Easy as 1, 2, 3

My favorite local boutique is the Collage Clothing Lounge.  It has a little bit of everything for everybody.  Occasionally there are even pants long enough for us (I know, shocking).  The other day I picked up an incredible pair of tye die palazzo pants that literally drag on the ground (don't be surprised if you see them in a future post).

On the same trip as the palazzos, I found some super comfy, cropped biker pants. I am all about getting the bang for my buck so I played around with them a little to see what looks I could come up with. It's amazing what you can do with some simple changes.

Let's start with the work look. You want to dress up the pants a bit (because we all don't have casual Friday's) so I opted for a collared shirt.  I went sleeveless because it's summertime but any collared shirt will do.  The key to this look is selecting a top that is long so that it's office appropriate.  Put on a belt to polish everything up, slip on some nude heels, grab a bag and you are ready for your 9 to 5. Frosting tip: you can keep your accessories simple when wearing a bright color.

SHIRT/BELT/PANTS - Collage Clothing Lounge. SHOES - Vince Camuto (size 12). BAG - Windsor Store. RING - H&M.

Now for the laid-back, nerd alert, daytime look. Again, I used a pop-of color with the neon Tall is Beautiful shirt by ME (purposeful, shameless plug:). Throw on a cardigan, some glasses (totally optional but I LOVE a pair of fake focals), and some statement flats (a tall girl loves her glitz). Done. Frosting tip: don't be afraid to stack bracelets on your everyday watch. It's like a swatch watch on steroids.

PANTS/CARDIGAN - Collage Clothing Lounge. GLASSES - Target. BRACELETS - Forever 21. WATCH - Windsor Store. SPARKLE FLATS - Payless

Alright. It's time to fierce it up with the 'going out look' (could I be any more boring with the title). Clearly, I am big on the pops of color and absolutely love the back of this top.  Put on some sky highs (i.e. tall heels) and you are good to go. Frosting tip: do it big! There is no need to hold back on the accessories for a night out.

SHIRT/PANTS - Collage Clothing Lounge. EARRINGS/BANGLES - Charlotte Russe. NECKLACE - Forever 21. CLUTCH - Vintage. SHOES - Nine West.

Well, that's my 3-way (for the record, the ONLY kind I will ever participate in). What would you wear with these cropped biker pants? 

Photo credit: Doug-Ho (HkoPhoto)

Independence Day

I will never forget the day another tall woman came up to me and told me that I shouldn't be wearing red because it would bring MORE attention to me (it was a super cute shirt btw). I was baffled, astonished, mad and then sad. Before I could even react, she was off. Clearly she tried to paint her insecurities on me. Thank God they didn't stick.  I hope they aren't sill stuck with her.

I am all about red (really any color) this season.  It highlights your amazing presence.  I LOVE these pants from Ann Taylor LOFT (10T). They are super flattering and the fabric is comfy (it's almost like wearing sweatpants).  The pants were long enough with flats (36") but I wanted to wear them with the platforms (Payless pick-ups) so I had a tailor bring them down (a good tailor should become your best friend.  I wish I could legally adopt mine).

The shirt is also Ann Taylor LOFT.  I really bought it because I had a promo code and needed $10 more dollars to make the $20 off quota (I live for a sale).  So really, I feel like I almost got the shirt for free (which we know isn't really true but I'm going to roll with it).  However, I wear the shirt all the time.  With jeans, skirts, suits, you get the drift.  Most of the time I keep it tied but I also leave it long for a "tie" look.

Last but not least, my baby, the vintage blue handbag.  Can you believe I picked it up for $12!?! I was as shocked as you are.  I stumbled upon this watch repair shop by my office that doubles as a vintage handbag shop (SCORE) and have been going weekly ever since.  

I say all of that to say this. No matter what ANYONE says, rock whatever you want to rock when you want to rock it. That is all.

PS. Don't sleep on the bracelet.  It was the perfect period to the fit and is a Candid Art origiNAL. 

Shirt and pants - Ann Taylor LOFT/Handbag - Vintage Corelli/Bracelet - courtesy of Candid Art/Shoes - Payless

Photo credit: Kate Bower (Ybowyer Photography)  

Seek. Find. Buy. Rock.

I love the color palate that is emerging in tall fashion this spring. It's fresh, crisp and makes you wanna run around in a field of lilies or something.

I am also enamored by the beautiful cut of the dresses, comfort of the fabrics and simple statements of the prints and patterns.

And the shoes! SWAG in footwear form.

I say all of that to say this: there is some AMAZING TallSWAG out there right now.  Seek. Find. Buy. Rock.

Tall 10 (left to right, top to bottom):

MULTI COLOUR SPOT PRINT MAXI DRESS at $165. 63.4" long. Sizes 6-18.

TALL KATE SIDE ZIP FLARE LEG PANTS at $79.50. 36" inseam. Sizes 2-18.


THE LEL JUMPSUIT at $89. 36" inseam. Sizes S-XXL.

KATE LONG SLEEVED ROUCHED DRESS at $138. Sizes small-Large. 


TALL PAISLEY TUNIC at $79.50. Sizes XS-L.

VINCE CAMUTO KORSI PUMP at $118.95. Sizes 4-12.

FS/NY FLATTER FLAT at $199. Sizes 11-13.


Rock Red

Lately I have needed a little spice in my life.  Work has taken over and while there's nothing I can do about it right now, I can control what I wear to work...enter RED!

When you wear it, you feel sexy, fierce and unstoppable.  It's an instant pick-me-up for those days when you feel like everything will keep you down.  Turn it up a notch with red!

Tip: NEVER wear everything red.  For example. If you wore the Long Tall Sally Twist Front Maxi Dress (below) choose non-red accessories. You need something to balance it out. We can't have you walking down the street looking like a stick of Big Red. That is not OK.

Check out these rojo options...

Links (top to bottom, left to right): 

TWIST FRONT MAXI DRESS at $79. Sizes 6-18. 64.2" long.

VIGOTTI CORA at $99. Sizes 4-13.

THE CHRISTIE FLARE PANT at $69.50. Sizes 0-16. Up to 36" inseam.

TALL BOW FRONT FULL SKIRT at $41. Sizes 8-16.

COTTEN SATEEN RED BLAZER at $48.75. Sizes 10, 12, 18 and 20.  See the review HERE.

STUNNING DRAPE NECK TEE at (Long Elegant Legs). $24. Sizes S-XL. Hurry! Going fast!



GERL at $50. 


Pajammy Jam

It's Christmas Eve and your family is exchanging one gift before the big day.  You know what it is (because it's the same every year) but you still can't wait to open it! The time finally comes, you rip open the box and BAM it's comfy pajamas...YIPPPEE! The family tradition is once again continued.

You go and put them on.  They are soft and it looks like it's gonna be another comfy Christmas morning UNTIL your ankles make an appearance. What!?! They were NOT invited to the festivities.  How rude of them to come out.

Don't let your ankles crash your holiday or any other day.  Check out the tall pajamas and robes below to make sure that this doesn't happen to you (you're too cute for that:).

Know about some tall PJ's that aren't posted?  Please share with us:) Custom pajama pants up to size 38". Great prints and price points. I'm a big fan.LONG ELEGANT LEGS sleepwear. Pajama sets, bottoms and robes. Bottoms up to 36" inseam. HURRY! The flannel PJ bottoms are on sale for only $29!LONG TALL SALLY sleepwear. A lot of options. Super long robes and pajama pants up to 37".SOFT SURROUNDINGS sleepwear. Unique, beautiful, soft styles in longer lengths.EDDIE BAUER sleepwear. Inseams appropriate for 5'11" and under.SIMPLY TALL sleepwear. Robes and pajama pants with up to 38" inseams.TALL EXCLUSIVES sleepwear. Various styles from satin to flannel. Up to 36" inseams.

Long Tall Sally San Francisco Pop-Up Shop

Long Tall Sally has been in tall fashion for over 30 years. They have shops in the UK, Canada and 2 in the US. You don't have an LTS shop near you? No worries. Long Tall Sally has these amazing pop-up shops!
Recently I went to the one in San Francisco. Check out the vid to see what it's all about!
Side note. The LTS outfit you see me in is A-MA-ZING! It fits like a glove and I love, love, LOVE IT!  Check it out:

What I'm wearing (left to right): THE PORTOBELLO HIGH RISE SKINNY JEAN ($85, sizes 6-18, 36" inseam), STRIPE DOUBLE BREASTED JERSEY BLAZER ($115, sizes 6-18) and THE STRETCH COTTON CAMI ($22, sizes extra small to extra large).