Smash Shoes


There is nothing like a custom piece unless it's 2 of them!

This cropped shirt and maxi skirt from Dimiloc are everything! Peep the long arms and almost too long length of the skirt. Man...isn't it amazing when something is too long? I really love the fabric in both pieces. They feel great and the construction is very thoughtful.


I also love how many ways you can wear this skirt. I personally like to pull it up and wear it like a maxi dress. You can even belt it to give the silhouette more shape. In the summer, take off the top completely and just rock the skirt as a maxi or throw on a white tee for a casual summer fit. I also have a look coming up that uses just the top. There are so many outfits you can rock with just these 2 pieces.  

Crop Top and Skirt -  Dimiloc /Boots -  Smash Shoes  (size 12)/Wig - Made by Taya Jae with  Perfect Locks  hair/Earrings -  Candid Art /Necklace and Belt - Forever21  Images: Jay Cox

Crop Top and Skirt - Dimiloc/Boots - Smash Shoes (size 12)/Wig - Made by Taya Jae with Perfect Locks hair/Earrings - Candid Art/Necklace and Belt - Forever21

Images: Jay Cox

I think one of the biggest misconceptions about custom pieces is that they are too expensive. Yes, they cost more money in most case but it's an investment. Would you rather buy clothing that doesn't fit and needs to be purchased more often because of the quality or save up and buy something that is versatile and will last you. The latter is where I'm now taking my wardrobe too. I want everything in my closet to fit the way it should and be of the quality that it should be. I will be editing my entire wardrobe but these 2 pieces will definitely be stayng right in my closet!

Across Patterns and Time

Animal Print Bodysuit - ASOS Tall ( Tall bodysuits HERE )/Shoes -  Smash Shoes /Pants -  Collage Clothing Lounge /All jewelry -  Candid Art   Photo Credit:  LaKeela Smith

Animal Print Bodysuit - ASOS Tall (Tall bodysuits HERE)/Shoes - Smash Shoes/Pants - Collage Clothing Lounge/All jewelry - Candid Art

Photo Credit: LaKeela Smith

This outfit is a testament to many things...

1. You don't have to buy something new to rock a new and exciting outfit. These are all pieces I have owned for some time remixed in to a fabulous fit. I can't tell you how many compliments I received. If you want a new look, it's often right there in your closet.

2. Try everything on! I saw these pants at the Collage Clothing Lounge in Oakland and thought what we all think while shopping in stores...there is no way those are gonna be long enough. I tried them on anyway and I am so thankful that I did because there are some of my favorite pants! You just never truly know until you try.

3. Ignore the RULES. If you let some people tell it, mixing patterns is wrong and furthermore tall women shouldn't wear loud colors or patterns because it draws more attention to them. Pish to the posh! SO FAR from the truth. Wear what makes you feel best, Give them something to stare at hunni! Don't let anyone limit your style and how you express it. From neon to patterns, don't let anyone hold your style back because often times they are afraid to express theirs themselves. Society, get away from with all that!

What I wish for you is freedom. Freedom in what you do. Freedom in what you wear. Freedom in what you feel about yourself. You are exceptionally beautiful inside and out and I want you to show the world your strength and self-love in every single way that you can whether it be in your style, walk or words...

Live out your purpose, live in your purpose and freely show the world who you are!

Sweat it Out

Michelle Mesh Booties - Smash Shoes  (Shown in size 12, also comes in black)/Tall Joggers -  Long Elegant Legs /Necklace and men's sweatshirt - Forever 21/Shades - Akira   Photo Credit: Marc Allen

Michelle Mesh Booties - Smash Shoes (Shown in size 12, also comes in black)/Tall Joggers - Long Elegant Legs/Necklace and men's sweatshirt - Forever 21/Shades - Akira

Photo Credit: Marc Allen

I completely get it. There are just some days where comfort it key. Those moments when you want to melt into a pair of sweats. Without a doubt, put them on a snuggle up! But sometimes those days fall on occasions where your typical sweats don't match the event that you are going too. Never fear! Accessories are here!

Pick out a comfy base. To pump up the chic simplistic vibe, I usually go for a solid color base but do you boo. Then throw on some statement shoes (that can easily be switched out for tennies right after the event) like these hawt mesh Michelle booties from Smash Shoes. I am in absolute LOVE! They come in sizes; 11, 11w, 12, 12w, 13 and 14 and also come in black (yes, you have seen them before because I rocked the black option in a previous post). And guess what? They are on sale right now for $79!

To finish the look I added this statement necklace from Forever 21. Under $10 and adds just the right amount of pow to this look.

Now I know you are dying to know! Where did you get those tall joggers!? I got them from Long Elegant Legs which is now a part of tall style powerhouse, Long Tall Sally. This style is no longer available but they have this 36" inseam option is is equally as awesome. There are also these options from Alloy Apparel in 37" as well.

So don't sweat the sweat days. Pump them up and rock them out! :-)

Poncho Power

Let's just sit for a moment and laugh at the title of this post. Yes. I am a corny Tall girl and I love every minute of it. Poncho Power...hehehe:)

On to the real reason why we are here...this fabulous poncho! It's from Long Tall Sally and haute isn't even the word. The best part about it, is that you look completely polished but feel like you are wrapped up in a blanket all day. the true definition of comfy chic. We all know I love me some comfy chic.

I paired the poncho with my favorite boots of the season from SMASH Shoes. The Lexy actually go above the knee (gasp), are really comfortable and they look great dressed up and down. I then added a punch of color with a simple maroon skirt I picked up at Forever 21 (which is really supposed to be a midi but you know how that goes) and my favorite hat (yes, you have seen it many times. I am a firm believer in repeating).

Wow! I just realized that this is my first post of 2016. This year is going to be amazing! Not because of resolutions but because I believe and know that at all times God has great things planned for me and He does for you too. You can do all things and it doesn't take a new year to believe and begin!

Over The Moon

Hunty. Look. At. These. Boots.

I mean...stop everything and look at a boot, that comes in size 10-13, that is a TRUE over-the-knee boot. Take that in, don't pass out and happy dance like a maniac. They also come in black. Bring that happy dance back once again!

These SMASH beauties couldn't be more on time as this season, over-the-knee footwear will be everywhere. Not too far behind, is the all black trend. Now for me, this is not a trend. All black everything is classic and a timeless staple. You can never go wrong with all black and the Georgette Tunic is one of those perfect black pieces that you can wear with everything. I love the detail, chic collar and the length is spectacular. You WILL see me rockin this again and probably again.

I really can't wait for fall and more importantly can't wait to walk this way and that way in these killer boots. You can't tell this tall girl nothin! ;)

Candy Striper

Dress - ASOS Tall /Heels -  Mercedes from Smash Shoes (size 12) /Neck Piece and sunnies - Forever 21/Belt - Thrifted  Photo Credit:  Nikki Notarte

Dress - ASOS Tall/Heels - Mercedes from Smash Shoes (size 12)/Neck Piece and sunnies - Forever 21/Belt - Thrifted

Photo Credit: Nikki Notarte

I know you did a double take on that title (insert crying smiling face here)...

Anywho...pockets = magic. They are a crazy combination of comfortable and fierce (we all have a go-to pocket pose). Pockets are definitely this Tall Girl's best friend. If I find a dress that fits with pockets, it's a safe bet that it will be in my closet immediately. 

This Tall dress from ASOS not only fits the pocket bill, it also has vertical stripes to accentuate your long and leanness (yes, I know I just made that word up). The slits are placed appropriately and when you want to be office appropriate, you can zip the top up, throw on some pumps and walk through the office like the boss you are.

This is definitely one of my ASOS Tall favorites and when I was on the site the other day (ok, truth...I go on it almost every day) I saw some fall favorites that I will soon make mine. Check out the full selection of dresses and new fall arrivals on

PS. Smash Shoes is the bomb diggity. So good, I clearly brought back an 80's phrase for it. They have shoes up to size 14 and styles that you will want to bag right up!