Blaze a Trail

Last week I went to the Sade-John Legend concert with my Dad (the concert was AMAZING btw...Sade killed it and furthermore has to know where the fountain of youth is...share it with us Ms. Adu:).

Seeing as how I was going with my Dad, I had to tone it down a bit.  Now, pump ur breaks, don't go thinking that I usually wear a pot holder to an event BUT out of respect for my Dad, low cut tops and dresses were out. So I had to think of a way to be cute in a conservative manner. 

My solution: a blazer.  I wore it over a long form fitting top with leggings and 4.5" peep toe shooties.  It was the perfect 'polish' for my outfit.  As a matter of fact, blazers are so versatile that you can rock them up or down, to work, a concert, pretty much anywhere.  Check out these tall blazers below and pick the one that best suits your plans!

BLAZER TIME (from left to right, top to bottom): STRIPE DOUBLE BREASTED JERSEY BLAZER(, $115, sizes 6-18, 27" sleeve length, 24" long), TWILL BLAZER (, $98, sizes 4-16), TALL CITY 3-BUTTON JACKET (, $118, sizes 0-18, 25" long), COTTON SATEEN RED BLAZER(, $97.50, sizes 8-20, 27.5" sleeve length, 26" long.  CHECK OUT THE TALLSWAG VIDVIEW OF THIS BLAZER NOW!), BEIGE ROSETTE BLAZER(, $175, sizes 4-14) and SUITING SEPARATES BLAZER(, $39.99, sizes 4-18, 27" long).