Paper Planes

I'm getting geared up for a trip...wait for it...TO CUBA! I have always wanted to go and now that most everybody can, I want to visit before it gets 'touristy' (is that even a word?). So...away I will go later this month.

I am going with 3 of my friends and we will be visiting Havana, Santiago and Holguin. It's going to be amazing and I am so thankful that God has placed me in a position to have the experience.

Of course I will be documenting my entire trip and fits:-) Depending on the internet access, it may be after the trip...but regardless of when...I can't wait to share it with you.

This outfit is a little preview of what I will be wearing in Cuba. Easy, breezy and simple. I'm bringing 3 pairs of neutral colored shoes and pieces that are easy to mix and match because we can't bring a lot of luggage. We will be staying in casas particulares (private homestays) and on-the-move from city to city...so less is definitely more.

I really think that this trip is going to be a life changing experience. Right now I am at a point in my life where I have to make some overdue decisions (which I will talk more about at a later time) and I feel the experience that I will have on this getaway will definitely have an impact on the choices that I make.

With all of this said...if you know of any photographers or videographers in any of the cities that I am going to in Cuba, please let me know! I will capture most of the trip myself but would love to work with someone in each city. Info@TallSWAG.com :-)

Thanks in advance and have a great weekend beautiful!

Poncho Power

Let's just sit for a moment and laugh at the title of this post. Yes. I am a corny Tall girl and I love every minute of it. Poncho Power...hehehe:)

On to the real reason why we are here...this fabulous poncho! It's from Long Tall Sally and haute isn't even the word. The best part about it, is that you look completely polished but feel like you are wrapped up in a blanket all day. the true definition of comfy chic. We all know I love me some comfy chic.

I paired the poncho with my favorite boots of the season from SMASH Shoes. The Lexy actually go above the knee (gasp), are really comfortable and they look great dressed up and down. I then added a punch of color with a simple maroon skirt I picked up at Forever 21 (which is really supposed to be a midi but you know how that goes) and my favorite hat (yes, you have seen it many times. I am a firm believer in repeating).

Wow! I just realized that this is my first post of 2016. This year is going to be amazing! Not because of resolutions but because I believe and know that at all times God has great things planned for me and He does for you too. You can do all things and it doesn't take a new year to believe and begin!

Orange Crush

Growing up, I always thought that wide leg pants would make me look taller and guess what...they do boo. They bring attention to the length of those long legs (especially when wearing a print). Now. my younger self ran from this because why in THE HECK would I want to look taller? However, I now know what a blessing this height is and why not highlight the gifts that God gave you?!?

The Abstract Chevron Palazzo is the perfect pant to accentuate your tall, beautifulness (it's a word in the Alicia dictionary:) They are cut exceptionally well, have a bold vertical print and the fabric flows like a crisp, clean river (too much Alicia). But seriously...these pants are amazing. They are one of my favorite pieces from the latest Taller Than Your Average for Long Tall Sally Collection. They are always HOT and I always want every single piece (winning that for life would be like hitting the lottery). I can't wait to see what's next.

I paired it with a hat, some killer patent ankle boots (that go up to 14) and one of the LTS Basic pieces that I love (and have in multiple colors), The Roll Neck Jersey Top. Just in case you didn't know, Long Tall Sally has amazing basics that are long and will expand your wardrobe in many ways. They enable you to have a proper fitting foundation and that is half the battle in dressing Tall.

Bottom line. Wear what you love, love what you want and leave the self-doubt behind you where it belongs. You are wonderfully made...never forget it!

The Infamous Tunic

Two Pocket Tunic Shirt - Long Tall Sally /Midi Skirt - Forever 21/Peep Toe Booties - Payless/Crossbody Clutch - Thrifted/Hat - Key West Hat Company of New Orleans/Cross Necklace - Nordstrom/Chain Necklace - Forever 21/Bracelet - Charlotte Russe  Photo Credit:  YBowyer Photography

Two Pocket Tunic Shirt - Long Tall Sally/Midi Skirt - Forever 21/Peep Toe Booties - Payless/Crossbody Clutch - Thrifted/Hat - Key West Hat Company of New Orleans/Cross Necklace - Nordstrom/Chain Necklace - Forever 21/Bracelet - Charlotte Russe

Photo Credit: YBowyer Photography

Ah. The infamous tunic. You know...the shirt that is supposed to go past your booty but usually ends up just looking like a typical shirt on us. Yep. That tunic.

Well, today I have a real, tall tunic that shatters all of your tunic disappointments. It fits just like a bonafied, tried and true tunic should. Long, with long arms and full booty coverage. Cha-ching my tall friend!

The Two Pocket Tunic Shirt is one of the new arrivals in the Long Tall Sally Spring Collection. I am obviously in love with the fit, but also the versatility and vibrant color. This season, blue has in many ways become the new black so you can rock it in many different ways with many different colors and patterns.

I love pairing blue and black together and stripes are my jam right now so I whipped up this look and absolutely love it. And before I get any comments...yes...this is the hat you have seen in like 3 of my other posts. Listen, I wear things more than once (gasp). In addition, I have a rather large head which makes selecting hats a difficult task. Thus, when I find one that works, I rocketh it ofteneth.

I also have to talk about this crossbody clutch. I found the actual clutch at a used bag place in Oakland for $6.99. It had an ugly rope handle, so me with my DIY self, cut it off and replaced it with black chain and clasps. I love it because you can adjust the length really easily with the clasps and, well, it looks cool.

I really want to say something else whitty but it's 1amish and I am one tired tall girl so I leave you to sleep and have sweet dreams. Smooches!