Easy as 1, 2, 3

My favorite local boutique is the Collage Clothing Lounge.  It has a little bit of everything for everybody.  Occasionally there are even pants long enough for us (I know, shocking).  The other day I picked up an incredible pair of tye die palazzo pants that literally drag on the ground (don't be surprised if you see them in a future post).

On the same trip as the palazzos, I found some super comfy, cropped biker pants. I am all about getting the bang for my buck so I played around with them a little to see what looks I could come up with. It's amazing what you can do with some simple changes.

Let's start with the work look. You want to dress up the pants a bit (because we all don't have casual Friday's) so I opted for a collared shirt.  I went sleeveless because it's summertime but any collared shirt will do.  The key to this look is selecting a top that is long so that it's office appropriate.  Put on a belt to polish everything up, slip on some nude heels, grab a bag and you are ready for your 9 to 5. Frosting tip: you can keep your accessories simple when wearing a bright color.

SHIRT/BELT/PANTS - Collage Clothing Lounge. SHOES - Vince Camuto (size 12). BAG - Windsor Store. RING - H&M.

Now for the laid-back, nerd alert, daytime look. Again, I used a pop-of color with the neon Tall is Beautiful shirt by ME (purposeful, shameless plug:). Throw on a cardigan, some glasses (totally optional but I LOVE a pair of fake focals), and some statement flats (a tall girl loves her glitz). Done. Frosting tip: don't be afraid to stack bracelets on your everyday watch. It's like a swatch watch on steroids.

PANTS/CARDIGAN - Collage Clothing Lounge. GLASSES - Target. BRACELETS - Forever 21. WATCH - Windsor Store. SPARKLE FLATS - Payless

Alright. It's time to fierce it up with the 'going out look' (could I be any more boring with the title). Clearly, I am big on the pops of color and absolutely love the back of this top.  Put on some sky highs (i.e. tall heels) and you are good to go. Frosting tip: do it big! There is no need to hold back on the accessories for a night out.

SHIRT/PANTS - Collage Clothing Lounge. EARRINGS/BANGLES - Charlotte Russe. NECKLACE - Forever 21. CLUTCH - Vintage. SHOES - Nine West.

Well, that's my 3-way (for the record, the ONLY kind I will ever participate in). What would you wear with these cropped biker pants? 

Photo credit: Doug-Ho (HkoPhoto)