Make it Rain

When I first saw people wearing rain boots I literally laughed out loud.  What adult would wear a rain boot?  I equated it to footsie pajamas...anyone over 10 shouldn't wear them (of course this is my opinion.  If you want to rock an adult footsie pajama go ahead.  That's on you:). 

BUT my tune on rain boots has changed.  They come in real handy for those days where you have to wade to work and there are so many cute styles that you almost forget that you are wearing waterproof footwear.    

Attack a rainy day in style with these boots up to size 14!

BOOT IT UP FOR THOSE RAINY DAYS. Styles from left to right: Cosmosis Women's Spin Drift Boots ($249.95,, Naturalizer Rayne Boot ($78.95,, Tretorn Skerry Resling Rubber Rain Boot ($48,, Steuart Weitzman Puddles Rain Boot ($98, and Hunter Original Wellie Red ($125,

COSMOSIS WOMEN'S SPIN DRIFT BOOT at $249.95. Sizes 8 to 14. Free 2 day shipping. Free return shipping.

NATURALIZER RAYNE BOOT at $78.95. Medium and wide width. Sizes 5 to 12.TRETORN SKERRY RESLING RUBBER BOOT at $48. Sizes 4 to 11. Comes in black, navy blue, olive, pink and yellow.STEUART WEITZMAN PUDDLES RAIN BOOTS at $98. Sizes 5 to 10.5 (small to x-large).HUNTER ORIGINAL WELLIE RED at $125. Sizes 11 to 14. Also comes in green, navy and black.