I have a pretty good sized closet and a separate wardrobe. The amount of clothes that I have is kinda ridiculous and today solidified it. My poor wardrobe basically crumbled because the weight of the clothes bent the dang bar in half.

Even prior to my wardrobegate, I have been looking at ways to downsize all of my stuff. I have accumulated some clutter and she has to go! With that said, I have been looking at ways to adopt a life of giving away the old and efficiently acquiring the new. 

Enter the CURATD collection from Long Tall Sally. The pieces are very well made, forward thinking and importantly versatile. As you can see in this lookbook, you can create a plethora of outfits from minimal pieces. It's a smart, stylish buy that will foster your fierce for seasons to come and right now...it's even better because the collection in on discount!

Thanks for checking out the lookbook and tell me what you want to see next!

I also have it on my heart to tell you this...

You are amazing. Stop believing those lies that they are telling you. Nothing about you is a mistake and every single part of you was meant for a purpose. You are here to make a change in a way that only YOU can. Stop comparing yourself to others and walk forward in faith knowing that He built you to do all things!



I think there is a misconception among us that we can't wear vintage or thrift...this is SO FAR from the truth!

As a matter of fact, a lot of retro clothing is cut longer and really adorns our tall bodies quite nicely. Don't be afraid of it my darling. Just try it! If it doesn't fit, oh well. If it does...WINNING!

Take this velvet dress from Retro.Honey. It's not necessarily a tall dress but definitely fits my 6'6" frame. It's perfect for the holidays, is striking and doesn't need a lot of accessories because with it's beautiful, green velvet...it pops in it's own.

I paired this dress with my favorite suede heels of the season from Long Tall Sally. These Emilia's go with just about everything and I love the suede texture with the velvet.

So...step outside of your comfort zone and find a retro or thrifted gem (did I mention the clutch was thrifted:). You will show up to that holiday knowing that nobody will have the same dress as you and your bank account will be happy. Sounds like a win-win situation to me;)

Happy Holiday's beautiful! Slay those holiday parties and remember...HE is the reason for the season!.

Swing This Way

Tall Sleeveless Swing Dress - ASOS (also comes in white, pink and grey marl)/Studded Peep Toe Booties (size 11) - Alloy Apparel/Neck Piece and Gold Cuff - Forever 21/Bag - Thrifted

Photo credit: Shannon Warf

Who doesn't love a little black dress!? Like nobody...ever. They are the perfect little throw on to create a classic moment that is always memorable.

This LBD is no different. I was a little suspect at first because I like my dresses to have some shape to them but after I put the dress on, I felt like a saucy princess. The flow is perfect and it's tre sexy without being overt (which is something I personally believe every woman should try to do on a daily basis).

This swing dress is another piece from the ASOS Tall Line that I love and is the perfect example of a short dress from a tall line that is just the right short length. No booty cheeks allowed.

I also LOVE these booties from Alloy Apparel. Their tall line carries shoes up to size 11 but a little birdie told me that they will be carrying some shoes in sizes above 11 soon and you know I will let you know as soon as they drop. I can't wait and have been practicing how to order quickly on the site so I don't miss out...it's so serious:) 

Down Under

I work for the Golden State Warriors. Yes. The NBA team.  No.  I do not play for them (you would be amazed how many people ask me this). Anywho, the reason I am telling you this is that our season is over (sniff...sniff...tears) and because of this there are no games to work and...

Get to the point already!!!

Ok ok...so I say all of that to say this...no games means no overtime. No overtime means Alicia Jay is on a budget.

Oh, you are too?

It totally sucks!  But hey, it could be worse...you could have no budget at all (True story. Giving thanks always).

No worries.  TallSWAG is here to make sure you ball on a budget.  Check out these ten tall buys under $100 (yippeee:)!



SUNRISE CRINKLE SKIRT at Long Elegant Legs. $59. S-XXL. 41" long. 

STEVE MADDEN TRACEY FLAT at BareFoot Tess. $59. 11-14. Comes in 6 colors (I want them all but my budget said NO)

CANVAS SHORT at Gap. $39.95. 4-16. Comes in 6 colors.  

THE LEL MAXI DRESS at Long Elegant Legs. $89. S-XXL. Comes in 4 colors.


AVA ROMPER WITH COWL BACK at Height Goddess. $39. Small-extra large. Comes in 2 colors. (I have it and I love it) Video review by Chantelle Anderson HERE.

WOMEN'S SHANIA WEDGE SLING at Payless.com. $19.99. 5-13. If they don't have your size online check your local stores at the bottom of the page.

CANDY SKINNY JEANS at PZI Jeans. $79. 4-18. Inseams up to 38". Comes in 7 colors. Also comes in a distressed option.

SPOT PALAZZO PANT at Long Tall Sally. $79. 6-18. 36" inseam.

Take Your Pick