Cyber it Right

I wish it was this easy but since it's not...I'm here to help:) These 5 tips will make online shopping ALMOST as easy as these pics (I'm good but I can't work miracles lol). Pictures courtesy of and

Unfortunately it’s still hard for us to walk into a store and find tall clothing.  Or we may find “tall” clothing that is anything but. 

Thank God for the internet! 

The internet is where you find amazing, legitimate tall clothing for our lovely long frames.  The internet is where you receive deals so that you are not using an entire paycheck for a pair of shoes or jeans.  But for a lot of people the internet is where you find extra shipping costs and the headache of mailing back returns.  Not for long…duh duhna na!  Now presenting 5 tips for effective tall internet shopping:

1)      SIZE IT UP. Before you order the tall lengths online go into your local store and try on some sizes.  Knowing your size with the retailer you are ordering from will cut down on returns.  Most of the tall lines that are online are the regular cut, lengthened.  Thus, trying on the regular cut will give you an accurate size to order in the tall version. Also, get your measurements taken by a seamstress.  Having accurate numbers is key when looking at a size chart for a garment.  If you have the wrong measurements, you will order the wring size.  It’s that simple.

2)      GET IN SHIP SHAPE. Look for online retailers that offer free shipping both ways.  It may take awhile to get to you (as it’s usually ground) but you won’t pay anymore then you would in the store.  With free shipping it’s like you are getting a personal shopping trip wherever you are. No extra fee, no walking from store to store.  You see it, click it and someone brings it to you at no extra cost.  A definite win-win situation.

3)      COUPON ME. Before you order stop everything, open up another window and search for an online coupon code.  More often than not there is always some type of code to keep money in your pocket.  Simply search for the store name and ‘coupon code’ and a bunch of deals will pop-up.  You have to search for one that hasn’t expired but trust me, there is one out there that will save you some moolah. 

4)      VIEW THE REVIEWS. What better way to see if something is worth the buy than from real people wearing the clothing.  For example, 9 times out of 10 if reviews say you should order one size down, you should do just that.  Reading them on the retailer’s site is good but for the most accurate reviews use an outside site like  Real people give real opinions so always check out a couple of reviews before you purchase.

5)      GET SOCIAL. Almost every retailer uses some kind of social media outlet.  If you have questions before making an online purchase or want to see what people are saying, tweet or facebook them!  It’s the easiest way to have direct contact with the store and its customers.

Have a tip that you don't see here?  Feel free to share:)