Tall Jumper - ASOS Tall/Pumps - Christian Siriano for Payless (size 12)/Bracelet and cuff - Forever 21/Clutch - Vintage

Photo credit: Nikki Notarte

I have expressed this many times but I have to say it again...I LOVE THE ASOS TALL LINE! It is forward thinking and cut beautifully for us. They have some AH-MAZ-ING fall pieces coming in. Definitely check them out.

Now, this outfit is cute and everything but I feel like I need to take this in another direction today...

There are many myths that people will try to get you to believe about your height and this picture debunks three of them... 1) Tall Girls shouldn't wear heels, 2) Tall Girls shouldn't wear print and 3) Women with exceptional size feet shouldn't wear white shoes. In fact, I have been told all three. ALL are ignorant statements and ALL are lies that they want you to believe to stop you from being the fabulous, amazing, knock-down gorgeous woman that you are. 

What you must understand is that the people who make these types of rules are the same ones who are afraid to live outside them. Don't be that person. Be unapologetically Y-O-U.  Rock those heels, put those white shoes on your size 12 feet, wear the loudest print possible from the top of your pretty head to your baby toe...I don't care what it looks like to anyone else, be the YOU that YOU want to be.

Guess who needed this tonight? Her first name starts with Alicia and her last names begins with a Jay. We all need a reminder sometimes and I am no different.

#BeYOU my tall, beautiful friend!!!

Spring and the City

ASOS Tall Asymmetric Cami Top with Woven Panel - ASOS/3/4 Sleeve Cropped Faux Leather Jacket - Forever 21/Jersey Leggings - H&M/Wedge Sneakers - Payless (size 13)/Clutch - Thrifted/Studded Bracelet - Alloy/Neck Piece - Bauble Bar/Rings - Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe/Sunglasses - Target/Hat - Adidas

Photo Credit: Shannon Warf

Listen. There are a ton of 'rules' that people claim to live by when it comes to style. There are many great suggestions and opinions out there. You can listen to them all but at the end of the day, choose what you want to wear when you want to wear it.

For example it's spring. I was told by many mags to dust the faux leather for florals and neon. While you will see me rocking both of those, on this particular day I was feeling faux so I put it on and rocked it out. Rules shmules.

I also took the opportunity to wear one of my favorite Warriors hats. As you may or may not know, I work for the team but if I didn't, this hat would be in my collection. Trey hot. Side note: Wish we would have gone further in the Playoffs, but I'm proud of my team...looking forward to the next season. #DubNation stand up!

What styles will you be choosing this spring and summer?