I have a pretty good sized closet and a separate wardrobe. The amount of clothes that I have is kinda ridiculous and today solidified it. My poor wardrobe basically crumbled because the weight of the clothes bent the dang bar in half.

Even prior to my wardrobegate, I have been looking at ways to downsize all of my stuff. I have accumulated some clutter and she has to go! With that said, I have been looking at ways to adopt a life of giving away the old and efficiently acquiring the new. 

Enter the CURATD collection from Long Tall Sally. The pieces are very well made, forward thinking and importantly versatile. As you can see in this lookbook, you can create a plethora of outfits from minimal pieces. It's a smart, stylish buy that will foster your fierce for seasons to come and right now...it's even better because the collection in on discount!

Thanks for checking out the lookbook and tell me what you want to see next!

I also have it on my heart to tell you this...

You are amazing. Stop believing those lies that they are telling you. Nothing about you is a mistake and every single part of you was meant for a purpose. You are here to make a change in a way that only YOU can. Stop comparing yourself to others and walk forward in faith knowing that He built you to do all things!

Fall and Circumstance

Charcoal Grey Maxi Skirt - Amalli Talli (comes in 46" and 48") /Tall Chambray shirt - Gap/Boots - Nine West (size 12)/Scarf - Thrifted  Photo credit:  LaKeelah Smith

Charcoal Grey Maxi Skirt - Amalli Talli (comes in 46" and 48")/Tall Chambray shirt - Gap/Boots - Nine West (size 12)/Scarf - Thrifted

Photo credit: LaKeelah Smith

I have loved tall retailer Amalli Talli for awhile and guess what!?! They have their own brand now! They are making the pieces that are hard for us to find and a perfect example of that is their Charcoal Grey Maxi Skirt (it also comes in black).

Do you see this length boo? I am wearing 4.5" boots and it's still long! There are actually two length options, 46" and 48". Yes and yes. I also love the fabric and the waist band is super comfy.

Another thing about this tall basic is that it's incredibly versatile. At $55 it serves all seasons because you can layer it up for the cold months and accompany it with sandals and tanks for the hot moments. It's a great price for a great piece.

I paired it with a casual chambray shirt, fringe scarf and my favorite stacked boots. It's a classic look with some trendy moments as stacked heels and scarves will be everywhere this fall and winter.

How would you rock this skirt? Is there anything that you want Amalli Talli to include in their new brand? Let me know and I will be sure to pass it on:)

Talk to you soon beautiful!

Chic on the Go

Could I be any more dramatic in these photos? I mean geeesh,,,smile or something!

It's ironic that I am not smiling because I LOVE this set from the New Look Tall line. It is so comfy and chic that it's almost ridiculous. I have been looking for a put-together casual look and I definitely found it with this sweater and jogger set....a match made in style heaven! It's also incredibly soft and as you can see...long enough for us! One thing...the drawstring is just there for show but I actually like it that way because the joggers fit nicely with the elastic band and you don't have to mess with the drawstring all day.

As if the set wasn't enough, this bomber jacket is just ridiculous in the best way possible. The length in both the body and arms is perfect for a bomber, I love the army green color and it has the right amount of room for a fall jacket...in the words of baby bear it's just right. This tall jacket is just FAB.

I have really been wanting comfort lately. My busy has been increasing and I am constantly on the go. Sets like these are perfect because you can throw on chic and go! Athletic gear is also in for fall so this look from New Look is right one time,

What's your favorite comfy gear to throw on during your busy moments?

PS. I pretty much want every piece in the New Look tall line. I am in LUV (insert floating heart emoji here). Check out the entire fall line here.


Let me tell you about a 40-year-old bombshell! She is tall, chic and has been helping tall women enhance their height since 1976. I am talking about Long Tall Sally. It's the tall retailers 40th and I know I couldn't be more excited to celebrate 40 groundbreaking years of tall style!

Over the last 40 years LTS has truly changed the face of tall style. While there are many tall retailers that slay tall clothing, Long Tall Sally has been the frontrunner in bringing chic, tall clothing and shoes to elevated ladies everywhere. They stay ahead of the trends, constantly look for ways to cater to ALL tall women and truly want tall women to wear clothing and shoes that express their individual style. 

A perfect example of LTS style is my first look for fall. This floral shirt dress is a perfect way to bring the season in. It's chic, effortless and it's bold black, white and navy pattern is definitely on-trend. The dress itself is crafted specifically for us with longer arms and just the right length in the body.

The boots are A1 for the upcoming season. You will see the flare heel everywhere and their timeless look will work for seasons to come. I will be wearing this boot with everything! The best part...they come in sizes up to 15! Over the last 40 years Long Tall Sally has continually found ways to bring the latest footwear and size options to us and I know I will forever be thankful for that.

Long Tall Sally wants to celebrate their 40 years by sharing your LTS stories. Share your memories and you could win a gift card that will help you create new ones! ENTER HERE.

 Happy 40th LTS...here is to 40 more!

The Places You'll Go

Dress -  Pretty Penny Clothing /Shoes -  Payless (size 12) /Belt - Bloom  Photo Credit:  LaKeela Smith

Dress - Pretty Penny Clothing/Shoes - Payless (size 12)/Belt - Bloom

Photo Credit: LaKeela Smith

Traveling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. -Unknown

I am on my way to Cancun and Cuba!

I have a feeling that it is going to change a lot of things. I am going to let go and invite all that God wants me to experience. It will be 19 days to remember!

I plan to unplug for the most part however if the precious wifi spots agree with me on the trip, I may be posting on Instagram: @TallSWAG, SnapChat: @TheAliciaJay and Facebook. Regardless, there will be a full wrap-up when I get back.

I am so incredibly grateful for this trip...let the much needed vacay begin! Catch you later my Tall loves:-)

Hey Amalli Talli!

High Rise Leather Skinny in 38" - Amalli Talli / BFT Celena Patent Leather Boots (shown in a size 12) - Long Tall Sally /Scuba Jacket - Taller Than Your Average for Long Tall Sally/Sheer tank - Thrifted/Hair -  Perfect Locks   Photo Credit:  Marc Allen

High Rise Leather Skinny in 38" - Amalli Talli/BFT Celena Patent Leather Boots (shown in a size 12) - Long Tall Sally/Scuba Jacket - Taller Than Your Average for Long Tall Sally/Sheer tank - Thrifted/Hair - Perfect Locks

Photo Credit: Marc Allen

Let's meet our new friend shall we? Hey Amalli Talli! We are so excited to make your acquaintance and thank you for these crazy, fabulous high rise leather Yoga Jean Skinnies in 38" inseam (say that 10 times fast).

Amalli Talli has some amazing tall options but these jeans take the cake. They have superior stretch that does not get baggy 10 seconds after you put them on. They keep their shape while giving you shape. I also love that they are high rise so the whole butt crack showing when you bend over thing doesn't happen.

In addition to the fab feel of the fabric, they also have a snakeskin print. It takes the whole faux leather situation to new levels. With the print they are far more interesting than most of the tall, leather pants out there.

Last, but certainly not least...look at the God sent length of this jean! They posses 38" inches of yoga jean goodness. Dare I say they were almost too long (which I think we can agree is a beautiful "problem" to have. 

With that said...both Amalli Talli and these fab jeans have my tall stamp of approval. I will be rocking them often! #TeamWearClothesMoreThanOnce :-)