If The Shoe Fits

Growing up, I was called every single name associated with the word giant, which included big foot. Ignorant people can say some really ridiculous things and when they saw my long feet, it was definitely a chance to highlight them negatively in every way.

Not only did they make fun of the size of my feet, they also made fun of my shoes because I couldn't find the cool kicks that everyone was wearing in my size. Trends were not an option. I rocked men's basketball shoes for a majority of the time and of course that made me a target for more teasing.

In addition to the teasing about the size of my feet, I also didn't like the shape of them and refused to wear heels because why would I add to the ridicule? Both limited my shoe choices in unnecessary ways.

Unfortunately, I internalized the nasty lies they (and I) were telling me about my height, shape and size of my feet for many years. I even tried wearing sizes that were too small for me. Thankfully, my Mom hunted down some options in my high school years that definitely helped and got me through until retailers started providing more options for us.

Check out this video that explores the question;  how many women are wearing the wrong size shoes?

Long Tall Sally has an amazing, vast inventory of shoes in our sizes. They carry up to size 15 which is unheard of for 99% of shoe stores. Pretty much any occasion you have, they have a shoe for it that is perfect and actually fits the way that it's supposed to.

Take these LTS Malta Lace Up Suede Sandals. Not only do they go with the TTYA X LTS Oragami Wrap Dress perfectly, the fit is fabulous (no hanging of the toe off the front of the shoe), they hit 4 summer shoe trends (suede, fringe, lace up and block heel) and can be worn in so many ways. This shoe definitely should be worn in every way this season.

Check out this video look book featuring many of the Long Tall Sally summer footwear options on the beautiful Donya-Patrice Campbell.

The moral of the story? Rock shoes that fit, are fab and express exactly what you want them to. Don't let others, and especially yourself, limit anything that you want to wear. Your style is an expression of you. Convey your message to the world in any way you darn well please. I am blessed to have found my voice and pray the same for every woman in the world! Be YOU. Stand Tall every day, in every way!

Today Long Tall Sally launched their If The Shoe Fits campaign that brings all of our unnecessary struggles with shoes to the forefront and help you find the perfect fit. In fact, there is a guide to finding the perfect fit, links to their amazing summer shoe collection, some very awesome Shoefie inspiration from bloggers across the country. Last, but certainly not least, there is a chance for you to win a free pair every month. Yes, you read that right! You could win a free pair of shoes every month for an entire year!

So right now, throw all of your limitations about your feet out the window and find the Shoe That Fits!

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Dusty Rose

Sleeveless Floral Duster - Amalli Talli / Crop Top - Long Tall Sally / Necklace - Rocks Box /Pleather High-Waisted Mini - H&M/Heels - Nine West/Handbag - Vintage/Bracelet - Forever 21/Hat - Key West Hat Company of New Orleans   Photo Credit: Nikki Notarte

Sleeveless Floral Duster - Amalli Talli/Crop Top - Long Tall Sally/Necklace - Rocks Box/Pleather High-Waisted Mini - H&M/Heels - Nine West/Handbag - Vintage/Bracelet - Forever 21/Hat - Key West Hat Company of New Orleans

Photo Credit: Nikki Notarte

Let's talk about the myth that you can't wear leather (or in this case pleather) in the summer. Pish posh. You can 110%. Now, I wouldn't wear it hear to toe (unless you are in to sweating) but an outfit containing leather in some way is completely and perfectly fine.

A prime example is this high-waisted pleather mini that I picked up at H&M. Not too much and thankfully not too little (I know, I was shocked a mini from H&M fit too). I paired it with this amazing floral duster from tall retailer Amalli Talli (love love love) and a neck piece from Rocks Box (straight rented homie).

SIDE NOTE: You have definitely seen this hat and heels on my blog before and guess probably will see them in future posts as well. They are some of my old faithfuls. There is NOTHING wrong with wearing things multiple times. Nothing at all.

So the moral of the story is...break the season rules. Explore what you like and go to town. You are in charge of your style. Do you!

Hair Update: Thank you so much for all of your emails and comments. Your support makes me tear up with joyful tears every day. I am still getting used to it (mainly the time it takes) and not completely sold yet BUT I am super excited because this Thursday I have an appointment with the one and only Curl Doctor Shai Amiel at the Capella Salon in Los Angeles. I want my hair to be the healthiest it can be and he is the one that will get me there. I am looking forward to it. I really think it's going to be a game changer in my curl journey. Can't wait to share all about it!

Stone Cold

Denim Jogger (show in 37") - Amalli Talli / Tall Sleeveless Trench Jacket - ASOS /Hat - Hattitude in Las Vegas/Shoes - Vince Camuto (size 12)/Clutch - Thrifted  Photo Credit:  Joshua Leung

Denim Jogger (show in 37") - Amalli Talli/Tall Sleeveless Trench Jacket - ASOS/Hat - Hattitude in Las Vegas/Shoes - Vince Camuto (size 12)/Clutch - Thrifted

Photo Credit: Joshua Leung

Yes. I know. This is my second post in a row featuring joggers. They are my thing right now. I'm in love...can you blame me? ESPECIALLY when they are amazing joggers like these denim beauties from one of my new tall finds, Amalli Talli.

The joggers are super well made and as you can see LONG! They come in 35" and 37" (which is the length shown in the photos). Besides the length, the other things I love about the AT Joggers are the; hard to find stone wash, cut and ripped details. Unlike some of the other jean joggers I have encountered, they are not too slim. Most of them turn out to be skinny jeans and that is not how a jogger is meant to be worn. These give you room and a polished, slouchy look just like a jogger should. These joggers have made me a fan of the Amalli Talli brand and I can't wait to bring you more pieces from them.

The Tall Sleeveless Trench Jacket from ASOS is amazing as well. It's chic, throw on a long sleeved shirt underneath and you can rock it in fall and winter and the color is almost like a neutral, so you can wear it with almost anything. All of those make it an A in my book!

We obviously know that I love them but what is your take on joggers?

Click Play: #TTYA4LTS Summer Range

Hey Now!

Today I bring you 2 amazing things...

First, my full video review on the #TTYA4LTS Summer range! You already know that I love it but now see the capsule collection in motion. Click play for all of the juicy, style details.

Second, I have decided to post more videos just like this one on my new Youtube account so make sure you subscribe. There will be lookbooks, reviews, haul videos and much, MUCH more.

I hope you are just as excited about both of these as I am. Please let me know what you think of the #TTYA4LTS Summer range, what you want to see on my YouTube Channel and anything else your tall heart desires:)