Video Review

Just Britain

Recently I had to go on an unexpected trip with 2.2 seconds to pack.  I could only bring a carry on, which as you know always poses a problem, because let's face it, one pair of our shoes could potentially fill the entire mini suitcase (especially the 5 inchers).

I had to think quick and smart and then it came to me...riding boots!  They go with everything, are comfy and best of all, because they go with everything, I could wear them on the plane and wouldn't have to pack shoes in my teenie tiny bag at all!  Packing problem solved.

The Tess by Barefoot Tess Britain boot was the perfect solution.  It's all of the above and more.  I got compliments throughout the entire trip and every time I have worn them since then.  

Don't believe me?  Check them out for yourself..go the little play button:)


Long Tall Sally San Francisco Pop-Up Shop

Long Tall Sally has been in tall fashion for over 30 years. They have shops in the UK, Canada and 2 in the US. You don't have an LTS shop near you? No worries. Long Tall Sally has these amazing pop-up shops!
Recently I went to the one in San Francisco. Check out the vid to see what it's all about!
Side note. The LTS outfit you see me in is A-MA-ZING! It fits like a glove and I love, love, LOVE IT!  Check it out:

What I'm wearing (left to right): THE PORTOBELLO HIGH RISE SKINNY JEAN ($85, sizes 6-18, 36" inseam), STRIPE DOUBLE BREASTED JERSEY BLAZER ($115, sizes 6-18) and THE STRETCH COTTON CAMI ($22, sizes extra small to extra large).  

Long Legs for Days

If you haven't been to Long Legs you MUST go now!  There are endless tall fashions for us long legged ladies:) Two of my favs are the 38" inseam Yoga Jean and the Summer Red Blazer (don't let the names fool you. You don't wear the jeans for yoga and the blazer can be worn in all seasons).  Check out the vidviews and visit today!


*Please excuse my bad hair day in the blazer review. One of those days:)

CanDid Art Trunk Show

Accessories can take an outfit from 'nice' to FIERCE.  CanDid Art definitely does that.  I am a HUGE fan and wish I could make it to the first ever CanDid Art Trunk Show.  Check out all the details in the video below:)

My fav is the shoulder chain...check out my video on how to SWAG it right:

Can't make it to the trunk show? Go to CanDid Art right now to order today! Trust will LOVE everything you order:)

Flats in a Flash

We all have those days when our feet are screaming and we need a cute flat in a flash. Voila! The Corso Como Festive from Exceptional Footprints is the perfect remedy. They are super compact, cute flats that come in a travel bag so you can take them where ever you go. Your little emergency flat in a glass:)

One point of advice...order your regular size.  I was so excited that the Festive came in sizes 11 to 14 that I got a 13 instead of my regular 12. Why Alicia? SMH...they run true to size so make sure that you order the size that you usually wear (my 12's are on the way YIPEEE!).

Check out the Festive from Exceptional Footprints now...hurry, they are going fast!


Pants Fit for a Goddess

I know this has happened to all of us at least once. We order a pair of tall dress pants, get them in the mail and find that our version of tall isn’t the same as the company we ordered it from. The crotch is hanging to our knees and both ankles are freezing because the pant isn’t even close to covering them. The “tall” pants were an epic FAIL.

This disappointment will NOT happen when ordering the Charlotte Slim Fit Dress Pant from I am not exaggerating when I say that they are the best dress pant I have ever owned. Perfect length, perfect fit, perfect pant. I want them in every color. These dress pants fit the way they are supposed to (you can’t see it but I am doing a happy dance right now:)

Check out the TallSWAG vidview to see exactly what I’m talking about and visit to order your own pair (because you can’t borrow mine;-)

Click to visit NOW!