LTS Pop Up Shop

I am a huge fan of pop up shops. Unfortunately for us, most of our options are online so when an opportunity pops up (pun intended) to have an actual shopping experience and try things on, I sprint to it like I was in the Olympics. Seriously. I would qualify if the finish line had a pop-up shop on the other side.

Perhaps my favorite pop up shop experience happened yesterday at the Long Tall Sally Pop Up Shop in San Francisco. I have attended one before (video HERE) but for many reasons this one was particularly special...

Photo credit: Asha Wilkerson

Photo credit: Asha Wilkerson

I arrived and was obviously super happy about it. Who wouldn't be!? I was also ready to make some purchases as well...hence the open handbag.

When you walk in, you automatically feel like the experience was made for you. Off top, the clothing looks tall. No lie. I almost felt like it looked too long because of the racks we are used to seeing but then I snapped out of it because something being too long is just a ludicrous thought that no proper tall girl should ever have.

The selection of jeans with long inseams was out of this world. I guarantee you, you won't find this many in one spot anywhere else. Click play and prepared to be amazed.

Not only did they have a great selection of clothing, they also had a selection of shoes up to size 15. Now, the shoe selection definitely wasn't as large as the clothing selection but it was still a rare opportunity to walk in and try on a pair of shoes in our size. Even if you don't walk out with a pair of shoes, it's a great way to find out your fit for future online orders.

After checking out the scene, it was off to the races! When I say my friend Asha and I tried on everything, I mean we tried on the ENTIRE pop up. It was so much fun! The arms were long enough, the skirts hit the floor, the pants covered those ankles and the outerwear was on another level. I mean, I almost didn't take the padded parka coat off. You were seriously going to see me in it for the entire fall/winter season cold or not.

Can you blame me? Just look at the tall, warm fabulousness!

And can we talk about the actual dressing room? While they definitely have private changing rooms, there was a communal dressing room with a bunch of mirrors. Now, I know that seems strange but it was a blast! Everyone was styling each other, laughing, comparing tall stories and having a good ol time.

Photo credit: Asha Wilkerson

Photo credit: Asha Wilkerson

But the real reasons why this pop up shop experience is so special, are the tall, beautiful ladies that you meet there. Every single person that I met at the pop up shop changed my life in some way, shape or form. It's amazing what can happen when we just talk to each other! Being in a room where everyone understands the gift that we were given is so incredibly powerful.

While it was amazing meeting everyone, I nearly broke into tears when I met Josie. She is the beautiful 14 year old girl on the far right. When I saw her, I immediately thought of myself at that age. She carries her height like a rock star but we all know what it's like to grow up tall. I immediately felt a connection with her and our conversation about tall life was truly a blessing that will continue to inspire me.

So when and where can you take part in this amazing experience? Check the schedule below and click for more information.

While you are there (or even when you order online) don't forget to share your experience with other tall girls out there. We need to know! Don't hold the good, bad or ugly back from your tall sisters. We must always stick together!

Happy pop up shopping tall beauties!