There is nothing like a custom piece unless it's 2 of them!

This cropped shirt and maxi skirt from Dimiloc are everything! Peep the long arms and almost too long length of the skirt. Man...isn't it amazing when something is too long? I really love the fabric in both pieces. They feel great and the construction is very thoughtful.


I also love how many ways you can wear this skirt. I personally like to pull it up and wear it like a maxi dress. You can even belt it to give the silhouette more shape. In the summer, take off the top completely and just rock the skirt as a maxi or throw on a white tee for a casual summer fit. I also have a look coming up that uses just the top. There are so many outfits you can rock with just these 2 pieces.  

Crop Top and Skirt -  Dimiloc /Boots -  Smash Shoes  (size 12)/Wig - Made by Taya Jae with  Perfect Locks  hair/Earrings -  Candid Art /Necklace and Belt - Forever21  Images: Jay Cox

Crop Top and Skirt - Dimiloc/Boots - Smash Shoes (size 12)/Wig - Made by Taya Jae with Perfect Locks hair/Earrings - Candid Art/Necklace and Belt - Forever21

Images: Jay Cox

I think one of the biggest misconceptions about custom pieces is that they are too expensive. Yes, they cost more money in most case but it's an investment. Would you rather buy clothing that doesn't fit and needs to be purchased more often because of the quality or save up and buy something that is versatile and will last you. The latter is where I'm now taking my wardrobe too. I want everything in my closet to fit the way it should and be of the quality that it should be. I will be editing my entire wardrobe but these 2 pieces will definitely be stayng right in my closet!


Today I bring you 3 items that are incredibly hard for us to find; a maxi cardigan that is actually a maxi, over-the-knee boots that are actually cover the knee and a bodysuit that you can stand up straight in without giving yourself the dreaded wedgie in both the front and back.

Kye Black Maxi Cardigan in TALL - DIMILOC/Kyla over-the-knee boots - SMASH SHOES/Neck Piece - CANDID ART/Bodysuit - ASOS Tall (similar here)/Faux Leather Mini - H&M

Makeup and Photography by Nikki Notarte

Let's start with this miraculous garm from Dimiloc. Like all of the pieces on the Dimloc site, it's custom made and as you can see the height is right. I love the detailed braided boarder and the sleeves are so long, that a tall girl shed a baby tear of thankfulness. I look forward to using this as a swimsuit cover up during the summer as well. The drama dahling...the drama!

Let me introduce you to my new bambinos. These boots are not only comfortable but truly go over our knees. They are from Smash Shoes, also come in a beautiful grey and in sizes 11-14. You read that right and it's perfectly OK to let out a little scream of joy.

Now...let's talk about bodysuits. I LOVE a great bodysuit. A shirt that you never have to tuck in? Yes please. But you know retailers don't make bodysuits in the masses for us but guess who does...ASOS! They have haute, tall bodysuits for every occasion and I for one will take one of each.

And this my friends is what happens when you find pieces that fit...smiles everywhere! Ironically, this is all you really need. Yes, I love this outfit but your smile surpasses anything you could ever put on. You alone are enough. You alone are beautiful. You alone are amazing. Whatever you put on is just icing on the cake!

She is clothed in strength and dignity and can laugh at the days to come. Proverbs 31:25.