13 Wishes

This is the worst! You go on a shoe site and see some killer shoes. You click your shoe size to narrow down the results and BAM nothing but fugly shoes. So disheartening! For example, I went to a site put in size 13 and an entire page of these in different colors popped up:


This prompted me to search high and low for pretty sandals up to size 13 because NOBODY should subject their feet to this hot mess.  Enjoy (big smile:)!

STOP WISHING. SNAG THESE 13'S NOW! From left to right, Top to bottom: Annie Shoes Women's Jade Sandal ($45, sizes 6-13,, Anita Giselle Mocha Croco ($99.99, sizes 6-13,, Nyle by DV ($65, sizes 10-13,, Jessica Bennett Rayne ($159.95, sizes 5-13,, Samanata Stella Beige ($174.95, sizes 7-14,, DV by Dolce Vita Dazz Sandal ($49, sizes 11-13, and Misty Woven Wedge ($26.99, sizes 5-13, Don't see your sandal? Click the pic to visit the TallSWAG shoe page.

ANNIE SHOES WOMEN'S JADE SHOES at $45. Sizes 6-13. Shown in bronze. Also comes in black pewter, denim/silver, pewter/bronze, silver/gold and yellow/green.

ANITA GISELLE MOCHA CROCO at $99.99. Sizes 6-13. Shown in mocha. Also comes in black soft, congnac croco and navy croco.

DV BY DOLCE VITA NYLE SANDAL at $65. Sizes 10-13. Shown in white. Also comes in natural.

JESSICA BENNETT RAYNE SANDAL at $159.95. Sizes 5-13. Shown in tea green. Also comes in black, russet brown and beige.

STELLA BEIGE at $174.95. Sizes 6.5 to 14. Shown in beige. Also comes in black, brown, grey and red.

DV BY DOLCE VITA DAZZ SANDAL at $49. Sizes 11-13. Shown in every color.

MISTY WOVEN WEDGE at $26.99. Sizes 5-13. Shown in black. Also comes in berry and gold.

Cut It Out

There is nothing more I hate then foot sweat (well maybe a couple of things but you get my point). GROSS.  We have all been there.  You have a cute pair of pumps on with no ventilation and before you know it you are sliding around like a baseball player into home base. Again, GROSS. 

BUT this season's trends bring a solution to the problem...dun dun na na...CUTOUTS! Cutouts are hot right now and come with built in air conditioning (perfect for spring and summer heat).  Designers can't keep the trend on the shelves! 

Now, it's not something I would go crazy about.  You don't want your entire shoe collection 'cut out' however a couple of statement pairs are a must.

Cut it out now!  Check out these options or visit the TallSWAG shoe page to select your own.

CUTOUTS. Featured (top to bottom, left to right): Nine West Tali Sandal (, $89.95. sizes 4-12), Stuart Weitzman OutnOut (, $385, sizes 4.5-12), Apepazza Basilan Suede Rhinestone Ankle Sandal (, $129, Sizes 6-12), Mel Pump White (, $199.95, sizes 6-13), Elona (, $71.40, sizes 5-12), Corso Como Dalt Heel (, $179, sizes 10-12), Mega by Franco Sarto (, $109, Sizes 10-13), Jessica Bennett Women's Renzo Ankle Wrap Sandal (, $154.95, Sizes 5-13) and Corso Como Fuller (, $99, Sizes 11-14). Want to find your own cutout? Click the pic to visit the TallSWAG shoe page.

Quick Links:

NINE WEST TALI SANDAL at $89.95. Sizes 4-12. Shown in red. Also comes in medium brown and black.STUART WEITZMAN OUTNOUT at $385. Sizes 4.5-12.

APEPAZZA BASILAN SUEDE RHINESTONE ANKLE SANDAL at $129. Sizes 6-12. Shown in red. Also comes in light pink and black.MEL PUMP WHITE at $199.95. Sizes 6-13. Shown in white. Also comes in silver, red and black.NINE WEST ELONA at $71.40. Sizes 5-12. Shown in deserto nu. Also comes in black nubuck.CORSO COSMO DALT HEEL at $179. Sizes 10-12. Shown in nude. Also comes in black.MEGA BY FRANCO SARTO at $109. Sizes 10-13. Shown in black. Also comes in tan.JESSICA BENNETT WOMEN'S RENZO ANKLE WRAP SANDAL at $154.95. Sizes 5-13. Shown in brown. Also comes in taupe and black.CORSO COMO FULLER at $99. Sizes 11-14

Cross Colors

I reached into my handbag yesterday and something was terribly wrong.  I didn’t really know how bad it was until I pulled my hand out and there was ink all over it.  You guessed it.  A pen had exploded in my brown cross-body bag and ruined it :(

Of course there are WAY worse things happening in the world but for a split second my fashion world had ended.  Straight handbag blues. BUT my frown quickly turned upside-down where I realized that this meant I could search for a new one…and the race was on!

I looked up the one I had, no luck, but then I found some that brightened my day in 2 ways; 1) they were ca-uute and 2) the colors were so bright that they literally brightened my day (#supercorny:).

Cross your body in color.  Check the links below.

CROSS BODY BAGS IN COLOR. Featured styles from left to right: Marc by Marc Jacobs ‘Preppy Nylon Sasha’ Crossbody Bag (top left, $178,, Michael Kors Lily Shoulder Satchel (middle left, $348,, Hobo International Aster Small Cross-Body (bottom left, $138,, ROXY Shangri-La Sling Bag (middle top, $42,, Prada Striped Canvas Flap Bag (middle bottom, $795, and Leatherette Embossed Reptile Skin Handbag (right, $20.80,

Direct Links:

MARC BY MARC JACOBS ‘PREPPY NYLON SASHA’ CROSSBODY BAG at $178. Shown in vibrant red. Also comes in black.

MICHAEL KORS LILY SHOULDER SATCHEL at $348. Shown in Sun. Also comes in vanilla and black.

HOBO INTERNATIONAL ASTER SMALL CROSS-BODY BAG at $128 - $138. Shown in spring green. Also comes in black, ivory, sea flower and apricot.


 PRADA STRIPED CANVAS FLAP BAG at $795. Shown in fuchsia. Also comes in green.


Open Season

I have a confession to make.  Only my first 2 toes are painted today.  I was not prepared.  I woke up to a BEAUTIFUL day and there was no mistake about it...I could officially wear open toed shoes!  However my toenails were definitely not official.  Don't get it twisted, no crispy feet here, but they were 100% not painted.  There was no way I was missing the opportunity to break out of the closed toe jail my feet have been in during these abnormally long winter months but I didn't have time to paint them so I painted the ones that mattered and called it a day.  My 2 toes couldn't be happier:)

Make your toes happy.  Celebrate the start of the Open Toe season with a fresh pair!

OPEN TOE IS BACK! Get a new pair for Spring11 now. Don't see one you like? Click the pic for the TallSWAG shoes page to find the perfect pair now.

Featured options:

GWYNETH QUEENIE at $104.25. Sizes 6-14. Shown in ivory. Also comes in blush and black.NINE WEST JEMMY FLAT at $79. Sizes 11-14. Shown in taupe. Also comes in black and green buff.CHRISTIAN SIRIANO EXOTIC PEEP TOE PUMP at $44.99. Sizes 6-11. Shown in tan. Also comes in black.FRANCO SARTO HARLOW PEEP TOE WEDGE at $89.95. Sizes 4-12. Shown in scarlet patent. Also comes in taupe patent and black patent.

Make it Rain

When I first saw people wearing rain boots I literally laughed out loud.  What adult would wear a rain boot?  I equated it to footsie pajamas...anyone over 10 shouldn't wear them (of course this is my opinion.  If you want to rock an adult footsie pajama go ahead.  That's on you:). 

BUT my tune on rain boots has changed.  They come in real handy for those days where you have to wade to work and there are so many cute styles that you almost forget that you are wearing waterproof footwear.    

Attack a rainy day in style with these boots up to size 14!

BOOT IT UP FOR THOSE RAINY DAYS. Styles from left to right: Cosmosis Women's Spin Drift Boots ($249.95,, Naturalizer Rayne Boot ($78.95,, Tretorn Skerry Resling Rubber Rain Boot ($48,, Steuart Weitzman Puddles Rain Boot ($98, and Hunter Original Wellie Red ($125,

COSMOSIS WOMEN'S SPIN DRIFT BOOT at $249.95. Sizes 8 to 14. Free 2 day shipping. Free return shipping.

NATURALIZER RAYNE BOOT at $78.95. Medium and wide width. Sizes 5 to 12.TRETORN SKERRY RESLING RUBBER BOOT at $48. Sizes 4 to 11. Comes in black, navy blue, olive, pink and yellow.STEUART WEITZMAN PUDDLES RAIN BOOTS at $98. Sizes 5 to 10.5 (small to x-large).HUNTER ORIGINAL WELLIE RED at $125. Sizes 11 to 14. Also comes in green, navy and black.

Tall Women Wear Heels Too

I went to dinner last night wearing some 4" suede platform pumps.  With the beautiful shoes I was standing at 6'10" and I was OK with it but apparently some loud mouth at the restaurant wasn't.  He walked up to me and said "what are you wearing those heels for?" Granted that was not the first time I have been asked that question but not only was his approach rude, I was also on the phone at the time so he interrupted my conversation. As you can imagine, I was not pleased with this man but I didn't want to stoop to his level of rudeness with what I really wanted to say, so I just told him;"Because I like cute shoes.  These are cute, so I am wearing them. End of story." I then resumed my conversation on the phone and walked away.

The moral of the story is this: No matter how tall you are, ROCK WHATEVER SHOES YOU WANT. Flats, platforms, stilettos, whatever shoe you want to put on your feet, do it!  There is no law that says you can't wear heels so do what makes you feel good.  There is nothing wrong with being 7'1" and wearing 5" heels just like there is nothing wrong with being 4'11" and wearing flats.  Do you!  I know I will be this weekend, when I'm enjoyng my 3 day vacay wearing my size 12, gladiator, gun metal platforms that I got at Nordstrom Rack for $40!  They zip up the front, are SUPER cute and I can't wait to wear them! And no one, I mean no one can tell me different! 

Ladies, we are always going to be tall and fabulous, we might as well be tall and fabulous in some hot shoes!

Here are some beauties I came across today...

NINE WEST PURSUITED at $78.95. Sizes 5 to 12. Shown in grey leather. Also comes in black leather, dark natural, grey/red multi fabric and pink leather.

ENZO ANGIOLINI SULLY PLATFORM PUMP at (exclusive). $88.95. Sizes 4 to 12. Shown in blue suede. Also comes in dark olive and taupe suede.

LELA ROSE GERLINDE SUEDE CHOP-OUT SHOOTIE at $44.99. HURRY! Only sizes 8 to 10 left. Shown in Taupe. Also comes in black.