Sole Society

Soled Out

Ashton Textured High Heels Sandal - Sole Society(size 12)/Print Jersey Pant - Long Tall Sally (size M)/Oversized Pocket Tee - Long Tall Sally (similar HERE)/Clutch - H&M/Fedora - JCP/Necklace - Thrifted 

Photo Credit: Janet Fong

Hold on....wait for it...SOLE SOCIETY HAS SIZE 12'S!!!

Yes hunni. You read that all the way right. Sole Society now has some amazing styles in sizes up to 12 with more on the way.

I received my first pair last week and I absolutely LOVE them. They are the Ashton, in pale almond, in size 12. They fit perfectly (true to size) and were comfortable on the first wear. Do I need to mention that they are HOT? I mean just look at them. Buckles, straps and texture...oh my!

They are constructed very well and the buckles are adjustable but once you adjust them, there will be no need to buckle them again because there is a full zipper in the back that makes them easy to put on.

I can't wait to try other styles. You want to see them? Click HERE for all of the Sole Society shoes in sizes up to 12.

I am also obsessed with these Print Jersey Pants from Long Tall Sally. They are SO comfy (you feel like you are wearing pajamas without the embarrassment of wearing pajamas) and add a little punch to your casual wear. That, combined with the awesome length, makes them a win-win in my humble opinion.

Excited about the new Sole Society extended shoe size options? Don't forget to share...we need to stick together tall dolls:)

Dear Cowards

Dear shoe memberships, clubs or whatever you fancy,

You should be ashamed of yourselves.

How dare you forget about all of the women in this world that wear above a size 11. Do you think that feet don’t grow beyond that size?  Do you think that they shouldn’t grow past 11?  Because I am here to tell you that they do and you should provide options for us.


Because the women attached to size 11+ feet are fabulous and will rock your fabulous shoes in every way possible. 

Because YOU are missing out on major cash.

Because every woman should have an equal opportunity to wear shoes.

Because you ignoring a group of women who wear above a size 11 is accepting a false societal standard of what women SHOULD look like.

Because you have the ability to do so and can.

So what is the problem?  Make it happen.  I assure you that women from all points of the earth will join and buy like there is no tomorrow. 

Continue to stay with the crowd and take the coward route if you want but it’s much more historic to make the move and do something that nobody has done before.

So who is going to be first?


One of the Women You Ignore

Feel free to use this image in any way possible to bring attention to the fact that shoe memberships ignore us. It wouldn't hurt to tag them in your tweets, posts or blogs. The more messages we give them the better. Maybe one of them will step up and do what's right.