Today I bring you 3 items that are incredibly hard for us to find; a maxi cardigan that is actually a maxi, over-the-knee boots that are actually cover the knee and a bodysuit that you can stand up straight in without giving yourself the dreaded wedgie in both the front and back.

Kye Black Maxi Cardigan in TALL - DIMILOC/Kyla over-the-knee boots - SMASH SHOES/Neck Piece - CANDID ART/Bodysuit - ASOS Tall (similar here)/Faux Leather Mini - H&M

Makeup and Photography by Nikki Notarte

Let's start with this miraculous garm from Dimiloc. Like all of the pieces on the Dimloc site, it's custom made and as you can see the height is right. I love the detailed braided boarder and the sleeves are so long, that a tall girl shed a baby tear of thankfulness. I look forward to using this as a swimsuit cover up during the summer as well. The drama dahling...the drama!

Let me introduce you to my new bambinos. These boots are not only comfortable but truly go over our knees. They are from Smash Shoes, also come in a beautiful grey and in sizes 11-14. You read that right and it's perfectly OK to let out a little scream of joy.

Now...let's talk about bodysuits. I LOVE a great bodysuit. A shirt that you never have to tuck in? Yes please. But you know retailers don't make bodysuits in the masses for us but guess who does...ASOS! They have haute, tall bodysuits for every occasion and I for one will take one of each.

And this my friends is what happens when you find pieces that fit...smiles everywhere! Ironically, this is all you really need. Yes, I love this outfit but your smile surpasses anything you could ever put on. You alone are enough. You alone are beautiful. You alone are amazing. Whatever you put on is just icing on the cake!

She is clothed in strength and dignity and can laugh at the days to come. Proverbs 31:25.

Cyber it Right

I wish it was this easy but since it's not...I'm here to help:) These 5 tips will make online shopping ALMOST as easy as these pics (I'm good but I can't work miracles lol). Pictures courtesy of and

Unfortunately it’s still hard for us to walk into a store and find tall clothing.  Or we may find “tall” clothing that is anything but. 

Thank God for the internet! 

The internet is where you find amazing, legitimate tall clothing for our lovely long frames.  The internet is where you receive deals so that you are not using an entire paycheck for a pair of shoes or jeans.  But for a lot of people the internet is where you find extra shipping costs and the headache of mailing back returns.  Not for long…duh duhna na!  Now presenting 5 tips for effective tall internet shopping:

1)      SIZE IT UP. Before you order the tall lengths online go into your local store and try on some sizes.  Knowing your size with the retailer you are ordering from will cut down on returns.  Most of the tall lines that are online are the regular cut, lengthened.  Thus, trying on the regular cut will give you an accurate size to order in the tall version. Also, get your measurements taken by a seamstress.  Having accurate numbers is key when looking at a size chart for a garment.  If you have the wrong measurements, you will order the wring size.  It’s that simple.

2)      GET IN SHIP SHAPE. Look for online retailers that offer free shipping both ways.  It may take awhile to get to you (as it’s usually ground) but you won’t pay anymore then you would in the store.  With free shipping it’s like you are getting a personal shopping trip wherever you are. No extra fee, no walking from store to store.  You see it, click it and someone brings it to you at no extra cost.  A definite win-win situation.

3)      COUPON ME. Before you order stop everything, open up another window and search for an online coupon code.  More often than not there is always some type of code to keep money in your pocket.  Simply search for the store name and ‘coupon code’ and a bunch of deals will pop-up.  You have to search for one that hasn’t expired but trust me, there is one out there that will save you some moolah. 

4)      VIEW THE REVIEWS. What better way to see if something is worth the buy than from real people wearing the clothing.  For example, 9 times out of 10 if reviews say you should order one size down, you should do just that.  Reading them on the retailer’s site is good but for the most accurate reviews use an outside site like  Real people give real opinions so always check out a couple of reviews before you purchase.

5)      GET SOCIAL. Almost every retailer uses some kind of social media outlet.  If you have questions before making an online purchase or want to see what people are saying, tweet or facebook them!  It’s the easiest way to have direct contact with the store and its customers.

Have a tip that you don't see here?  Feel free to share:)

Height Goddess STAR Blogger

I am SO excited! Height Goddess has a new look and guess who they included? Tall ol me:)

They picked me as a tall star blogger! I am so thankful not only to be picked but also for their amazing clothes.  HG knows exactly how tall clothes for women should be cut and furthermore what they should look and feel like (and I am not just saying this because they consider me a star:)

Here's a screen shot of the promotion on their home page...

YAY! Thank you Height Goddess:) Click the pic to see all of the new holiday fashions that Height Goddess has.Be sure to checkout their hot new holiday dresses, shoes, soft long sleeved tees and amazing jeans!  

What's on my Christmas list? All of these in every color:)

The Infamous KID STARE

We all know what it’s like to be stared at but there is nothing more funny and frustrating then the KID STARE.

You are doing something like waiting in line at the grocery store and all of the sudden you feel a pair of small (often beady eyes) searing a number of holes through your body.

They start with a once over, quickly look away and then right back (as if you are going to change).  Then they just stare up at you while their little arm frantically waves by their side attempting to get their parents attention.  They might even say something that is normally very inappropriate like “she’s big!” but you can’t be mad because they are so little and more importantly YOU would be the inappropriate one for slapping them.

It’s hilarious until…

they get their parents attention.

One of three things happen:

1)      The parent quickly rushes their child off because they are embarrassed beyond belief.

2)      They partake in the staring and look like a complete idiot.

3)      They partake in the staring, look like an idiot and take it to another level by co-signing on the “she’s big!” with a “yes she is honey.”  Would the slap be appropriate here?

Of course, violence is not the answer. But what do you do in this situation? 

I always correct the child and tell them that “I am tall. Not big.” If the parents won’t do it, I feel like I should. Furthermore, if the parent validated the comment, I tell both of them.  Literally.  I look at one and say it and then I look at the other and say it again.

Kids man…you gotta love em (the parents, not so much). 

How do you handle the kid stare situation? 

Photo courtesy of For the record, I do not approve of these pants, shoes or socks, but the 'kid stares' were too perfect lol.

T SWAG It All Day

I'm emotional (happy tears:). 

I can't thank you enough for your support of T SWAG.  Tall beautiful people everywhere have been buying and rockin T SWAG left and right.  From the United Kingdom to Dallas to NYC to San Francisco, people have been T SWAGGIN it all day! 

The support means the world to me and it feeds my soul to see each and every one of you confidently rocking your T SWAG:)  I can't wait to see more comments and pics.  Please know that I appreciate each and every one!

Check out some of the buzz about T SWAG:) Haven't seen T SWAG yet?  No worries.  You can check it out now: T SWAG. Wear YOU.

A big thanks to my Twitter and Facebook FAM...strong and growing:) To everyone who posts, tweets, shares and tells about T SWAG...THANK YOU!  I couldn't do this without you. Tall is beautiful. T SWAG it all day!