Season of Savings

There are all sorts of sales going on right now and I am getting sucked into each and every one of them!  I can't pass up a good deal!  Yes.  I know.  I am doing exactly what they want me to do.  They put up their pretty signs with pretty numbers and I walk or click right in to the "deal."  At least I admit to it:) 

Prime example: Long Elegant Legs is having a 12 Days of Christmas Savings event right now.  Today is day 6: 30% off all sleepwear!  A perfect Christmas gift...hint hint:)

Check back with Long Elegant Legs because they have 6 more days of savings to go!

LONG ELEGANT LEGS 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS SAVINGS at Check daily for a different way to save. 6 more days of savings left!

 LONG ELEGANT LEGS SLEEPWEAR IS 30% OFF TODAY ONLY (12.15.10) at Various sizes and styles. Inseams up to 36". A perfect Christmas gift!