Hot Potato Cold Potato

Farrah Bow Blouse - Height Goddess/Tall Ultra Skinny Pants - GAP/Shoes - Kelsi Dagger Eliza from Barefoot Tess (size 12)/Tank - Long Tall Sally Stretch Cotton Cami/Bag - Thrifted

It's summer! I am doing a little dance.  I wish you could see it.  It's a cross between the Carlton and the Carlton.

For me, every summer brings one of style life's hardest questions: What do you wear in a cold office on a super hot day? 

You don't want to throw on a mediocre cardigan over a cute summer fit, you sure don't want to dress like an Eskimo in the middle of summer and attacking the thermostat is just not an option (I tried it and it wasn't pretty).  So what do you do?

Make a compromise. Find clothing that covers for the cold office but breathes on the hot path to and from work.

One of my go-to pieces that does this is the Farrah Bow Blouse from Height Goddess.  It's sheer, long enough in the arms and works in any season for many situations.  It's the perfect compromise for the hot-cold conundrum.

I paired the Farrah with some sleek ankle pants and one of my favorite shoe finds, the Kelsi Dagger Eliza Heel from Barefoot Tess. They are timeless shoes that ALWAYS get compliments. A lady tried to take them off my feet last time I wore them.  Was she joking? Yes.  But I don't joke when it comes to shoes so she didn't get a "joking" Alicia back. Don't mess with the pumps lady!

So there you have it.  I know.  You can sleep now.  Thank a tall girl later:)