ninine west

Cut It Out

There is nothing more I hate then foot sweat (well maybe a couple of things but you get my point). GROSS.  We have all been there.  You have a cute pair of pumps on with no ventilation and before you know it you are sliding around like a baseball player into home base. Again, GROSS. 

BUT this season's trends bring a solution to the problem...dun dun na na...CUTOUTS! Cutouts are hot right now and come with built in air conditioning (perfect for spring and summer heat).  Designers can't keep the trend on the shelves! 

Now, it's not something I would go crazy about.  You don't want your entire shoe collection 'cut out' however a couple of statement pairs are a must.

Cut it out now!  Check out these options or visit the TallSWAG shoe page to select your own.

CUTOUTS. Featured (top to bottom, left to right): Nine West Tali Sandal (, $89.95. sizes 4-12), Stuart Weitzman OutnOut (, $385, sizes 4.5-12), Apepazza Basilan Suede Rhinestone Ankle Sandal (, $129, Sizes 6-12), Mel Pump White (, $199.95, sizes 6-13), Elona (, $71.40, sizes 5-12), Corso Como Dalt Heel (, $179, sizes 10-12), Mega by Franco Sarto (, $109, Sizes 10-13), Jessica Bennett Women's Renzo Ankle Wrap Sandal (, $154.95, Sizes 5-13) and Corso Como Fuller (, $99, Sizes 11-14). Want to find your own cutout? Click the pic to visit the TallSWAG shoe page.

Quick Links:

NINE WEST TALI SANDAL at $89.95. Sizes 4-12. Shown in red. Also comes in medium brown and black.STUART WEITZMAN OUTNOUT at $385. Sizes 4.5-12.

APEPAZZA BASILAN SUEDE RHINESTONE ANKLE SANDAL at $129. Sizes 6-12. Shown in red. Also comes in light pink and black.MEL PUMP WHITE at $199.95. Sizes 6-13. Shown in white. Also comes in silver, red and black.NINE WEST ELONA at $71.40. Sizes 5-12. Shown in deserto nu. Also comes in black nubuck.CORSO COSMO DALT HEEL at $179. Sizes 10-12. Shown in nude. Also comes in black.MEGA BY FRANCO SARTO at $109. Sizes 10-13. Shown in black. Also comes in tan.JESSICA BENNETT WOMEN'S RENZO ANKLE WRAP SANDAL at $154.95. Sizes 5-13. Shown in brown. Also comes in taupe and black.CORSO COMO FULLER at $99. Sizes 11-14