I have a pretty good sized closet and a separate wardrobe. The amount of clothes that I have is kinda ridiculous and today solidified it. My poor wardrobe basically crumbled because the weight of the clothes bent the dang bar in half.

Even prior to my wardrobegate, I have been looking at ways to downsize all of my stuff. I have accumulated some clutter and she has to go! With that said, I have been looking at ways to adopt a life of giving away the old and efficiently acquiring the new. 

Enter the CURATD collection from Long Tall Sally. The pieces are very well made, forward thinking and importantly versatile. As you can see in this lookbook, you can create a plethora of outfits from minimal pieces. It's a smart, stylish buy that will foster your fierce for seasons to come and right now...it's even better because the collection in on discount!

Thanks for checking out the lookbook and tell me what you want to see next!

I also have it on my heart to tell you this...

You are amazing. Stop believing those lies that they are telling you. Nothing about you is a mistake and every single part of you was meant for a purpose. You are here to make a change in a way that only YOU can. Stop comparing yourself to others and walk forward in faith knowing that He built you to do all things!

Long Tall Sally High Summer Lookbook

Hey Tall Lovelies! I am smack dab in the middle of the NBA Finals (as I also work for the Golden State Warriors) but I had to take time out to show you some amazing tall style in this High Summer Look book for Long Tall Sally.

I love all of these looks! From Casual to beach chic…they set the tone for an amazing summer full of Tall, LTS style.

For warm summer days, the look featuring the Shimmer Skater Dress is perfect. So effortless and chic, it’s the go anywhere dress. Pair it with elegant accessories and heels for night or style it like I did in the lookbook for day. You can’t go wrong with a little shimmer!

Your summer beach days will never be the same with the TTYA Mesh Panel Racer Swimsuit and Kimono. As you can see, they are both cut specifically for us and definitely heat up the summer. Hands down, you will be hotter than the sun in these tall pieces!

Last but certainly not least is the beautiful TTYA Printed Pleat Maxi Dress. It’s is summer personified. Super flowy, simple and elegant…you straight feel like a queen while wearing it. And most importantly…it’s long enough for us! A summer win-win.

I hope you enjoy my Long Tall Sally High Summer looks as much as I enjoy wearing them. Make sure you check out the brand new blog from Long Tall Sally for more details on the outfits in the video as well as many more #LTSTallStories.


IT'S HERE! The first wave of the #TTYA4LTS Summer Capsule Collection has arrived and it is absolutely stunning. I mean, stunning really doesn't do it justice. It's completely breathtaking in the best kind of way.

While I haven't been able to rock every piece yet, the options that I have tried are very well constructed. They are simply chic and made specifically for our frames. A prime example are the crop tops. As you can see they don't look like a bra on us. They hit right where a crop top should. Also, peep the inner skirt of the Eyelet Mesh Pencil Skirt. Normally it wouldn't even cover our buns, but this option is appropriately short on our long stems. I'm pretty much infatuated with every facet of this eyelet beauty.

Another platinum star for the line is that you can mix and match for multiple looks from minimal pieces. You can work the crop tops with any bottom in the line as well as many of the pieces you already have in your closet. That piece alone can make a fierce change in your wardrobe.

OK. You know that feeling when you find something that fits like a glove and you shed some style tears? It happened with the Sheer V-Neck Jumpsuit. Real tears man. It's just so ridiculously chic and feels like butter. I zipped it up and a tear fell down my cheek. From the sheer décolleté to the deep-V (which is great for those like moi who are lacking cleavage) to the cut of the jumpsuit in the legs and torso, it was just too much for a tall girl to handle. I might change casual Friday's to Sheer V-Neck Jumpsuit Friday's just so I can rock it on a regular basis. You think I'm playin.  

TTYA4LTS Summer Capsule Collection: Culotte/Crop Top/Eyelet Mesh Pencil Skirt/Sheer V-Neck Jumpsuit  Want the shoes in the post?  Long Tall Sally has a similar option up to size 14 HERE . They are on back order but well worth the wait.  Photo Credit:  Jay Cox

TTYA4LTS Summer Capsule Collection: Culotte/Crop Top/Eyelet Mesh Pencil Skirt/Sheer V-Neck Jumpsuit

Want the shoes in the post? Long Tall Sally has a similar option up to size 14 HERE. They are on back order but well worth the wait.

Photo Credit: Jay Cox

So. What do I think about the line so far? In one word: supercalafragalisticexpialadoshus. It's the only one I could think of that could do it justice. I am sold and can't wait to try the rest of the line!

The video clip of me rockin the line on Instagram and Facebook is a little sneak peek of a full video review that is coming soon. Stay tuned! Until then, drool over these amazing images from the #TTYA4LTS Summer Capsule Collection Lookbook!