Winter Werk

Hey! It’s been a minute. I’m working hard and for me that meant I had to step away from the blog for a moment to lay a foundation. I had to plan some things, connect with a lot of people, present some concepts and prepare like no other. I have also been applying to programs that will strengthen my knowledge and preparation. Basically, I have been out here hustlin.

While I was hustlin, I asked you on IG what you wanted to see more of and overwhelmingly you said jeans, shoes and coats. I will be working to bring you more coverage of all of those things but it’s cold right now so let’s start off with an amazing tall coat


This beauty right here is the Teddy Bear Faux Fur coat from Long Tall Sally. It really is soft like a teddy bear, the proportions are spot on (meaning the arms and body are actually long enough) and it’s timeless. I love the color and it’s super warm. Everything I need in outerwear this season. You will probably see me wearing it a lot in the coming months. When I like something, I stick to it.


It just so happens that I am also wearing the other 2 items you wanted to see (don’t worry, there will be many more). While I have already showed both on the blog, I think they deserve another mention don’t you?

Hey skinny jeans! These are haute, go with anything and I love the rip detail in the appropriate places. They go up to a 38” inseam. Check out all of the skinny jean options HERE. Including these maternity options that I was so excited to see (NOT BECAUSE I’M PREGNANT BECAUSE I AM FAR FROM IT LOL) because it’s hard out there for expecting Tall mamas.


I will be werking this coat all winter and want to see your favorite LTS winter looks. In fact, you can enter to win your own winter wardrobe from Long Tall Sally! Check out THE CHRISTMAS SHOP for more details about the #MerryEverything contest.

Great luck on winning the wardrobe…talk to you soon beautiful!

The World of Midi

Midi Dress - Charlotte Russe/Leatherette cropped blazer - Agaci/Midi  boots - Highest Heels via Elevenup Shoes/Earrings and rings - H&M

Photo Credit: YBowyer Photography

Photo credit: YBowyer Photography

If you follow me on Twitter and/or Facebook you know that I love a great midi dress.  It's a perfect way for us the wear a sexy dress at an appropriate length without getting one made.  I can't tell you how many times I have tried on a "short" dress only to find out that it hardly covers my belly button.

That's not cute.

So when I found the midi dress a whole new world of lady-like with a punch of bow-chica-wow-wow opened up.  It's a short dress without showing the bottom of your booty cheeks.  Could a girl ask for anything more? <-Yes.  We can and we will but now we will look appropriate doing it:)

So, the next time you are searching for a dress check out the world of the midi.  It's a whole new world (in my Princess Jasmine voice)...Enjoy:)

Get Laced

I love when I get questions about tall fashion and appropriate sized shoes (smile).  In fact, this is one that I got @TallSWAG today: 

Ask and ye shall recieve:-) Check out my pick for Ms. Moore (#4) as well as some other haute lace-ups below.

Remember...if you have any questions for me you can tweet @TallSWAG, message me on Facebook or email me at

Yes. That's me rockin the lace-ups in the picture...CHEESE!!! Well, technically I have my Zoolander on lol. I wish I could give you a link to my boots but I got them last year at Payless and they don't have them posted on the site anymore:( BUT you can get the T SWAG 'Tall Is Beautiful' tank by clicking the pic:)

1.  ME TOO LISBON BOOTIE at Height Goddess. $89. Sizes 11-14.

2.  BOUTIQUE 9 DEMARKO BOOTIE at Barefoot Tess. $169. Sizes 11-14. 

3.  Z LONDON SANDIE DESERT BOOT at Payless. $44.99. Sizes 5-13.  If it's sold out online you can find in in a stor near you with the new Find This Near You feature. 

4. EAST BY FRANCO SARTO at Long Tall Sally. $169. Sizes 10-13.

5. BP HIGHTOWER OXFORD PUMP at Nordstrom. $79.95. Sizes 4-12. 

6. BAREFOOT TESS BRADFORD BOOTIE at Barefoot Tess. $99. Sizes 11-15.

7. AEROSOLES FOUNDATION ANKLE BOOT at Endless. $150. Sizes 5-12. 

8. MOSSIMO KAYLOR ANKLE BOOT at Target. $34.99. Sizes 5.5-12. 

10. MYBOO at Nine West. $229. Sizes 5-11. 

Just Britain

Recently I had to go on an unexpected trip with 2.2 seconds to pack.  I could only bring a carry on, which as you know always poses a problem, because let's face it, one pair of our shoes could potentially fill the entire mini suitcase (especially the 5 inchers).

I had to think quick and smart and then it came to me...riding boots!  They go with everything, are comfy and best of all, because they go with everything, I could wear them on the plane and wouldn't have to pack shoes in my teenie tiny bag at all!  Packing problem solved.

The Tess by Barefoot Tess Britain boot was the perfect solution.  It's all of the above and more.  I got compliments throughout the entire trip and every time I have worn them since then.  

Don't believe me?  Check them out for yourself..go the little play button:)


Rain on My Parade

Rain, rain GO AWAY! Well, not if I can wear some cute boots:)

Don't get caught in a storm or puddle without the proper footwear (keep those tootsies warm and more important dry).  Check out some appropriate sized rain boots below.

RAIN DOWN ON ME. Cute boots for un-cute weather. Don't see one that you want? Check out the TallSWAG shoes page for more options.

From left to right (top to bottom):

SPERRY TOP-SIDER PELICAN TALL RAIN BOOT at Nordstrom. $67.95. Sizes 5-12.


HUNTER HUNTRESS BOOT at Nordstrom. $125. Sizes 5-12. 

HUNTER ORIGINAL IN NAVY at Piperlime. $125. Sizes 5-12.

SORREL SORELLINGTON PLUS at Zappos. $130. Sizes 5-12. 2 boots in one. Remove red liner for an all black boot.  Check out the VIDEO.

BAREFOOT TESS SEATTLE BOOT at Endless. $79. Sizes 11-15. 

AVENUE RAINA CROC EMBOSSED RAIN BOOT at One Stop Plus. $44.99. Wide width. Sizes 7-12. 

AUSSIE DOGS RAINBOOT UPPER BUCKLE at 6PM. $26.95. Sizes 6-12. Check out the VIDEO

Make it Rain

When I first saw people wearing rain boots I literally laughed out loud.  What adult would wear a rain boot?  I equated it to footsie pajamas...anyone over 10 shouldn't wear them (of course this is my opinion.  If you want to rock an adult footsie pajama go ahead.  That's on you:). 

BUT my tune on rain boots has changed.  They come in real handy for those days where you have to wade to work and there are so many cute styles that you almost forget that you are wearing waterproof footwear.    

Attack a rainy day in style with these boots up to size 14!

BOOT IT UP FOR THOSE RAINY DAYS. Styles from left to right: Cosmosis Women's Spin Drift Boots ($249.95,, Naturalizer Rayne Boot ($78.95,, Tretorn Skerry Resling Rubber Rain Boot ($48,, Steuart Weitzman Puddles Rain Boot ($98, and Hunter Original Wellie Red ($125,

COSMOSIS WOMEN'S SPIN DRIFT BOOT at $249.95. Sizes 8 to 14. Free 2 day shipping. Free return shipping.

NATURALIZER RAYNE BOOT at $78.95. Medium and wide width. Sizes 5 to 12.TRETORN SKERRY RESLING RUBBER BOOT at $48. Sizes 4 to 11. Comes in black, navy blue, olive, pink and yellow.STEUART WEITZMAN PUDDLES RAIN BOOTS at $98. Sizes 5 to 10.5 (small to x-large).HUNTER ORIGINAL WELLIE RED at $125. Sizes 11 to 14. Also comes in green, navy and black.