection and I love it! It also comes in blue and will go with anything. Lucky for you, it's on sale for $35 right now. I suggest that you cop it immediately.

I paired it with this blue midi skater skirt from Collage Clothing Lounge. You may have seen me wear it with one of our Strength In Numbers Playoff t-shirts. Thus, it's just as versatile as the crop top. It's a midi but I wanted it short so I chose to wear it high-waisted.

I added a yellow clutch because yellow goes great with blue and the black pattern on the clutch just tied everything together.

Now, you know I didn't forget about the shoes. I bought these babies 2 seasons ago and they are one of my favorite pair of heels. Unfortunately they were gone but Smash Shoes has a great option in sizes up to 13. I wore them in tan (size 12) HERE.

Now that you have the deets, I want to hear from you...what do you think about the video? Should I keep doing them with the outfit posts? Please let me know the real deal. Trust tall feelings won't be hurt:-)

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Long Tall Sally High Summer Lookbook

Hey Tall Lovelies! I am smack dab in the middle of the NBA Finals (as I also work for the Golden State Warriors) but I had to take time out to show you some amazing tall style in this High Summer Look book for Long Tall Sally.

I love all of these looks! From Casual to beach chic…they set the tone for an amazing summer full of Tall, LTS style.

For warm summer days, the look featuring the Shimmer Skater Dress is perfect. So effortless and chic, it’s the go anywhere dress. Pair it with elegant accessories and heels for night or style it like I did in the lookbook for day. You can’t go wrong with a little shimmer!

Your summer beach days will never be the same with the TTYA Mesh Panel Racer Swimsuit and Kimono. As you can see, they are both cut specifically for us and definitely heat up the summer. Hands down, you will be hotter than the sun in these tall pieces!

Last but certainly not least is the beautiful TTYA Printed Pleat Maxi Dress. It’s is summer personified. Super flowy, simple and elegant…you straight feel like a queen while wearing it. And most importantly…it’s long enough for us! A summer win-win.

I hope you enjoy my Long Tall Sally High Summer looks as much as I enjoy wearing them. Make sure you check out the brand new blog from Long Tall Sally for more details on the outfits in the video as well as many more #LTSTallStories.

Pretty in the City

Mini Dress - ASOS Tall/Faux Fur - WAYF via Nordstrom/Shoes - Nine West/Neck Piece - Forever 21/Bracelets - Charlotte Russe/Tights - Hanes/Clutch - Thrifted   Photo Credit: YBowyer Photography

Mini Dress - ASOS Tall/Faux Fur - WAYF via Nordstrom/Shoes - Nine West/Neck Piece - Forever 21/Bracelets - Charlotte Russe/Tights - Hanes/Clutch - Thrifted

Photo Credit: YBowyer Photography

I feel pretty,

oh so pretty.

I feel pretty and whitty and bright!!! (in my Julie Andrews voice)

This outfit has me all giddy y'all. I mean, what girl doesn't want to prance around The City in a frilly dress, fab heels and a faux fur coat??? This Tall Girl does and did.

Last weekend my friend was having a little soiree in San Fran so I hopped on the Alameda ferry and floated right over. As you can imagine it was chilly (and it's always a bit windy in SF) so I opted for tights instead of bare legs. I also thought it added a pinch of glam to the look.

I absolutely love everything in the pink-blush family right now and this dress definitely hit the color mark. I paired the pink with greys to keep the whole look soft. And don't you just love the tall-short length? It's definitely showing some leg (as we should) but we would also be showcasing some buns too without the tall ASOS cut of this mini frock.

The shoes take the glam meter up a notch as well because of the t-strap. It's a nod to those proper times where bustles were très chic.

Last but certainly not least, my neck was definitely frosted out cubic zirconia style (fake it til you make it boo) courtesy of the one and only Forever 21. I am pretty sure I put one of the owners kids through college with all of the accessories I have purchased over the years (a bit over the top, but you get my drift). You just can't beat the chic options and price points.

We had a fabulous time but it really didn't matter in the end because...I felt so dang pretty!

So dress in what makes you feel giddy and have some fun this weekend! I will be mad at you if you don't and nobody likes a mad Alicia;)

Too Real to Model

Do I look too tall in these photos?Since the moment I started to dream, I have aspired to be a model.  Even in my years of low self-worth, I had an undying aspiration to be on every cover and catwalk.  My Mom enrolled me in every class she could and even scraped up every dime we had to send me to a model competition.  While we all know that a lot of these 'model activities' are schemes to get money, the experiences I had were invaluable and in some ways helped sand my confidence into what it is today.

I had my first photo shoot at 6 years old and was signed by ABC Kids (a then small agency in Portland, Oregon). As I began growing, even though I was still a child, I literally outgrew most of the jobs at the agency so we went looking for another route.  At 15 an agency asked me if I would go overseas however my Mom was not comfortable with me going on my own and as a single Mom there was no way she could travel with me.  Thus, that opportunity was out.  At this point, I was growing like a weed and had reached 6'3".  No matter where we went, they began to tell me that I was too tall.

Too tall to model?

Yep.  Everyone said that they liked my look and presence but that I was too tall to wear anything off the rack and thus were of no use to them.

My dream has never changed but my focus did as I started playing basketball and worked hard to gain a scholarship to The University of the Pacific.  After playing for five seasons (I redshirted), I decided to walk away from the sport and pursue my life long dream of becoming a model.

Yes.  They told me I was too tall at 6'3" and I was now 6'6" but tell me I can't and I will show you I can.

I flew to New York and hit the pavement.  For a month and a half I went to every single agency in that city and EVERY SINGLE one of them said they loved me but didn't love my height.  Rejection. Rejection. Rejection.

Meanwhile, My Mom heard about an agency in Portland called Sports Unlimited.  It's specialty was providing models with sports experience for athletic and lifestyle retailers.  It was and is a great agency but the fact remained that I was only retained because of my basketball background and not just my abilities as a model.

I moved to California and began my career in the NBA but I never let my dream die.  I go after every opportunity and through my blog I have been blessed to model for retailers like Height Goddess and Candid Art.  I will continue to attack my dream until I succeed.  That you can be sure of.

Recently while traveling I picked up the fall fashion issue of Harper's Bazaar.  There was an absolutely beautiful spread with amazing women entitled Carine Roitfeld's Singular Beauties: An Homage to the Diversity of Women.  6'8" model Erika Ervin (also known as Amazon Eve) was featured and might I say looked absolutely stunning.    

6'8" model Erika Ervin (also known as Amazon Eve) appeared in Harper's Bazaar Magazine in Carine Roitfeld's Singular Beauties: An Homage to the Diversity of Women. Photographed by Karl Lagerfeld.While I am extremely happy that Erika was featured, I couldn't help but to be mad at the fact that it takes an homage in order for a woman above 6'3", as well as the various different types of women featured in the spread, to get every woman represented in a fashion magazine. 

It has to stop.

Every single, solitary woman should be able to thumb through a fashion magazine and see a version of herself in the pages.  A feature every now and then doesn't cut it.  The fact that the industry has standards of what is too short, too fat, too tall and too real is something that needs to be changed immediately. 

I dare every magazine to use real models on a regular basis.  Throwing real in every now and then is nice but making a continual movement to show the world that every shape, color and age is beautiful would be epic.

But you can just continue to make every woman in society think she should be one certain way.  It's easier and takes far less courage. 

Berry Beautiful

Problem: Can't find a long dress that actually hits the ankle and not the knee.  Solution: Wink Courtney Dress in Mixed Berry from  Although it's also tall in price, the beauty and length of this dress is worth every penny.  The perfect dress for those end of the summer get togethers.

SORRY. THIS ITEM IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Click the image to visit for more tall fashions.