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TALL Asymmetric Body Concious Dress - ASOS (size 10) (Also comes in a strapless version HERE)/Neck piece and cuff - Forever 21/Shoes (size 12) - Preview International via Nordstrom Rack/Clutch - Thrifted

Photo credit: Shannon Warf 

I live for an amazing white dress. They are super hard to find because white isn't the most forgiving color in the world. The wrong cut and you will grossly misrepresent yourself. That's why I absolutely fell in love with this white hot dress from the ASOS Tall line (did I mention it's only $41.92).

It has super clean lines, the fabric is very forgiving and the arms are super long! Bottom line, it's a show stopper. Now, please believe I have a nude body shaper on underneath. Not so much for the shaping but for the foundation. After all, it's a white dress and my Mama would kill me if I didn't wear something underneath to make sure you couldn't see through it. Slips are not my thing, so I opted for the body shaper (that I picked up from Target for $16.99) and it worked out beautifully.

With a dress like this...who really need accessories!? Thus I opted for simple, metallic pieces that compliment but don't steal the show. I love a great metallic piece because it gives a pinch of pizazz but still keeps it neutral. 

What do you look for in a white dress?

Swing This Way

Tall Sleeveless Swing Dress - ASOS (also comes in white, pink and grey marl)/Studded Peep Toe Booties (size 11) - Alloy Apparel/Neck Piece and Gold Cuff - Forever 21/Bag - Thrifted

Photo credit: Shannon Warf

Who doesn't love a little black dress!? Like nobody...ever. They are the perfect little throw on to create a classic moment that is always memorable.

This LBD is no different. I was a little suspect at first because I like my dresses to have some shape to them but after I put the dress on, I felt like a saucy princess. The flow is perfect and it's tre sexy without being overt (which is something I personally believe every woman should try to do on a daily basis).

This swing dress is another piece from the ASOS Tall Line that I love and is the perfect example of a short dress from a tall line that is just the right short length. No booty cheeks allowed.

I also LOVE these booties from Alloy Apparel. Their tall line carries shoes up to size 11 but a little birdie told me that they will be carrying some shoes in sizes above 11 soon and you know I will let you know as soon as they drop. I can't wait and have been practicing how to order quickly on the site so I don't miss out...it's so serious:) 

Not on My Level

Tall Midi Split Skirt - ASOS/Tee - Forever 21/Hat - Key West Hat Company of New Orleans/Midi Boots - Payless (size 12)/Backpack - Collage Clothing Lounge/Wrap Bracelet - Alloy Apparel

Photo credit: Shannon Warf

According to good ol' Merriam-Webster, the definition of confidence is a feeling or belief that you can do something well or succeed at something. While it hasn't always been, my confidence in succeeding at being ME is very high. I am proud of my height, thankful for all of the unique gifts that God has given me and strive to celebrate the one-and-only me that that is on this earth every single day. So when I saw this amazing shirt from Forever 21 that I felt celebrated my high level of height, I purchased it without even thinking about it.

Now, some would call wearing a shirt that says you're not even on my level a bit cocky. So I decided to look that definition up too and here is what MW had to say: having or showing confidence in a way that is annoying to other people.

I found this definition to be very interesting. So I am cocky if someone is annoyed by my display of confidence? Well then, I guess you are just going to have to call me cocky then because I don't plan on ever changing the way I let my confidence shine for anyone's annoyance of it. We were built by God to be exactly the way that we are. Every single attribute was selected specifically for us to achieve and succeed in our purpose. So if you want to be annoyed by the confidence I convey from the gifts that I have been given, give me any label that you want. 

Remember, nobody and I mean NOBODY is on your level. We all have our own, exclusive level, that is untouchable. Each one of us was specifically made to achieve something that no one else can. Embrace your irreplaceable self, foster the fact that you can succeed in anything that you do and walk tall with your cocky self. 

Spring and the City

ASOS Tall Asymmetric Cami Top with Woven Panel - ASOS/3/4 Sleeve Cropped Faux Leather Jacket - Forever 21/Jersey Leggings - H&M/Wedge Sneakers - Payless (size 13)/Clutch - Thrifted/Studded Bracelet - Alloy/Neck Piece - Bauble Bar/Rings - Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe/Sunglasses - Target/Hat - Adidas

Photo Credit: Shannon Warf

Listen. There are a ton of 'rules' that people claim to live by when it comes to style. There are many great suggestions and opinions out there. You can listen to them all but at the end of the day, choose what you want to wear when you want to wear it.

For example it's spring. I was told by many mags to dust the faux leather for florals and neon. While you will see me rocking both of those, on this particular day I was feeling faux so I put it on and rocked it out. Rules shmules.

I also took the opportunity to wear one of my favorite Warriors hats. As you may or may not know, I work for the team but if I didn't, this hat would be in my collection. Trey hot. Side note: Wish we would have gone further in the Playoffs, but I'm proud of my team...looking forward to the next season. #DubNation stand up!

What styles will you be choosing this spring and summer?