Happy Style

PU Pullover Sweater - Alloy/Skirt - Thrifted (Goodwill)/TESS by Barefoot Tess Vienna Boot (size 12) Fashionably Large Shoes/Oversized Chain Neck Piece - Urban Vintage/Triangle Stretch Bracelet - Forever21/PU Stud Wrap Bracelet - Alloy/Skyler Mini Crossbody - Alloy

Photo Credit: Clara Rice

So it's been a minute since we have talked to each other.  I have been busy as a queen bee.  Games, games, projects and did I mention games? I seriously missed you.

So, in the midst of all of the madness, I found time to pickup some new favs. For the longest time I have been looking for a pleather shirt but couldn't find one with long enough arms. When I found this 3/4 length baby from Alloy, I put it in the bag. I particularily love the fact that it's not entirely PU.  I mean who wants to wear a sweat bag all day? This shirt is a pleather party in the front and sweater in the back. Best of both worlds.

I found the skirt on a quick thrift visit to Goodwill.  I love the length because it's short but doesn't show the cheeks (yall know what I mean).

The boots!!! They were an amazing pickup from this place I love to troll called Fashionably Large Shoes.  They have some great finds in great sizes.

Now that I have shared some style accomplishments, I have to share a work accomplishment.  Recently my co-workers (who also happen to be amazing friends) Janet, Sabrina and I made a Warriors version of Pharrell Williams Happy video (which is completely genius by the way).

It was a blast to make and showcases many of my GSW and ORACLE family members. When you get a moment please check it out. Definitely one of those moments where you don't feel like it's work because you are doing something that you love:)

Look NOW: Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is a tall woman (5'11" to be exact) of many talents.  She can sing like nobody's business, writes amazing, timeless songs and has effortless, ladylike style.  She is definitely a bona fied member of team TallSWAG.

Recently Taylor was out and about in this cute fit which I for one wish I was wearing right now.  Want Taylor's complete look for under $200 (a la tall of course)? Scroll down now.


TRUCK JEANS KENDALL SKINNY JEANS at Alloy. $35.92. Sizes 1-25. Inseams up to 37".  Also comes in yellow, black, turqoise and white.

TALL SLASH KNIT T-SHIRT at Next. $22. Sizes 4-14.




BIKINI SO TEENY at Essie. $8.


STEVE MADDEN TRACEY FLAT at Barefoot Tess. $59. Sizes 11-14. Also comes in black, blue, floral, fushia and taupe.

Jean Machine

I have been on vacation (I know...I have been slackin big time on my tweets and FB bad) and the number one question I have been getting while gettin my vacay on is, "where do you get your jeans?" So I decided to post ALL of my favs. No, I don't have all of these jeans HOWEVER if I won the lottery tomorrow I would have 2 pair of each (when you find some GREAT jeans, you have to buy a back-up pair:).

Enjoy and please share your own personal favoritos:-)

ALLOY - From left to right: PARIS BLUES STRETCH EXTEND TAB WIDE-LEG JEAN ($41.90, size 1-25, up to 37" inseam), DIAMOND PAINT SPLATTER STRETCH DESTRUCTED SKINNY JEAN ($44.90, size 1-25, up to 37" inseam) and VIGOLD PREMIUM EXTEND TAB STRETCH BOOTCUT JEAN ($41.90, size 1-25, up to 37" inseam.

CJ by COOKIE JOHNSON - From left to right: HOPE - ATLANTIC ($198, sizes 24-38, 36" inseam), PROSPER - SILHOUETTE ($198, Sizes 24-38, 35" inseam) and FELICITY FLARE - OPTIC WHITE ($182, sizes 24-34, 35" inseam).

GAP - From left to right: 1969 CURVY JEANS IN THE SATURATED DARK WASH ($69.50, sizes 4-16, 37" inseam), 1969 SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT LEGGING JEANS IN BLUE-GREEN WASH ($69.95, sizes 4-16, 35" inseam) and 1969 PERFECT BOOT JEANS IN LIGHT WASH ($59.50, sizes 2-16, 37" inseam).

HEIGHT GODDESS - From left to right: BAILEY BOOT CUT JEAN IN OPTIC WHITE ($98, size 27-33, up to 40" inseam), HEATHER SKINNY JEAN ($129, size 27-35, up to 39" inseam) and VICTORIA WIDE LEG TROUSER ($138, size 27-34, up to 39" inseam).

TALL COUTURE - From left to right: ROCK & REPUBLIC KARIANA WIDE LEG IN WHITE ($182, sizes 26-32, 36" inseam), WORK CUSTOM GIDGET FLARE IN WORK BLUE ($187, sizes 27-31, 35" inseam) and DOMINO CANDY JEGGING IN BLACK ($109, sizes 28-31, 37" inseam).

LONG LEGS - From left to right: YOGA JEANS IN RINSE ($120, size 29-34, 38" inseam), SUMMER DESI FROM DISH ($105, size 28-36, 37" inseam) and DISH DESI VALLETTA ($105, size 27-34, 36.5" inseam).

SKINNY JEANS - From left to right: NITE WASH BARELY BOOTCUT ($188, size 24-38, up to 37" inseam), DAY WASH BARELY BOOTCUT ($188, SIZE 24-38, up to 37" inseam), and BLACKOUT COUTURE CUT ($188, size 24-34, uo to 37" inseam). 

BUCKLE - From left to right: BKE MADISON STRETCH JEAN ($79.95, sizes 24-34, 37" inseam), BIG STAR VINTAGE NINA STRAIGHT STRETCH JEAN ($148, sizes 25-33, 37" inseam) and MISS ME LEATHER WING BOOT STRETCH JEAN ($198, limited quantities, 37" inseam).

Wide Idea

The "IT" pant for spring11 is the wide leg.  From trouser to leggings, as long as it's wide, it's in.  Thankfully, I had some stored away for this very moment but if you are looking for a new pant check out the options below.  Don't worry...these wide legs won't make your wallet skinny:)

WIDE LEG PANTS ARE IN FOR SPRING11. Featured pants from left to right: Tall Wide Leg Trouser Jean ( $69.50), Clarkston Stretch Trouser ( $39.90) and Push-Up Legging: Wide Leg ( $34). Don't like these options? Click the pic to go to the TallSWAG "pants" page to find your own:)

Get a closer look:

TALL WIDE LEG TROUSER JEAN at $69.50. Sizes 2 to 16. Shown in dark wash. Also comes in pintucked, white wash and faded dark wash.

CLARKSTON STRETCH TROUSER at $39.90. Sizes 1 to 25. 37" inseam. Cuff can be brought down for additional length. Shown in charcoal stripe. Also comes in black and grey.


The White Size

White jeans are a hard trend to find right now, especially in longer lengths.  I searched high and low and found 3 different tall options that I know you will love.  Want to find your own white jeans?  Visit the jeans link to the left with over 50 online stores to choose from.

ALLOY TRUCK SKINNY JEANS ESSENTIAL at $39.90 to $44.90 (depending on the size). Sizes 1 to 25. Inseams 30" to 37". Shown in white. Also comes in black and rinse denim.

SORRY. THIS ITEM IS SOLD OUT. Click the pic for other great jeans from

SORRY. THIS ITEM IS SOLD OUT. Click the pic to find other amazing jeans at