Seeing Red

Spring is definitely peeking though (and we love her) but until she is here for good, I have been spending the last chilly days I have in casual chic style.

I will always rock a fierce heel but when I work a lot (which seems like always nowadays), I tend to gravitate towards low-key looks in my downtime.

Today's outfit is a perfect example of casual meeting chic. It's completely comfy with an edge. The longline vest (which can be dressed up or down), gives the all black a pinch of drama and the pop-of-red Jordans pull the whole look together. The oversized clutch really wasn't strategically planned. I simply picked it because a bag wouldn't flow but I had a lot of stuff to carry that day. 

Now you may notice that I am wearing my trusty Long Sleeve Jersey Body from the TTYA x Long Tall Sally collection and that is because I wear it with everything! It's one of those famed, basic pieces that you can layer with pieces that are not necessarily tall (like the longline vest). Invest in the basics and you will unlock a whole new wardrobe!

So that's my version of casual-chic dahling...what do you rock in your downtime beautiful?

Long Tall Sally San Francisco Pop-Up Shop

Long Tall Sally has been in tall fashion for over 30 years. They have shops in the UK, Canada and 2 in the US. You don't have an LTS shop near you? No worries. Long Tall Sally has these amazing pop-up shops!
Recently I went to the one in San Francisco. Check out the vid to see what it's all about!
Side note. The LTS outfit you see me in is A-MA-ZING! It fits like a glove and I love, love, LOVE IT!  Check it out:

What I'm wearing (left to right): THE PORTOBELLO HIGH RISE SKINNY JEAN ($85, sizes 6-18, 36" inseam), STRIPE DOUBLE BREASTED JERSEY BLAZER ($115, sizes 6-18) and THE STRETCH COTTON CAMI ($22, sizes extra small to extra large).  

Blaze a Trail

Last week I went to the Sade-John Legend concert with my Dad (the concert was AMAZING btw...Sade killed it and furthermore has to know where the fountain of youth is...share it with us Ms. Adu:).

Seeing as how I was going with my Dad, I had to tone it down a bit.  Now, pump ur breaks, don't go thinking that I usually wear a pot holder to an event BUT out of respect for my Dad, low cut tops and dresses were out. So I had to think of a way to be cute in a conservative manner. 

My solution: a blazer.  I wore it over a long form fitting top with leggings and 4.5" peep toe shooties.  It was the perfect 'polish' for my outfit.  As a matter of fact, blazers are so versatile that you can rock them up or down, to work, a concert, pretty much anywhere.  Check out these tall blazers below and pick the one that best suits your plans!

BLAZER TIME (from left to right, top to bottom): STRIPE DOUBLE BREASTED JERSEY BLAZER(, $115, sizes 6-18, 27" sleeve length, 24" long), TWILL BLAZER (, $98, sizes 4-16), TALL CITY 3-BUTTON JACKET (, $118, sizes 0-18, 25" long), COTTON SATEEN RED BLAZER(, $97.50, sizes 8-20, 27.5" sleeve length, 26" long.  CHECK OUT THE TALLSWAG VIDVIEW OF THIS BLAZER NOW!), BEIGE ROSETTE BLAZER(, $175, sizes 4-14) and SUITING SEPARATES BLAZER(, $39.99, sizes 4-18, 27" long).     

Long Legs for Days

If you haven't been to Long Legs you MUST go now!  There are endless tall fashions for us long legged ladies:) Two of my favs are the 38" inseam Yoga Jean and the Summer Red Blazer (don't let the names fool you. You don't wear the jeans for yoga and the blazer can be worn in all seasons).  Check out the vidviews and visit today!


*Please excuse my bad hair day in the blazer review. One of those days:)

Outer Beauty

This is a great jacket.  It has the three elements you gotta have in a blazer; tall, classic and versatile.  I plan to rock it with jeans, pencil skirts and even a sheik, yet simple, black dress (when I am feeling fancy).  Click the pic for your own because even thou I wuv you, you can't borrow mine:)

TALL CLASSIC WOOL-BLEND BLAZER at $49.99 to $59.99 depending on the size. Sizes 6T to 18T. Shown in black herringbone. Also comes in black, chocolate and navy.

Top Notch

Chadwicks has a tall line of clothing and right now every piece of it is 30% off!  With the discount you could get this Notch-Collar Blazer for only $27.99!  It's a great, versatile jacket to have and it's tall length in the body and arms ensures a proper look.  Use the code "CHTK30" at checkout to get the 30% discount off any item and walk away with some amazing tall fashion today!

Get great tall tops, suits, pants, skirts, jackets, blazers and dresses at 30% off at Shown above is the tall NOTCH-COLLAR BLAZER. $39.99. Shown in ivory. Also comes in black, black stripe, taupe stripe and chocolate. Size 6T to 18T.