Pajammy Jam

It's Christmas Eve and your family is exchanging one gift before the big day.  You know what it is (because it's the same every year) but you still can't wait to open it! The time finally comes, you rip open the box and BAM it's comfy pajamas...YIPPPEE! The family tradition is once again continued.

You go and put them on.  They are soft and it looks like it's gonna be another comfy Christmas morning UNTIL your ankles make an appearance. What!?! They were NOT invited to the festivities.  How rude of them to come out.

Don't let your ankles crash your holiday or any other day.  Check out the tall pajamas and robes below to make sure that this doesn't happen to you (you're too cute for that:).

Know about some tall PJ's that aren't posted?  Please share with us:) Custom pajama pants up to size 38". Great prints and price points. I'm a big fan.LONG ELEGANT LEGS sleepwear. Pajama sets, bottoms and robes. Bottoms up to 36" inseam. HURRY! The flannel PJ bottoms are on sale for only $29!LONG TALL SALLY sleepwear. A lot of options. Super long robes and pajama pants up to 37".SOFT SURROUNDINGS sleepwear. Unique, beautiful, soft styles in longer lengths.EDDIE BAUER sleepwear. Inseams appropriate for 5'11" and under.SIMPLY TALL sleepwear. Robes and pajama pants with up to 38" inseams.TALL EXCLUSIVES sleepwear. Various styles from satin to flannel. Up to 36" inseams.