Sweat Equity

We have all been there. You are straight chillin on the couch, when your friend calls last minute with something fun that you just can’t pass up. You only have moments to get ready and are currently in sweat mode. What to do? Remix those sweats boo!


You can add some very small things that will make a big impact on a chic athleisure look. In this case, I added a simple faux leather jacket, hoops and some nude pumps. Seriously, thats it. I guarantee you already have accessories that you can add. No purchase necessary. Just go in that closet and mix it up.

ASOS DESIGN Tall Hoodie & Jogger Set (shown in size L) /Faux Leather Jacket - ASOS  (similar here) /Glasses and Hoops - Forever 21/Pumps - Calvin Klein (shown in size 12)  Photos by  Alina Mamlyuk

ASOS DESIGN Tall Hoodie & Jogger Set (shown in size L)/Faux Leather Jacket - ASOS (similar here)/Glasses and Hoops - Forever 21/Pumps - Calvin Klein (shown in size 12)

Photos by Alina Mamlyuk

If you are looking for sweats, I highly recommend the ASOS loungewear line but if you already have them, there are simple, easy and free ways to pump them up 20 notches. Try some things out. The worst thing that can happen is you have to buy a new pair of sweats and the best is unlocking new looks you didn’t even know you had in your closet. That doesn’t sound like much of a risk to me. Besides, you need that emergency look on hand for that one last minute friend that we all have, know and love. Stay ready so you wont have to get ready. Period.

Werking from Home

In the past 8 months, there have been so many changes in my life. Despite the best of plans, I don’t think that you can ever be ready to catapult into full time entrepreneurship. It’s incredibly freeing and sometimes equally as terrifying. You are literally steering the ship and relying on your own volition for everything. It took me some time to adjust. Driving your own cause takes will power, meticulous scheduling and a lot of prayer. I have called out to God more times than I can count. However at the end of the day, it’s completely worth it.

One of the biggest adjustments has been working from home. I was business casual for 13 years and now I have a commute of zero. I literally could work in my pajammie jams all day. Ok, for a time I was but I found that my mind would stay in bed as long as I still had the clothes that I slept in on. So what do you do? Sit at your computer with a full suit on? That would be a full on negative ghostwriter for me. If I am at home, I am going to be comfortable but I also need to be able to pick up and go at a moments notice. So what’s a tall girl to do? I jumped on the net to find the chicest of sweats and landed at our good friend ASOS.

Admittedly, I could wear the ASOS tall line every single day and especially now because the loungewear is straight fire. This ribbed top and pant are a prime example of the amazing pieces they have to kick it in the most fashionable way possible.


And when I have to run to a meeting or meet up, I pick out my pineapple (aka fluff the fro), throw-on some accessories and I strut down the street like the boss I was created to be. In this case, I literally added an earring, circle bag and block heels. I go from work-at-home chic to power meeting ready in the blink of an eye.

These are sweats people! I mean it’s changed my whole style point of view. Fierce and incredibly comfortable at the same time? Sign me up! Let’s take this lewk in shall we!? Scroll and I will see you at the end…


You will undoubtably see my style changing in different ways. My life is vastly transforming and that means that everything is morphing to compliment it. I look forward to sharing these new lewks and lookout on life with you. We are constantly learning in growing in all areas and I am honored to do it with each and every one of you. Talk to you soon gorgeous!

Sweat it Out

Michelle Mesh Booties - Smash Shoes  (Shown in size 12, also comes in black)/Tall Joggers -  Long Elegant Legs /Necklace and men's sweatshirt - Forever 21/Shades - Akira   Photo Credit: Marc Allen

Michelle Mesh Booties - Smash Shoes (Shown in size 12, also comes in black)/Tall Joggers - Long Elegant Legs/Necklace and men's sweatshirt - Forever 21/Shades - Akira

Photo Credit: Marc Allen

I completely get it. There are just some days where comfort it key. Those moments when you want to melt into a pair of sweats. Without a doubt, put them on a snuggle up! But sometimes those days fall on occasions where your typical sweats don't match the event that you are going too. Never fear! Accessories are here!

Pick out a comfy base. To pump up the chic simplistic vibe, I usually go for a solid color base but do you boo. Then throw on some statement shoes (that can easily be switched out for tennies right after the event) like these hawt mesh Michelle booties from Smash Shoes. I am in absolute LOVE! They come in sizes; 11, 11w, 12, 12w, 13 and 14 and also come in black (yes, you have seen them before because I rocked the black option in a previous post). And guess what? They are on sale right now for $79!

To finish the look I added this statement necklace from Forever 21. Under $10 and adds just the right amount of pow to this look.

Now I know you are dying to know! Where did you get those tall joggers!? I got them from Long Elegant Legs which is now a part of tall style powerhouse, Long Tall Sally. This style is no longer available but they have this 36" inseam option is is equally as awesome. There are also these options from Alloy Apparel in 37" as well.

So don't sweat the sweat days. Pump them up and rock them out! :-)